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  1. I think it is the same reason as why they haven't dropped an atom bomb since WW2, it only takes the once to terrify people With 9/11 it was the only way to scare the American people into allowing their troops to go to war
  2. In answer to my last question, YES I am losing it lolol It was another thread that I replied to over in religion and it's not missing all the replies are there I feel such a fool Kirlian
  3. Am I losing it? I replied to this post before and there was 12 replies, I wonder what has happened to them????? Thanks again for the replies
  4. Thanks for the replies Guys My Uncles spirits are high and he starts on his chemo in 2 weeks does anybody know what causes cancer as I haven't found anything on the net it seems that this mean killing disease has everybody on the hop as to what does cause it
  5. Not sure if the right place to post this question but here goes. My Uncle has recently been diagnosed with Lung Cancer and It has just occured to me that of all the people I have known/heard of who have died from Cancer were all diagnosed prior to death, no-one that I have heard of has died and then a post-mortem has concluded Cancer was the cause of death. So my question is Do people die from Cancer without it first being diagnosed Thanks in advance Kirlian
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