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  1. Two good discussions on time http://users.wfu.edu/brehme/time.htm https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/what-is-time.617345/
  2. c'mon man, who can't afford a song at 99 cents
  3. Water, shower, sleep, water, sleep
  4. I live in a mid sized american city and traffic is still pretty bad for 6-7 major hours of the day.
  5. I would recommend: Shogun, Lady in the Lake, Razors Edge, Be Here Now, The Power of One, Life of Pi I just finished that, quite good!
  6. Pro Tools and Audacity
  7. this SE seriously blows, what a joke. all the press they got and I'd rather use altavista lol
  8. I'd favor 19. if it's 18 then kids in high school can drink. better to let them drink at the start of college
  9. haha I wonder if everyone laughed in the stadium
  10. Employers are getting very aggressive with blocking. I know of a few buddies who can't get one certain science sites now.
  11. wonder how much it costs, does he rent out for birthdays?
  12. I would stay away from online degrees.
  13. Just finished "The World Without Us". It's a narrative revolving around the idea of what would happen to the earth if humans suddenly vanished. What would crumble first and how nature would rebalance itself again. Highly recommended!
  14. Great video! I found it amusing and insightful at the same time!
  15. Can't be worse than Detroit, lol
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