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  1. Ah, excellent. Thank you. I worked with VMware Workstation software before, and it wasn't free, so I didn't even bother looking at what else they had
  2. So, I put the local private 192.168.* IP as the DMZ, and then forward the domain name to the public IP for everything on my router (the one from the website that you linked to)? (sorry if I'm being really slow here)
  3. But I need to have the host and another computer that share the router to not be in the dmz. That's why I'm stuck.
  4. Ok, I know this is more complicated than it needs to be, and I'm a huge n00b at networking, but... I've got a domain name and want to forward it to my server, so that I can view my website (obviously), but there are some snags for me... -I'm running windows server 2k8 on virtualbox, and I have wamp set up properly I believe, along with mediawiki, because when I am on the server and go to my ip or localhost in a browser, it works fine and I can edit, etc.! -problem is that I am connecting through a dlink router, and my friend told me I should be putting my vm server in a dmz, but I can't figure it out -I need other computers connected to the router, along with the host computer to not be in the dmz (only the vm server can be in the dmz). -I found the section in my router settings in which to make a dmz, but it requires a computer's ip for that dmz, so I give it the ip of my vm server, and forward the domain name to this ip. -Other computers still cannot connect, but now the vm server itself can connect through my domain name. My friend said something like he thinks I may have set up the dmz with a private ip and that I need a public one and my router should supply me with one, but I have no idea how to find out what it is, or if I really did set it up with a private ip. I set it up with an ip that starts 192.168.0.xxx, is this private? How can I give it a public one? Any help would be very appreciated! (I realize that this seems like a backwards way to set up a server, but it is just temporary until I get a separate computer for the server.)
  5. I think humans and the material that we consume to survive can be related in this case to the classic wolves and caribou example (hopefully it's classic, at least I've heard of it a bunch). Wolf population explodes as they eat the caribou population, but once the caribou population drops low enough, the wolf has to travel too far and expend too much energy to capture and eat enough caribou to survive (even though there is caribou left). The wolf population then plummets, caribou population explodes, and then the remaining wolves have food again, and the cycle persists. In our case, ignoring possibilities of us wiping ourselves out, I hypothesize that the human population continues to expand and consume the universe (converting matter for our energy needs), but only to an extent. As was mentioned, because of expansion we can't ever reach most of the universe, so there is a point where even though there are resources out there, we may not be able to reach them, because it won't be energy efficient to do so. The human population then dies off from lack of resources, and their material is recycled as no longer living and considered part of the universe again. The remaining human population then begins to thrive again off of the new material (which is effectively matter that may once have been part of other humans), and the cycle persists. I doubt an equilibrium will ever be realized, as humans are not very efficient, and tend to consume much more than the environment can continue to sustain (right now that environment really only includes earth, but one day may be considered as the known and accessible universe).
  6. Oh, I will definitely be looking around lots. That's why I even came on these forums to ask. It's often hard to look for job descriptions and requirements when you don't exactly know what kinds of jobs you should even be looking at. Hence my original question about what a B.Math would get. But I guess I'm kind of leaning away from that a bit now, though I will continue to look around. Thanks for everyone's help!
  7. Right, I was in a program at Carleton Uni in Ottawa for a year before I switched to biotech, so I didn't get too far into it, but it was towards getting an honours BSc in Bioinformatics, so I know there are even specific programs for that sort of thing, but it didn't seem too well supported by the school and I had no idea what I would have done with it. Is there some other area that you would suggest supplementing a biotech diploma with? Perhaps just a biology degree? I just feel like either way I will be working in a lab somewhere, and that is what I would like, but that I won't ever be able to climb higher on the job ladder as I get more experienced if I just have an advanced diploma in something as opposed to anyone else with a degree.
  8. haha yes it seems that way. I guess since it was a more out of interest thing, I was wondering if it would change my possibilities at all.
  9. That's what I was thinking. Anyone who concentrates on purely mathematics will make math their whole life, and have all of the highest qualifications to prove it, correct? Well right now I'm well into a Biotechnologist program in college (college in Canada, which is considered more hands on and practical here, and gives me an advanced diploma in my case, but not a degree like from a university so I may not be making the same cash later in life), so I won't have too much trouble finding lab jobs around my area (be it in hospitals or biotech companies or for the government, because there seem to be lots to go around). But I've always been interested in math, and find my courses where I am to not be even challenging. I was thinking about slowly getting some sort of degree after I'm graduated, and am trying to throw some ideas around.
  10. Thanks! So, basically they could be doing a number of different jobs, sounds very interesting actually. I'm guessing that it would take a lot of looking around to find a company that would hire for such jobs though, and probably after having other work experience.
  11. hmmm, but that makes math sound like the english of science. In a way it is the language behind it, but I mean subject wise; there isn't much to do with english degree either besides teach or actually be successful as a writer. Any mathematicians on these boards do something else besides teach? Not that teaching is in any way not a great job, in fact I feel it is one of the most noble and successful vocations that someone could choose, and also one that I probably wouldn't be able to handle (I don't have much patience ).
  12. What kind of jobs can you get with a B.Math? How hard is it to find jobs? etc. etc.
  13. Add it to the list. Personally I agree that the most popular view of the periodic table isn't the best for everything. So, if it isn't cutting it for you then go right ahead and make something that does, but you don't have to feel bad if not everyone else wants to use it. I personally enjoy the elephant:
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