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    or maybe he didnt to it at all?
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    so... god either used a very large amount of soil to create adam, or he just spontainously created the right proportions of elements?
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    Hi all, i was wondering, does soil contain the correct minerals, vitamins and elements to create human flesh? Thanks loads, Tash
  4. honestly, a lot more people would be a lot more miserable what if enstein was never born
  5. Virgin Galactic= 4 mins of weightlessness, great view $250000 Temora Skydiving couple thousand meter fall $400 I would take the skydiving, its cheaper, and even though i love space and wouldnt mind going up, i would prefer it to be for a purpose,
  6. well, i recon that is one weird game? though i have no experience in the matter, but i have a problem too, my best friend (female) has a twin (male) for a year i was just friends with my female friend, and her twin took absolutley no notice of me and we never talked (which was fine for me the one twin is enough trouble) now in the past couple of moths we have started talking to each other, he is a great friend and we share intrests in science, computers and video games, and out of all the guys i hang with (alot) he is the only guy i have talked to and seem to like, i feel like he would get weirded out on me if i asked him out or anything. and im realy confused!
  7. Have you considered that that would give the police MORE time to set up road blocks? thats why they call it a 'getaway' you need to get away
  8. deltanova

    Suggest a book!

    i understand that Artemis fowl is not a science novel, but the author does his homework when it comes to thinking up all types of nuclear powered fairy technology
  9. Translation- WOW! my dad got a pie the other day and lathered it with tomato sauce and ate it all. he said that the pie was REALY good cos he paid quite alot of money for it. Crikey, well i dont think it has any litteral meaning either, ive always known it to be an expression of amazement/bewilderment etc.bob is a single unit of money, be it dollar/pound. quid is a thousand units.dead 'orse is tomato sauce (ketchup) dogs eye is a pie, fair dinkum is super good, you cant get any better realy.
  10. Quote. Here, we say we eat everything from a pig but its squeal. Some people think "mountain oysters" are a real delicacy. Only male pigs have them, and they come in pairs. Sry, i havnt masterd the quote thingie yet, here(australia) we dont have mountain oysters, but we do have prarie oysters, and they come from sheep
  11. deltanova

    Suggest a book!

    The Artemis Fowl Novels!
  12. Crikey! my old pop got a dogs eye the other day, lathered it with a bit of dead 'orse and put the ol' nosebag on,he said the dogs eye was realy fair dinkum cos he payed a good couple of bob for it.
  13. yeah, it was nothing, then it was the fish, then the reptillians, then the mammals(incl. humans) then it will be the time of the insects, wouldnt it be cool if they get realyrealyrealy big
  14. yeah, but no large amount of steel tools has been found from the time of the pyramids, around the 4th centuryBCE And they had less time on their hands than us, we have technology to do loads of stuff for us, as time goes on we get layzyer.
  15. thnks again, that should help loads
  16. i agree with nevermore, the thought of watching everybody you love die, indeed if you could become immortal and then shut it off whenever you want, i would consider it, i would do everthing in the world that i would ever want to do, become wiser and more intelligent, be able to do more than enough to help educate the worlds children, ect ect, immortality is a very useful tool if you use it for the right reasons, you shouldnt get bored with life. (i dont think i would ever get bored, theres so much to do)
  17. thats realy interesting about the lead shots! another little fact for my library!
  18. I am so worried at the moment, i got a 65% and 64% on these experiments that i wrote up, and all because i cant write down what happened in the experiment properly, i want to brush up on my english for it, because my teacher said it will be very hard for me to pass if i dont get better, but i dont know where to start
  19. I love dragon ball z, dont like the GT series much, didnt have enough piccolo or vegeta, and they made trunks into a sissy boy other than that i dont mind friutbasket, hellsing is great, and while it lacks the adultness, u gotta love hamtaro, just for the cuteness
  20. hmm, how would it work if you got a sterilised infiroment, (sand, rock,) put it into an atmospheric dome with a pond or pool in the middle, (to represent the sea floor, beach, ect.) and mix in all the known respective (or closest) chemicals into the sand, water and atmosphere, and see what happens, as stuff dies it floats to the floor and gives other stuff more reason and ability to develop by the organic material build up ( i realise this is impossible, good to think about but, maby it would be a good experiment for when we put a research colony on the moon?)
  21. does anyone have any good links for info on primordial soup????
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