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  1. i have been given this question as part of a maths assignment so i dont want to be put into a situation where i might be advantaged against my other classmates with too much extra help but i was wondering if anyone could help me define y in this, im pretty confident that i have the right answer. i just cant think of the words to define it. A motorist covered the first third of the distance at 60km/hr and the next third at 90km/hr. If the average speed for the whole trip was 80km/hr, what was the speed for the final third of the trip? Here is my answer: [math] \frac{y}{3} [/math] =80 y= 240 60+90+x=240 150+x=240 x=90 the speed for the last third of the trip was 90km/hr i have tried to define y myself as the total of all speeds, can anyone offer a better clearer more precise one? cos im stuck
  2. its called ockham's razor, i guess entites when the heliocentric vs geocentric models are compared they include calculations, poltemy's model had far more mathematics and geometry to it than the heliocentric model. as s pepperchin has explained already. it would be interesting to see a "dumbed down" explanation of the maths.
  3. im doing year 11 physics and chem at the moment, so far i can partialy answer 1, 2 and 3 of the questions prime-evil posted, the 4 and 5 i cant, and we have covered nothing that might give us the answer to those specific questions, as for chem i have no idea so far, WAY to hard for me, i cant wait though if i should be able to answer questions like that once im finished. as for the questions in the article on the first post of the original thread, they are pretty easy, if my HSC paper is asking questions like that ill be estatic, the only one i couldnt get was number 10 (and that was i think because i live in australia, i havent even seen snow let alone saw it as a reason to sprinkle the pavement with salt, bad salinity problems here would make it stupid to do something like that anyway.)
  4. deltanova

    ANZAC Day.

    Happy ANZAC day everyone, peace to all.
  5. nup, our internal workings do that for us, energy is produced through chemical reactions as the blood passes through the veins, and when we get to hot, the circulatory system brings plood to the surface to cool down.
  6. it's produced when the warm water makes contact with the cold air. thats why you get fog in the mornings and why there is not vapour comming off water at room temperature.it can be the reverse with cold water hot air.
  7. and almost made my brain explode, i dont think well when im tired. u are lucky u got as much sense as you did out of me.
  8. to all of you, because no matter how stupid or silly any of my posts have been, you've been nice enough not to say so.
  9. you mean to say, 'may the fleas of a thousant camels infest their groin, and their arms be too short to scratch them'
  10. deltanova


    jsut as long as its not run on apple.
  11. want an out of this world experience in the comfort and saftey of your own home? try reading hitchhikers guide, the first thing i will do when i get to the moon is set up a huge neon sign saying "drinks here" (and possibly becoming the CEO of a large cheese manufacturing plant)
  12. last night one of my friends gave me this question. if a helicopter were to fly up in the air and stay there hovering fo a few days. when it landed why wouldnt it be on the other side of the earth? i did answer, i said that with the earth as the frame of reference and within the atmosphere. the helicopter is considered motionless when it is moving with the earth at the same speed as the earths rotation and orbit. and that for the helicopter to move it requires velocity or at least a speed greater or lower than motionlessness. which while it is stationary it doesnt have. im not sure if my explanation was right or not. what does everyone think? could you give me a better one or at least prod me in the right direction? Thanks, Tash
  13. deltanova


    gee severian, that makes me feel a whole lot better. haha.
  14. how is this mathematics? in laymans terms, it uses numbers
  15. an anti particle is a particle common in all aspects (size, weight, etc) to another particle, save the particles charge, an example is an electron and a positron. an electron has a negitive chage, while its antiparticle, the positron, is the same weight/density though has a positive charge. as matter and antimatter cancel each other out when they come into contact and produce pure energy, there is extreemly little naturaly occuring antiparticles. where you can find antiparticles is in some of the larger particle accelerators here on earth where it can be artificialy made.
  16. oh i dont know. the task was to script a conversation with the Dalai Lama. i refused not too, i mean its the same as scripting a conversation with god or publishing a picture of your opinion or interpretation of the islamic phrophet. i didnt do nothing at all. i did read through interview transcripts instead. and regardless of respect issues, insecurities or whatever it was that caused me not to do that activity (i am not 90% sure why i didnt do it) i think i learnt more from studying what he had actualy said that what i thought he would say.
  17. Know how you feel, i chose 2 unit Studies of Religion for a challenge, (im in my 11th year, prelim HSC) today we had a double lesson, we coloured in stuff to hang up on the wall, i dont mind being creative with colour, it was monday morning anyway and i didnt actualy care, what annoyed me that she wanted it done strictly conforming to a cirtain style. Edit: i was sure to tell my friend while the teacher was in earshot (with a sarcastic note) how i feel that the activity we were at the time completing was fufiling and mentaly stimulating. it doesnt help that she doesnt like me due to me refusing to do a peice of homework on grounds of respect for the dalai lama
  18. The fact that i went from year 10 intermediate maths to 3 unit advanced in year 11, nearly the end of the first term and im still doing alright at it. that i have taken up playing basketball at least once a week. possibly the most active i have been for a long long time. how hard i have worked so far this year. 100% more than last year. how hard i try while doing my job. that while i only have a few friends, they are the greatest type of people i could ever wish for. that at times i have strokes of hilarious genius. not often, but often enough.
  19. out of the two, go the nerd, but at the moment, im happy with my guy, smart AND good looking!
  20. interesting to see how they promote it on daytime TV like they do all the other lazy people ways of getting fit, might formulate a special 'Sneezing Lotion' That and how irritating would it be for the people having to put up with the sneezing of the people trying to get fit? at least the amazing supa doopa fold away ab fixer doesnt come with any irritating noises,
  21. Nikolai Tesla transmitted electricity wirelessly over a couple of kilometers(forget exactly how far) lighting a number of fluroesent tubes, and only loosing 5% of the energy transmitted.
  22. cant u tightly wrap it in copper wire then put a electrical current through the wire? lol, not sure, but this method might take a little while never tried it before..... just aligning it with the magnetic poles and doing something to it to re-arrange the molecules, heating it up, bashing it with something hard while using alot of force (by the look of it it wont work anyway, metal is too thick, this particluar technique is one that was used to make early magnets,,, used mainly for compasses.) edit: both of these may be completely usless to you, but oh well
  23. im lead to beleive that there are no limits to the range of electromagnetic spectrum we can use for communication. Radio is used for well,,,,,,radio- longer wavelengths for emergency communication as they get shorter they are used for FM radio. light is used in fibre optics Microwaves are used in mobile(cell for the americans) phone communication. as you get to the shorter wavelengths, i think that they are used more for stellar communication. not only that, but they come into medical use also. sorry bout the other question, i could answer it, but im unsure and if im not totaly right i dont wanna be giving you inaccurate info.
  24. lol! i remember a tv show (or song, maybe it was opening credits) when i was a child that had that exact line, thanks for the fond reminder! yeah and i am aware thats most likely where it comes from, still im going to aknowledge my love and apreciation of it.
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