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  1. well the glass is strong enough to withstand the pressure. Its not much pressure anyway because I2 tripple point is just over 1atm and 125 C so theres really nothing to worry about.
  2. i made the liquid I2... It was actually really easy after i found the triple point. Its color was really amazing too.. I took a small test tube put in the I2 sealed the one end then heated it. Works very nicely
  3. First off if u tried to clamp a glass tube with a vice....wouldnt that break the gas? lol its just clear rubbertubing... u would have to be an idiot to use glass! Ohh by the way does anyone know What I2's Triple point is?
  4. the other day i made some liquid CO2 by placing frozen CO2 into a tube and clamping each end and letting it sublime. Since iodine does sublimes would you be able to make liquid iodine. Because the only other way we see it is mixed with alchohol. Would it be possible to do? What could you do it in because i know its far more reactive then CO2.
  5. Nave


    Yeah ive done that b4. Got it down to -10 C. Still it doesnt freeze becasue its not just water. Its what they have in icepacks.
  6. Nave


    yeah in a vacum pump... however the pump wasnt good enough to freeze the water after it boiled.
  7. Nave


    ive seen water boil at room temp
  8. Nave


    Well yesterday in chem class my teacher mixed powders together and they began to mix into like a paste. However he doing this on a board with water under the beaker. When he lifted up the beaker the board was frozen to it and he measured the temp of the solution and it was -40 C..... I was really cool... Now i was wondering are there two chemicals or more that can mix together as liquids and freeze instantly... So as soon as you put the liquids together they are completly frozen?
  9. What about those guys that come around and test your water? One came to my house a few months ago and did tests for Nitrates, and Cl and a few other things and I asked him what chemicals he was using but he wouldnt tell me.. Any clue what those could be? And he didnt boil the water or anything like that he just used water from the tap.
  10. Ok so now our school wont let us carry around due to a event where someone had Vodka in a water bottle and got cought(effin loser) Well our water fountains arent the best and taste like crap so i wana see whats actually in our water. What would some chemicals that I can check for things like Nitrates, Cl, Iron, Lead, or anything else that you guys can think of that could be in our fountains. Thanks
  11. smoke bomb sounds good...make sure the color of ur smoke contrasts the background so u can get a good look at it...also another idea if u can get any free or buy cans of air if u turn them upside down and spray them u get a white stream coming out but i dont know how long ur wind tunnel is so check it out before u get many cans of air...
  12. well its a real cathode ray gun. you see in the old tvs they had a sort of somthing with them so if u mod a tv a bit you can have one...so i guess i could figure out the specs somehow :/
  13. 5614 its 1/1837 of a Hydrogen atom
  14. Nave

    Atomic Structure

    nvm guy thanks though i found what i was looking for
  15. First off I wasnt sure where to put this so i just put here. I was wondering if anybody knew of a lab or the equations to figure out weight of electrons. I know you have to do stuff with magnets and a cathode ray gun which i have access too..but what are the equations to figgure out the weight of electrons. I mean i all ready know how much they way i just wana like prove it to myself cuz i dont have anything better to do. I looked on the internet but i really havent found anything yet so any help will be appreciated.
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