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  1. i am recently trying to memorize the conditions for reactions to happen...but that takes me a lot of time to do so...do you guys have any suggestions for some easier kinds of revisions?
  2. well, if yes, it may be fragmentation
  3. i haven't heard of this, but what do you mean about "keytone"? Is that ketone?
  4. do you guys think that it is possible to let Ar to undergo some reactions as Kr and Xe does? Do you think that a very reactive element does so?
  5. Then how is the Berthelot equation formed?
  6. Recently, i have been facing questions about the gas laws, which i am not familiar with...this is one of the hardest...can someone help me? The molar mass of a newly synthesized flurocarbon was measured in a gas microbalance. This device consists of a glass bulb forming one end of a beam, the whole surrounded by a closed container. The beam is pivoted, and the balance point is attained by raising the pressure of gas in the container, so increasing the buoyancy of the enclosed bulb. In one experiment, the balance point was reached when the flurocarbon pressure was 327.10 Torr; for the same setting of the pivot, a balance was reached when CHF3 (M = 70.014 g mol^-1) was introduced at 423.22 Torr. A repeat of the experiment with a different setting of the pivot required a pressure of 293.22 Torr of the flurocarbon and 427.77 Torr of the CHF3. What is the molar mass of the flurocarbon? Suggest a molecular formula. Plz answer my question la...i'll be grateful about this...
  7. i have had tons of them when i was a little boy...mostly of some spiky walls pressing down towards me...oh that is really fearsome
  8. Recently, i am studying university chemistry by my own, but i find it quite difficult to understand. can some professors assist my problems here? my email is stsanthony@gmail.com
  9. now, i am not an expert in physics, nor in astrophysics, but i think the person in (or on?) pluto can feel the movement...
  10. i think so, but adding something onto the previous so, before you reached the centre of the earth, you would melt and die...this question cannot show you are the smartest people in the world but can show people's applications on physics actually....
  11. can you tell me the results of the test? I am quite curious in it
  12. replying akcaper's question one, i cannot synthesize something in its simplest way...it takes me 20 minutes to think of one route...one very long route
  13. well, generally, my classmates breaks at least 3 apparatus per month...usually a beaker, a glass rod, together with a conical flask
  14. stsanthony


    actually, the ones calculating the relative atomic mass of helium can actually ignore the mass and intensity of the other three isotopes...
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