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  1. Hey guys, I need to construct an amplifier circuit for a function generator I have in my lab. I wanted to use the Op Amp IC OPA541AP from Texas Instruments as this is the same chip used in the Pasco amplifiers and can work with a large amount of frequencies. I've tried looking for typical applications of this chip but keep coming back to the data-sheet for the chip which doesn't give me a amp circuit. Any help you guys give will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Just have a quick capacitor question. How does one find the amperage of a charged cap. Say if I had 120volt 30 micro farad cap, how would I find the amperage produced if discharged? Another question, what about if there were 5 caps lined up in parallel, then what's the amperage? A formula would be fantastic, I've tried looking online but I can't seem to get a straight answer.
  3. Hey guys- So I've been pretty bored so far this summer and have been dicking around on the internet when I came upon a really neat trick. Turning an mp3 into a png. Check it out, I've added links to 4 different png's for you to try. CONVERTING AN MP3 TO A PNG: 1. Open your mp3 in a sounds editor and reduce the quality so that the file is smaller than whatever websites file size limit is that you want to upload to. (completely optional) 2. Save the file as an mp3, then rename it to "XYZ.raw" (you must have "Hide extensions for known file types" unchecked in the folder opt
  4. Nope, I'm not really worried about stress on the joints of the laptop lid. I plan on having it attached at the lowest point on the screen so the force on it would be very small and the weight of the hdd is only a few ounces. I'm just curious if the magnets in the hdd will do anything to my screen over time.
  5. Ok, so I bought a small Western Digital passport hard drive (.5" 120gb model) the other day with the notion that I'd put things like my Steam files on there as well as a few other games and movies, something like a portable entertainment drive for my laptop so I don't have to lug around my other two external drives, both need external power and are about 3.5" thick. The thing I wanted to do with this new drive when I'm set up in my dorm room was mount it on the back of my laptops screen, the top of the notebook once the lid is closed to keep it out of the way (my desk is cluttered as it is
  6. Alright so I'm sure we've almost all heard about the glowing pickle. You apply a voltage across a pickle and it glows if the watts are high enough, generally this is with the house circuit. From what I've read this is due to the sodium in the pickle being excited by the electricity which is known as the Sodium-D line. So I'm wondering if this same principle could be demonstrated with the pickle juice itself. It pretty much boils down to me having a jar of pickle juice that I want to do something with.
  7. Wow, I haven't been here in a long time. Anyways, the link in question is most likely http://www.instructables.com/id/EPJ15FCF1V9XH5E/ That is the link to a coil/rail gun capacitor bank. This particular bank in question is similar to the one I'm making. I've got 22 330v capacitors lined up and am charging off of the camera circuit using a dc converter power supply so I don't have to worry about batteries. If this is you're first time with electronics I wouldn't start with this. Do something easier like the automatic Bawls lamp. http://www.instructables.com/id/EAXPEQBYYOEP2
  8. Ok, thankyou guys for your help. I figured it out.
  9. Yes, I've got it so that only my mac address is able to access it. However, I have yet to disable all security, I'll try that one next.
  10. Oops, yea. Both computers are running on xp. The router is something I ordered. It hooks up through my dsl modem, and then from the router to my desktop so that it has internet. There really shouldn't be any signal strength issues because I'm sitting right next to it typing this. Still nothing. My laptop supports 802.11g/b. The wifi card is internal, all I have to do is click deactivate to turn it off on the network list.
  11. Ok, first off, this is just a post for help. I just recieved a linksys wireless-g broadband router, 2.4 ghz, 802.11g. I got the router for my laptop so I could have internet in my room without the wires. The laptop is a dell E1505 and has wifi internet access built in and works at the same frequency as the router. I hooked it up yesterday, installed the software on the desktop, it works as a router, however my laptop is not detecting any wireless network. Any ideas? The SSID name is the same on all pieces of equipment, I'm on the same channel, so I have no idea. I'm at a loss
  12. No, sorry if I wasn't clear, I'm not going to ND, I just went there as a part of a summer program to learn how to operate the particle accelerator. I'm going to college at Michigan Technological University, and yes, I'm a physics major.
  13. Hey guys, haven't been around in a while I know. Been busy, graduation a few weeks ago. Went to the Notre Dame particle accelerator two weeks ago. Sick for a week, now work. Hah, barely had time for the internet. That is if anyone remembers me. Anyways, while at N.D. I picked up a HUGE amount of books, now I have this collection of atleast 11 physics books I need to get through before I start college at the end of august. But I was thinking, am I going to be overprepared, if that's even possible? I mean, I'm going through a massive physics problem book that has everything from simple
  14. Heh, I knew you guys would be the hardest to convince. And that copyright thing was just put in there as a weak joke. But, thankyou for the idea's, I really like the one padren suggested. And it was ment for your room only, I am only 18 and I still live with my parents (waiting to go to college in the fall), and to be honest, I could really care less if it costs more to cool the ice and to have the heat from the cooling go the the rest of the house. I've told them numerous ideas to try and up the efficiency of our house but they pretty much refuse to listen, so I've given up and am
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