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  1. Thanks for the info. 85% is quite a number, I had no idea it was that common! At least I dont feel left out.
  2. Just have a question regarding this disesase. My ex told me she was just tested positive for it. From what Ive read, HPV encompases a spectrum of about 100 different viruses some of which cause genital warts and some that do not. She was found to have the strain that does not cause genital warts (luckily) and having been with her Im worried that I may have it as well! This strain is asymptomatic in men from what I have read, but asside from being able to transmit the virus, are there any other negative consequences to being infected by this virus for a man from a health perspective?? Even the most insignificant of adverse effects are of interest to me. thanks
  3. My friends father was diagnosed with cancer, it went into remission after tons of chemo but poped up again several years later. He had one of him lungs removed recently but that seems to be the end of it as it has not yet metastasized. Point is that cancer is not necessarily a death sentence...good luck to your uncle.
  4. Im a competitive powerlifter, about 220, 15% bodyfat, but unlike many lifters I do not sacrifice health for performance. Thus, Im going to see a nutritionist this week about starting on a life-long low calorie/highly nutritious diet. Im sure many of you have heard of the numerous studies that have been done since the 30's on the effects of very low calorie (approx. 40-50% less than what is needed to maintain one's weight), although highly nutritious, diets. They show that not only do can they significantly extend the lifespan of the mammels they've been studied on, but greatly improve the mammal's vitality in old age. For instance a mouse which typically lives 3-4 years would, on a such a diet, live up to 6, a 50-30% increase! Similar studies are being conducted on Reese's monkeys but the results are yet to be determined due to their longer lifespans however, an increase in vitality in those of old age is already apparent. The reasons behind this phenomenon where explained in detail in a recent Scientific American (maybe march 06) but to be breif, it has to do primarily with an decrese in free radical production and an increase in anti-oxidant production (which comes back to the free radicals). Its also believed that the low calorie diet places a "stress" on the body which causes it to increase immune activity including anti-oxidant production..sort of a "use it or lose it" kinda thing. The questions I have is 1) what do you think of this diet..are you convinced of its effectivness? Why or why not? and 2) Given that Ive a decent amount of muscle mass (about 190lbs lean mass) will I lose a considerable amount of it on a diet such as this? I have no intention of quitting powerlifting or competition but Im worried that such a diet may devistate my strength/size.
  5. Apparently this guy has found a way use plain water as an excellent fuel source for all applications. Can anyone explain the chemistry behind this process? http://www.ebaumsworld.com/2006/06/waterfuel.html
  6. Graduated from 14th grade (aka community college) last year.
  7. GeneG83

    Bible Code

    Oh, I feel like an ass. I figured with the jesus avatar and all....
  8. GeneG83

    Bible Code

    Whats is your basis for such an argument? What you said is a completely blind and empty statement. BTW, the ELS was done using the old testament in hebrew.
  9. seeing the reaction in animals and other humans had to have been the methods used to determine the edibility of various things. Im sure alot of people did suffer or die in the process.
  10. GeneG83

    Bible Code

    I was watching a show on the history channel regarding this and all these religious types claim that there's a code in the bible describing every event in all time and that they've cracked the code using computers, particularily a method called ELS or Equidistant Letter Sequence. I missed all the details but basically a excerpt of text is taken as a matrix which each letter taken as a character with all spaces ignored. For example, the phase "The blonde boy walks the orange dog" would be written as: T H E B L O N D E B O Y W A L K S T H E O R A N G E D O G Then a word of interest is chosen and the computer attmpts to find other words which relate to it in the matrix, but in any configuation meaning that a related word can be written straight, backwards, diagonal, upside down, written as every other letter, or any combination of the above. The significance of a pairing is determined by its proximity in the given matrix. These so-called researchers have found so-called prediction and accounts of many events in history from WWII to the Kennedy assasination but its completely flawed! Give a computer a word like "ganglia" and it'll find you a description of the inner workings of the nervous system in one of president bush's speeches. As a matter of fact a real statistician was able to find an account of the Kennedy assasination in Moby Dick. Its completely biased, unscientific, and total bullshyt. Any thoughts?
  11. Im a bit confused as to how the principle of quantum entanglement does not conflict with special relativity. Say for instance that a wavefunction consists of two particles which are entangled and far apart. If one particle is observed it results in the collapse of the entire wavefunction and an instantaneous effect on the entangled particle which can be noted by an observer. If one position of the affected particle would be considered a '0' and the other a '1' then it can be regarded as the transfer of information at faster than light speed. Does this not violate the principles of special relativity?
  12. Since I joined Ive spent alot of time on this form reading threads and it seem like there are quite a few very bright individuals here. I was just wondering what level of education some of you have completed and are looking to complete? I have an AS in biology and mathematics. Im starting my junior year this fall to persue a BA in electrical engineering and looking to attend medical school afterwards.
  13. I would by a hybid car if they finally come up with one that a) doesnt look like a hybrid car and b) offers some performance features.
  14. Hey, I'd like to get brush up on my math skills a bit. I actually used to tutor calculus at my college and got extremely good at it but its been about a year since Ive even looked at it and could use some work. Im going off to finish my BA in engineering in a month and would like to refresh my mind a bit but I packed up all my books already and have them stored so if anyone knows a good site with plenty of practice problems with solutions and some brief lectures as well (basically an online textbook of sorts) that would be great! P.S. Im interested mostly in the various intergration techniques, multi-variable calculus, and infinite series. Thanks.
  15. Yeah that would work! Do you know what its called or where I can get one? Also, do you know by what principal the device works? (i.e radio, IR)
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