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  1. We are sorry for my rant.
  2. nothing is wrong until it is proven fact. A theory is not a fact. I don't care if my ideas or even thoughts might come along a mixed, but black holes do have to deal with gravity as time is effected by gravity so talking about black holes inside a question about time really still deals with time. so it might seem like more than one question but it is all the same question.
  3. with all that mass being pulled into the black hole that fast under so much gravity being place into a confined space when it turns into a quasar would be like the big bang. For all that matter can only be compressed so much. So if there is mass in the black hole the mass might be from what is falling into it.
  4. how do we know it has mass when we can't see past the event horizon to know if there is anything there to have mass. All the data we have is what we can see before event horizon. OK just a what if question what if the black hole doesn't really have any mass and what we see in our readings in an echo wouldn't that mean you can have gravity without any type of mass.
  5. but black holes seem to have no mass, but large amounts of gravity. Also I do not think all laws created by man to explain how things work around us based on study as well as observation is all written into stone. It only takes something new or better to make an old law no longer valid. We need to be able to manipulate gravity.
  6. why not, is it because we lack the tech to do so or just to our understanding of gravity it can't be done. For if we could we would be able to leave earth without so much effort.
  7. OK could we recreate these effects in a lab on a small scale. take two objects one outside the effected zone and one in the effected zone. The item at had would have to be something that we know the decay rate of. Then find out if the rate if different once each test is done. What I want to know if it does work if we could project a time field around a ship in space under the same idea so the front of the ship is moving faster and the back of the ship moving at normal rate without tearing the ship part. also if we can project gravity couldn't we build something to cause gravity to have no effect as if was not there. like two polls of the same type pushing off each other.
  8. The physics of it. I don't care about philosophy or i would have asked there. I want to understand the nature of it like how it works when it comes to gravity. Why does time seem to change when there is more gravity. Couldn't we study the effect of time and gravity by studying the sun. For if time is effected by gravity time should be different around the sun.
  9. I love reading everything that people have to say about time. I asked this question, because felt we should have an answer to what it truly is for how can be understand space time without understanding time its self. Seeing what people had to say about it makes me love science even more for this is what the world needs is people coming together to answer more of these questions. To many people don't want to step into that light just out of fear of being wrong, you can't learn anything if your not wrong first.
  10. This is why i love science you never stop learning
  11. I can understand what you are saying, I have not done the math, because I don't know the math. Can only go by what I see as well as hear. This ranges from books to documentaries these things. I know what I state has no ground other than personal thought, but what if we are wrong. To this date we can't explain a black hole its all based on what we can see as well as read. Also you stating that we have a good understanding of space and gravity is not true for we still have not come up with a unified theory and to say that we have a good understanding seems like there is nothing more to learn. When I came to this web site I loved the idea to be able to ask these questions and to hear what people have to say about them. I know history where people have claimed many things but lacked anything to back up what they are saying. I am not claiming anything I just want people to just sit and think what if this could be true. To make people think outside the box. Right now anyone that has readied this more than likely don't even give it a 2nd thought. This is no body talking about something we know to be wrong. yes I can also understand that no one in their right mind would look at every idea and treat them equally. Even looking at my own writing I don't feel I wrote it right I have a hard time explaining my ideas in writing. So I thank you for taking the time to even write what you have written.
  12. I never said I was right in fact i stated I more than likely wrong, but to think that what to see as well as hear is right doesn't make it so. I love science always have even wanted to get into physics, but made the wrong choices based off what was easier. Thats the past.... To me science greatest thing to love the we as a people can have. Every idea to me even if it seems wrong should be given a chance, for even if that idea is wrong it can lead to an idea that is right, and change our views what is right in front of our very eyes. If fact I want to be told if ideas are good or bad no matter if I like the answer, for it keeps me thinking also a closed mind is a mind with no ideas of their own. I have looked at your art work and know are a free thinker. i love to paint myself and to dream of space, but without someone trying to do something that can't be done nothing will change. but in our world is there really anyway to tell if they are that clown or that genius. There are people who have done great things and never went to school.
  13. the same thing was said when they said the sun didn't move around the earth, but the fact the earth moves around the sun. My ideas might be out there might even be wrong, but even old ideas of science are always being made to be wrong that used to be right.
  14. this is how i see it 1= front back, 2= front/back L/R, 3rd is as you stated, but time is not 4th. Time is part of the first. for I feel now after reading what has been said here that gravity = time. You can't have front or back with out something to hold it together, also time is 1 dimensional because past present and future are saying that are 1 dimensional. you can't have gravity without some type of mass and with more gravity the more time looks to change. When it comes to a black hole I feel also that its wrong. our sun pulls on its planets as well as the planets pull on the sun. an object in motion tends to stay in motion. So these black holes form not from gravity of the dead star but the gravity of what is left behind, and keeps going by shear force. Heres a thought when you fire a bullet it can or will change as it moves. So when something gets to the center its moving to fast to even be there anymore. So light is not stopped by some dead stars gravity, but the lack of it. Any light coming from it if able would blend into the background, because this is no up down life right in space. When it comes to time and gravity times looks to slow down because the many different types of gravity near the hole. So gravity = time
  15. what is distance really just a number to get from point a to point b which in most cases are also place into some type of time it can take to get to these places, but what if its wrong. Take the world clock this clock rules our lives based on the turning of the earth, but if we live on a different planet our days could be shorter or even longer. I feel that point A and point B can be at the same place at the same time. So the distance in fact to my understanding is movable. So opening that door here on earth to see mars on the other side can happen. creating a bridge you might say. that feels like a 2-3 dimension what about the 4th or 5th i only state this because in space there is more than left right up down.
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