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  1. Translation in normal English plz. It's as useless as saying; Put your hands in the air now, in English to an Costa Rica Local who is visiting the United States and can't understand English .. He won't put his hands up, he get shot for not speaking English lol. ( It happens in the U.S trust me ). Got that ? Flame what ?
  2. Ok, plz stick to the post story .. and comment .. I'm very sorry for the slight " offensive behavior " towards Isane_Alien. I'm not typing this cause I want to have a Jerry Springer style battle of posts here. I'm typing here cause I want to know more, and I want to inform more people, and this is a speculation AREA ... I am speculating Insane_alien, so if you don't like me style of thinking, don't reply or say so. But don't use facts that aren't proven fully. Speculate and let your brain think of facts that are obviously right before our eyes but we still can't see them.
  3. Ok it's obvious that most people won't understand this cause it's just beyond their graps. It's offensive yeah sure, no man I just used your quote as something which I think has something to do with it, and that's why I used it, it's a good quote which i don't believe is true. Cause you sound like a freaking Nerd who knows everything. You don't know jack about the Piramids man, our Technology nowadays CANNOT BUILD IT .. EVEN IF WE WANTED. Or Society is to much based on money and bullshit nowadays, not anymore on spiritual things, that a big reason why we aren't understanding thi
  4. " Ahh the sound of someone refusing to admit defeat. " Told you to shut up right ? Dumb ass. lol I love how people try to explain things, or to criticize .. like insane_alien, who can't even make a good reply .. Insane_alien, is a perfect example of a " De-Evolutionized human being that's beyond repair " They get all serious, using words like defeat and to admit .. But if you look at it closely, it's still dog shit that smells bad, only it comes in a nice package. In Fact, insane_alien, you make my posts more explainable, cause now we got a real good exampl
  5. My site, which I run with someone else, feat over 50 free videos, that all feat. hiphop dances .. Michael Jackson, Usher compilations also. There are also videos of me since i'm a dancer also, Glad to inform people, Our site is 100% free no ads bullshit. Peace. http://Www.streetwalkn.coM MD
  6. " And nothing is faster than light. " Cause we can't see it. It's bullshit, there are alot of forces we don't know shit about, and why couldn't it be faster then light .. so stop saying bullshit, light is pretty slow lol universe wise.
  7. Gcol what u doing here u have to be smart in school bro !! Dress to impress .. Go Pfff .. Lol ..
  8. " You can't de-evolve. Evolution cannot be planned. Merely influenced by selective pressures of the enviroment " Why can't u ? The Piramid was build a long time ago by people, if we look at it that way, smarter then us, Cause we can't even duplicate it. So go learn how to build it, and if you have, go build it, and then you have proven that you have evolutionized. But that hasn't happend has it ?? De-Evolution is here, We were all spirits, going tru time and dimension, knowing no evil and we are now "ugly" dumb humans. ( take this with a grain of salt ok ) Don't believe
  9. you can't de-evolve. evolution cannot be planned. merely influenced by selective pressures of the enviroment. Why can't u ? The Piramid was build a long time ago by people, if we look at it that way, smarter then us, Cause we can't even duplicate it. So go learn how to build it, and if you have, go build it, and then you have proven that you have evolutionized. But that hasn't happend has it ?? Why are there so many ignorant people in the world ? That think if they learned 10 years on school they got it all right.. You can, but it's not a fact. Shut up dumb asses.
  10. Ok everyone has opinions, but what I conclude out of all of this is very simple. No certain facts exists, and if we wanted to build a great Piramid today, like they did it would take 20 years only to make the bricks that they used and US would be maxxed out with their production of the bricks used in the GP. The Sfinx is a biblical figure, we don't know for who it was build for, but it has most probably something to do with a god, and Christ, bible. The Great Piramid, I have read is build exacly at the center of the biggest energy grid point of our Earth. The ancient Egyptians kn
  11. Yeah enterprisemission.com i'm familiar with it, anyway this is a very interesting, point, subject i wrote about, there are alot of arguments against NASA that can be proven that they cover alot up ... read some on enterprisemission but it not the best with facts, they tend to leave some things out. Anyway, How in the world is it possible that we still dont know shit about the Great Piramid , King Khufu mummie, "Sarco" still lying there new sources say, and noone knows for 100 % how or when it was exacly build, and for what purpose. Anyway, if there is life on Mars, we will soon
  12. The thing is about accidents with lsd or other drugs, people don't get the info about the drugs, the goverment doesn't say SHIT !!!!!!!!! If you knew, ur state of mind would be changed, like said before .. state of mind is everything, but hell yeah .. LSD is made chemical .. Cacti is more natural and way more spiritual .. and magical with ofter more meaning. I would recommend Cactus, San Pedro before any other Hallucinetic. I have done it, and it was the most profound experience in my life and I learned alot from it, it opened my soul to see things most people wouldn't understand cause
  13. Ok .. you can hallucinate, try not drinking for a few days, or eating .. and start walkin in the sun, on a hot day .. lol You should use Mushrooms, Cactus is even better, if you are afraid or have any reasons not to use these plants, I disagree lol, hundreds of differerent tribes used them way before we could even write a book about a freaking plant. They are an essence of life, and if everybody used smartly there would be way less war, same counts for weed. The drugwar is costing more lives daily then if it was legal. There would be no dealers, no drugaddict on the street no ****ed up
  14. My Mars Dillema or Imagination ? I am a dutch Student and new to these forums, and I have no degree of Astrology or Astronomy, but i'm no idiot and a lot has happend in my life. When I recently read something about Mars and that many people, also highly educated, think that the change of finding life on Mars, even today gets bigger with the months I started to get exited and wanted to know more about this beautiful "red" planet and the stories that surround it .. So me being the kind of guy that likes to know more and more about things, being kind of filosofical, I started to gathe
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