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  1. The angle of vision is different from one person’s eye to the other, right? Are you saying not everyone will see something in the exact same way?
  2. 50/50 so far....... I just finished a box of each within the last week!!!! LOL
  3. How about instinct? Can you build that in a machine?
  4. My other half thinks Lindt is preferred by majority, I think otherwise, hence the poll... )
  5. If you have to pick one, what would you pick?
  6. Density is 10.34 Flow is 1844 Nm3/h… Anyone know how to convert to Kg/h?
  7. TimbaLanD


    Now, that I can explain to the kids…. So is there a pressure range that CO2 can be in all 3 states relative to temperature?
  8. TimbaLanD


    Right, now I am confused.... melting point is higher than the boiling point! That is what the kids will stick to and it’s gonna be tough to explain in plain English!! Come on guys, help me out here!
  9. TimbaLanD


    I know what the kids will say next!!! WHY?? ) I am struggling to get my head around this myself!
  10. TimbaLanD


    great!! how am i going to explain this to kids in plain english?
  11. TimbaLanD


    Guys, I was looking at boiling point and melting points of the following and got this info from wikipedia. Gas / Boiling Point (oC) / Melting Point (oC) Nitrogen / -195.79 / -210 Oxygen /-182.95 / -218.79 Argon / -185.85 / -189.35 Carbon Dioxide / -78 / -57 What I don’t understand is, why is the melting point of CO2 is higher than the boiling point! Bit confused! Can you help?
  12. Have you seen the new nikey ad? the player get knocked around but the ad does not show his face... and the Pepsi ad is FUNNY!!!
  13. Thanks guys, that google calc is so good!!!!
  14. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7354458.stm This story is like science fiction! We should be able to grow limbs for sure in the future! What do you think?
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