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  1. Santa:D lol, i really have met some famous people (cant remember who they were show how much it mattered) i think i have done a writing workshop with one of the more well known australian writers, ummmmm, i was taught karate by the oceanic champion, umm, and other stuff, but no real biggies
  2. deltanova


    how do you feel about that?
  3. well i dont know where i got deltanova from, some random thing i suppose. my avatar is of Angus Young, because angus rulez and i havent had the initiative to go and get a better one.
  4. The sound when the death star blows up, i know something like it has been mentioned but ahh well,
  5. anyone know if it has been published in a peer review paper? if so, which one?
  6. Hmm, i have heard of scientology before (i think everyone would have) and other than the name and that it makes middle aged men jump on couches while on live TV, whats it all about?
  7. v=fw (lol here w= wavelength, dont know how to use latex and cant find the symbol thingie for wavelength.) why? because this is the very first formula i learnt in my physics class! (about 3 weeks ago)
  8. thyg- The Hippo's Youth Group
  9. Hey i've signed up, thanks capn' for fixing around the megaparsec stub i had a swing at, my first time at anything like this, ive taken notice of what ya fixed up and i will know how to do it properly next time, i was quite hesitant, but i suppose i will only learn through doing it. thanks but.
  10. oh i feel dumber just reading that edit: more correctly, i can feel my intelligence falling, well i know i can blame god for that!
  11. Doin mah HSC, work part time customer service at K-mart, book collector, movie watcher and sit-on-my-but-and-do-nothing-doer
  12. deltanova


    that and when jack the ripper was tied with cannibalisim, it doesnt seem like an appealing thing, "kindneys for supper" one of his possible diary entries* read *'The diary of jack the ripper' unsure if it has been proven to be a fake or not, Edit: Personally i dont see any moral difference in eating other humans than eating a cow, i mean, ever been to the resteraunt at the end of the universe? having it written in a will would be the same as the cow in douglas adams story. also isnt there a cultural group that beleive in eatin the placenta after a woman has given birth, or am i thinking of cows again?
  13. Gee you sound even crazier than me MD, We can build pyramids of the scale that the ancients did, havent you ever been in an open cut mine to observe 300 tonne trucks carrying their weight in coal? the question you should be asking- how did the ancients do it? true, the whip was a major tool, but to build the pyramid of Khufu. to build a longramp on a grade that it was possible to drag stones up it would reach far beyond the giza platau, people beleive now, its just alot of the time, the NERDS, dont, however, any half intelligent person has the ability to comprehend the spirituality of others, thats why i must refute your claim that we dont understand the ancient world, its blatantly obvious they beleived in a higher power, it is most likely the reason now that not as many people are spiritual is because people have more access to education, and are learned enough to make their own decision. Edit: no i am not "fighting for my evolution, i am not planning on having enough children to make that much of a difference i am but a simple "nerd" happy to get a boyfriend a good job and go to the moon.
  14. Hey all i need to get multiple definitions of religion from some different sources for my studies of religion 2 unit class, i was wondering if someone could give me their definition to add to the short list i already have, thanks loads in advance. Tash
  15. Happy Australia Day Everyone!
  16. WOW hehehe, i've just realised that i own both of those books, sadly i havent gotten round to reading Chaos yet, straped for time and all that, i've had a look at it, and in my opinion, Shrodingers cat was alot easier to understand (i first read it when i was 14) if your looking to impress i would say chaos, but if your looking for something simpler to read to concentrate on the quality of your report, i reccomend schodingers cat.
  17. deltanova


    hmmmm, you are still underestemating other people, and yourself, like i said, girls get over it when a absolutely horrid boy leads them on, and guys get over it when an absolutely horrid girl leads them on. I am sure your friends who have had relationships will understand and support you, when you break up with a girl, not in some over dramatised "the young and the restless" style break up either, just you both comming to the realisation that you are not meant for each other, of course what im saying here has been said by numerous people over 4 pages of thread, i dont see how theres not much more to say, i think you should read back through all of it, and take it into SERIOUS consideration. because so far your sounding like an irrational IDist (my apologies to IDist's i know your not really this bad )
  18. weaken the very fabric of space-time itself! luckily......
  19. a super hero of such proportions never seen before spontainously appears to stop him!
  20. the aliens watching him on tv snort with laughter, one chokes on his popcorn.
  21. Everything and More David Foster Wallace, its a look at infinity, popular science, should be able to pick it up at you local bookshop. highly reccomended
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