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  1. Oh, I was thinking you wanted the answers. I think they put up questions from tests every few years but I'm not sure where to find them.
  2. Any specific question? They don't usually put up the multiple choice answers because so many teachers use the old exams to prepare students. Your teacher should have answers though (if you're not independent study)
  3. Haha, yea... it was quite fun. I didn't make it far before i got bored though.
  4. There are a few I found...good times.
  5. Everyone should listen to Candide Suite by Bernstein, especially "Make our Garden Grow", the fifth movement. I recently played the english horn solo and the whole song is just wonderful.
  6. And who are you to decide they are no victims? What about addicts who can't stop taking drugs and steal and break the law to buy drugs? Or the guy who got shot because he was walking down the road when a drug deal went bad? Drugs include many victims at all levels. I would like to see how you support there being no victims.
  7. If she is in that state, laws obviously aren't going to help her and the parents needs to consult her and get her help. However, from a legal standpoint, she won't be hurting other people with impaired judgment that way. And, by the way, that is not what I am saying and I will decide what I say, thank you. I suppose if you can't argue logically, the fallacies come next.
  8. It's not only about yourself, which is the reason I would not want them legal. People can harm, cut, poison or whatever alone when it doesn't cause bodily harm to anyone and I wouldn't care.
  9. That's the only problem I have with it too; I guess you can't save people from themselves but you can try to protect others from them.
  10. Oh thanks! I'm new to the hyperbolic functions so I didn't think that at first. It looks much simpler now.
  11. In class today, we had a problem in which we needed to integrate a function following the form [math] \int{\sqrt{u^2 \pm a^2}\,du} [/math] and it said to refer to the appendices which gave that integral was equal to [math] \frac{1}{2}(u\sqrt{u^2+a^2}\pm a^2\ln{|u+\sqrt{u^2+a^2}}|) [/math]. I tried to do this (using [math]+[/math] for the [math]\pm[/math]) and I first did some rationalizing [math] \int{\sqrt{u^2 \pm a^2}} \frac{\sqrt{u^2 \pm a^2}}{\sqrt{u^2 \pm a^2}}\,du [/math] as to split it into [math] \int{\frac{u^2+a^2}{\sqrt{u^2+a^2}}du} = \int{\frac{u^2}{\sqrt{u^2+a^2}}du} + \int{\frac{a^2}{\sqrt{u^2+a^2}}du} [/math] and the second fraction is, if I understand correctly, [math] \int{\frac{a^2}{\sqrt{u^2+a^2}}du} = a^2 \sinh^{-1}\frac{u}{a} = a^2\ln{|u+\sqrt{u^2+a^2}|} [/math] which would reason that [math] \int{\frac{u^2}{\sqrt{u^2+a^2}}du} = \frac{1}{2}(u\sqrt{u^2+a^2}-a^2\ln{|u+\sqrt{u^2+a^2}|}) [/math] but I can't find how to do this. Am I overlooking a simple technique? I also can't look up the proof because I don't know the name or whatever. Can anyone explain this last step, or did I start wrong? (Either the whole derivation or just how to integrate [math] \int{\frac{u^2}{\sqrt{u^2+a^2}}du} [/math] )
  12. The problem I see, is how can you ensure it goes to the guy who just stays in his house and doesn't affect anyone else? If it could be isolated and not affect anyone, I'd be all for the free society, but I don't believe it can.
  13. Well, like the seatbelts, laws have been made to protect people from themselves. And the drugs often affect other people because of the actions people do while under the influence. So you can protect people from themselves and innocent people from others. The drugs are so often abused, compared to the other things, and what good comes from them? Why allow them to be used? Alcohol's fate has already been determined and accepted so I will not argue with it.
  14. Yes, but with the exception of alcohol, you can use those and still have proper judgment. Those things can be abused, but how can you use illegal drugs without abusing them inherently. Sugar and salt don't make use do stupid things you might not otherwise do. Your argument doesn't hold water because those are different than the illegal drugs; they can be used without a high chance of bad effects. And since they are illegal now, I'm not the only one who decided that people don't "need" them.
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