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  1. Translation in normal English plz. It's as useless as saying; Put your hands in the air now, in English to an Costa Rica Local who is visiting the United States and can't understand English .. He won't put his hands up, he get shot for not speaking English lol. ( It happens in the U.S trust me ). Got that ? Flame what ?
  2. Ok, plz stick to the post story .. and comment .. I'm very sorry for the slight " offensive behavior " towards Isane_Alien. I'm not typing this cause I want to have a Jerry Springer style battle of posts here. I'm typing here cause I want to know more, and I want to inform more people, and this is a speculation AREA ... I am speculating Insane_alien, so if you don't like me style of thinking, don't reply or say so. But don't use facts that aren't proven fully. Speculate and let your brain think of facts that are obviously right before our eyes but we still can't see them. I'm kinda hard boiled and I like to defend my speculation a bit too much sometimes, but i think that is good for heating up the discussion and making people think more harder .. I finished high school with Economy 1,2 + Management & Organisation recently for the wannaknows, now i'm gonna studie History, specialize in Ancient Cultures like the Egyptians. Peace MD.
  3. Ok it's obvious that most people won't understand this cause it's just beyond their graps. It's offensive yeah sure, no man I just used your quote as something which I think has something to do with it, and that's why I used it, it's a good quote which i don't believe is true. Cause you sound like a freaking Nerd who knows everything. You don't know jack about the Piramids man, our Technology nowadays CANNOT BUILD IT .. EVEN IF WE WANTED. Or Society is to much based on money and bullshit nowadays, not anymore on spiritual things, that a big reason why we aren't understanding thing of the Ancient time, those people believed then. And now you are calling me an ?? No man, keep living in your world where everything is explainable by facts. It's a fake world, just like your character .. 65 millions years ago ? Were you there ? They don't know how the dino's got extict .. I don't have the time to put quotes on everything. And maybe I don't wanna so buzz off.. You guys are being dumb and not seeing the conclusion of my post/story. Freaking don't reply then if you DONT UNDERSTAND IT ?? You got have some paranormal believe, background, and alot of fantasy .. cause if you think everything is in books, don't bother reading my posts NERDS .. you already to far astray .. Don't want you guys here, have em on my school enough .. boring people. No real experience in general life, or not enough I think. People like George W. ****ed up Bush. Peace, And again .. English isn't my first language so excuse me for errors.
  4. " Ahh the sound of someone refusing to admit defeat. " Told you to shut up right ? Dumb ass. lol I love how people try to explain things, or to criticize .. like insane_alien, who can't even make a good reply .. Insane_alien, is a perfect example of a " De-Evolutionized human being that's beyond repair " They get all serious, using words like defeat and to admit .. But if you look at it closely, it's still dog shit that smells bad, only it comes in a nice package. In Fact, insane_alien, you make my posts more explainable, cause now we got a real good example of a DE-EVOLUTIONIZED HUMAN. They judge people, like god, in fact they are the same as a dictator. Holy shit im laughing myself to oblivion. Insane-Alien .. you already know what i'm thinking of you .. imma not say it for respect of younger people here. If there's anyone doesn't think this is funny, you lost ur humor on Mars. And remember, i'm still dead serious I mean it. Peace MD
  5. My site, which I run with someone else, feat over 50 free videos, that all feat. hiphop dances .. Michael Jackson, Usher compilations also. There are also videos of me since i'm a dancer also, Glad to inform people, Our site is 100% free no ads bullshit. Peace. http://Www.streetwalkn.coM MD
  6. " And nothing is faster than light. " Cause we can't see it. It's bullshit, there are alot of forces we don't know shit about, and why couldn't it be faster then light .. so stop saying bullshit, light is pretty slow lol universe wise.
  7. Gcol what u doing here u have to be smart in school bro !! Dress to impress .. Go Pfff .. Lol ..
  8. " You can't de-evolve. Evolution cannot be planned. Merely influenced by selective pressures of the enviroment " Why can't u ? The Piramid was build a long time ago by people, if we look at it that way, smarter then us, Cause we can't even duplicate it. So go learn how to build it, and if you have, go build it, and then you have proven that you have evolutionized. But that hasn't happend has it ?? De-Evolution is here, We were all spirits, going tru time and dimension, knowing no evil and we are now "ugly" dumb humans. ( take this with a grain of salt ok ) Don't believe me, you will when it comes out that we are from Mars and humans already exists for over millions of years. And that won't take long with new technology. So my new conclusion, Mars was no good anymore, we moved to Earth, pretty close and nice planet right ? I would not go anywhere else if I knew such a nice blue planet, we landed, saw some crazy dinosaurs messing up our new turf .. and we killed them all. I think we looked like moneys back then, we were way stronger and way smarter than we are now. But that was already an De-Evolutionized form of what we would become eventually now. So what MD .. ? No meteors, No Earthquakes. Nope. We simple killed them, YES we killed all the T-Rexxes and the Raptors ... Someone thinks who knows how this story ends ?? Will it end good or bad. It makes me think why is it going so bad in this world ? You should almost think that some "energy", that would want all those people dead that get killed every day here on Earth by useless force and negativity. A devil. Peace, and help us God, There will be always hope, and maybe that will save us eventually. So the real question is, Are you fighting for your Evolution ? We have to !!
  9. you can't de-evolve. evolution cannot be planned. merely influenced by selective pressures of the enviroment. Why can't u ? The Piramid was build a long time ago by people, if we look at it that way, smarter then us, Cause we can't even duplicate it. So go learn how to build it, and if you have, go build it, and then you have proven that you have evolutionized. But that hasn't happend has it ?? Why are there so many ignorant people in the world ? That think if they learned 10 years on school they got it all right.. You can, but it's not a fact. Shut up dumb asses. De-Evolution is here, We were all spirits, going tru time and dimension, knowing no evil and we are now "ugly" dumb humans. Don't believe me, you will when it comes out that we are from Mars and humans already exists for over millions of years. And that won't take long with new technology. MD
  10. Ok everyone has opinions, but what I conclude out of all of this is very simple. No certain facts exists, and if we wanted to build a great Piramid today, like they did it would take 20 years only to make the bricks that they used and US would be maxxed out with their production of the bricks used in the GP. The Sfinx is a biblical figure, we don't know for who it was build for, but it has most probably something to do with a god, and Christ, bible. The Great Piramid, I have read is build exacly at the center of the biggest energy grid point of our Earth. The ancient Egyptians knew that the shape and angle of pyramids contained a mystical energy force. People who don't know what Earth's Energy Grid is, it exists, go learn what it is, look outside lol. And a Piramid, which the Egyptians believed had a energetic purpose, it created or somehow centered energy from the earth which could then be used positively for something good. Physics, Gravity .. What is it exacly .. Edward Leedskalnin ?? " Often equated with the engineering feats of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Coral Castle was built by reclusive eccentric Edward Leedskalnin, who single-handedly erected gigantic quarried stones resulting in his enigmatic castle " I read alot of interesting stuff, for instance alot about the Coral Castle, which was build by this one very special man, 28 years long it took him, and some people consider it the 8th wonder of the World. He moved 1.200 tons of coral stone, cutted it into chairs all kinds of objects, he was somewhat ill and people never have seen him build, he worked only at night. " According to the Coral Castle people, the fossil coral stone weighs 125 pounds per cubic foot. Each wall stone is eight feet tall, four feet wide, and three feet thick. Making each one weigh on the order of fifty to sixty- Tons. Ed did it all himself, without a steam shovel or crane other heavy quarrying equipment. And thereby comes the mystery. How'd he do it? To this day, nobody knows. Although theories, both plausible and half-baked, abound. " So Ed, wassup with all the weird buildin ? the weird quotes you made, to your Lost Love, whilst looking upwards to the sky and saying someday " she " will come " .. You moved a 30 ton coral roof stone in 1920 that a bulldozer of anno 2000 can't move ? You made a perfect hole in a coral 9 ton stone, used it as door/gate which a five year old child can push easily with one finger, he placed it on a car's driveshaft and defied balance and grafity .. " His tower contains 243 tons of coral rock made up of huge blocks weighing up to nine tons each. The average weight of the stones used in the construction of Coral Castle is greater than those used in the pyramids at Giza. Several of Leedskalnin's stones are also taller than those found at Stonehenge. " This is all too obvious, but you guys are still not convinced our Earth has energy "grids", and that it goes on some spots, for instance the place where coral castle was build and the GR P, upwards into the sky, god knows what it's purpose is. ... , Leedskalnin is quoted as saying: "I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids. I have found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan, and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons." The very stones of Coral Castle support his story. No, not convinced ? Carrol A. Lake, a colonel in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, stated that; "Leedskalnin proved for all the world to see today that he knew the construction secrets of the ancients." He was seconded by one of America's leading investigators, Vincent H. Gaddis, who said; "There is no doubt that he applied some principle in weight lifting that remains a secret today." Alternative science investigators suggest that Leedskalnin somehow learned the secret of the "world grid," an invisible pattern of energy lines surrounding the Earth which concentrates points of telluric power where they intersect. It was here, at one of these intersections of Earth energy, that he was supposedly able to move his prodigious stone blocks using the unseen power of our planet. In fact, in The Enigma of Coral Castle, Ray Stoner suggests that Leedskalnin moved the Castle not because it was threatened by an encroaching subdivision, but because a surveying error misplaced the site ten miles from an Earth energy vortex or focal point. Bruce Cathe, in The Energy Grid, one of the most credible books on the subject, says "the site of Coral Castle is mathematically related to the world energy grid, as are the other remarkable structures which, however, date from ancient times. Ed Leedskalnin had not moved on to the Florida site by chance. This geometric position was extremely close to one that would be ideal for setting up harmonics related to gravity and light harmonics. The fact that [he] had access to secret knowledge is much more evident in the relationship of Coral Castle to the world energy grid system." My conclusion of this all .. 1. Earth has energy grids. 2. Every human being on this planet can use it if he knows how. 3. It's not difficult and it's not paranormal, it's out freakin Earth and it's Natural .. 4. It's not evil, ITS GOOD, So we can understand good and evil more. 5. 30 ton is still 30 ton, but u can lift it nonetheless, without using your hands but controlling somekind of vibrations that distort the gravity, combined with the energy force of the grid I think it's how he used it to his advantage to build his castle. 6. Vibrations, huh ?? .. I mean, Audio by Singing, we still don't know alot about sound, and Sound is a big factor. Sounds are vibrations. Neigbours of Leedskalnin recall seeing him singing to stones bricks whilst layin his hand on them. Children have seen him at night, " around floating bricks in the air ", they heard him singing too. I think that aliens have come to Earth millions of years and that lot of things we say are facts about Ancient History are in FACT INACCURATE. Piramids, Khufu, so that guy was pharao, but what if he was ordered by aliens to build the piramid, he got the drawings and thats why we still don't know what it is. Sfinx, somekind of artifact in honor of Christs "biblical" friend, brother the Sfinx It's for certain an interstellar map, and it has something to do with energy. I don't believe it was build by thousands of slaves. They couldn't have build it as accurate, as it is now. 1/5 of a inch, every brick placed, well centered into an almost perfect piramid. They used Earth's Grid. Maybe it were 2 guys that build it, just like Leedskalnin ? WHY NOT. Leedskalnin has been quoted "saying that he reinvented physics, grafity laws, and that everybody is wrong nowadays about physics and how they work. I don't care what you think, but I want to believe him. Higly educated people who are wrong, maybe already thousands of years, who are still learning now as I speak in colleges, that are misled .. What would that mean for us ? First of all that would mean that people who are on this forum should be in the highest educated schools that exist lol, me giving lessons about understanding and philosofy. Cause of, lol, maybe one guy not writing a good manual in Khufu's days on how to use the Earth Energy Grid. I'm Laughin, and if i'm wrong so be it. But I really don't think I am, i've had personal experiences with the Earth's Energy grid too, and I want to find out more, and when I do I will post it here with evidence to support it. There are too many things we dont understand, there are too many things we can't figure out, and we sure as hell aren't as smart as we think. We are pretty dumb as people nowadays I think, I would rather live in Khufu's days lol. Leedskalnin, why you didn't tell more about you secret castle for your " lost love " aliens ? Those 24 chairs of coral stone you made, for who were they, while you were always " alone " in your castle, 28 years long. Remember guys like this man, remember the Great Piramid and all the other unexplainable, good wonders, and remember Earth is our mother, maybe we will understand someday. So do i have to start with Mars now ?? Give me your bests shots .. Believe and don't forget to check out The Coral Castle in Florida, I will for sure later in my life, iv'e heard it gives you a good energy when your inside the castle and the plants are all greener then green and look so healthy. Peace to all .. Keep posting. MD.
  11. Yeah enterprisemission.com i'm familiar with it, anyway this is a very interesting, point, subject i wrote about, there are alot of arguments against NASA that can be proven that they cover alot up ... read some on enterprisemission but it not the best with facts, they tend to leave some things out. Anyway, How in the world is it possible that we still dont know shit about the Great Piramid , King Khufu mummie, "Sarco" still lying there new sources say, and noone knows for 100 % how or when it was exacly build, and for what purpose. Anyway, if there is life on Mars, we will soon find out, with new high def pictures and new technologies from newer sattelites etc .. But if we find something on Mars, I know almost certain it will have a technology so advanced that it would probably take couple years for alot of people here on earth to be aware that those kinds of things really exist. Hopefully it will bring good things and no bad ones. We humans that still don't know the true secret of the Piramid and the Spfinx, and numerous other wonders of the world should dig deeper and shoot less bullets around lol .. hopefully you'll agree with that .. Peace 2 all ..
  12. The thing is about accidents with lsd or other drugs, people don't get the info about the drugs, the goverment doesn't say SHIT !!!!!!!!! If you knew, ur state of mind would be changed, like said before .. state of mind is everything, but hell yeah .. LSD is made chemical .. Cacti is more natural and way more spiritual .. and magical with ofter more meaning. I would recommend Cactus, San Pedro before any other Hallucinetic. I have done it, and it was the most profound experience in my life and I learned alot from it, it opened my soul to see things most people wouldn't understand cause of the lack of true knowledge in todays GREAT Society. Great .. means actually that we are going to hell. Peace
  13. Ok .. you can hallucinate, try not drinking for a few days, or eating .. and start walkin in the sun, on a hot day .. lol You should use Mushrooms, Cactus is even better, if you are afraid or have any reasons not to use these plants, I disagree lol, hundreds of differerent tribes used them way before we could even write a book about a freaking plant. They are an essence of life, and if everybody used smartly there would be way less war, same counts for weed. The drugwar is costing more lives daily then if it was legal. There would be no dealers, no drugaddict on the street no ****ed up people, cause those people would use at home and wouldn't bother findin difficult drugs on hard places .. REMEMBER THAT. Anyway, If you use a third of mushrooms, you'll start feeling good, and you see pattern, maybe even liquid movements and objects that look more livelike like trees and plants .. but you won't be ffed up, you will have complete control and the xperience would be not like a trip on mushrooms more like a very nice relaxed high, with patterns .. I recommend a full dose of Cactus tho LOL .. you'll hallucinate so hard that everything you'll imagine or think about appears in the enviroment before you're eyes .. so dont think of Velico-Raptors which I did and saw, two actually. Peace ..
  14. My Mars Dillema or Imagination ? I am a dutch Student and new to these forums, and I have no degree of Astrology or Astronomy, but i'm no idiot and a lot has happend in my life. When I recently read something about Mars and that many people, also highly educated, think that the change of finding life on Mars, even today gets bigger with the months I started to get exited and wanted to know more about this beautiful "red" planet and the stories that surround it .. So me being the kind of guy that likes to know more and more about things, being kind of filosofical, I started to gather more information about Mars and I started to brainstorm a little. I was very interested in the strange objects and things that are shown on the internet, from NASA pictures, that were photographed by the Rover on Mars that recently landed. NUMEROUS books have been written and facts have being argumented fully that some of these objects aren't natural made by the planet during millions of years, or debris of somekind but are in fact designed by somekind of Intelligence like us here on Earth. Alot of people won't believe this, and they have good right too, but why isn't NASA showing more detailed pictures of these things ?? They have to inform people about the Universe, no covering up of facts and not listening to the people, THAT's the way I see it, and from what I've heard the guy that originally founded NASA wanted that also. NASA claims alot, that they don't know what these objects are, some of them are of the Rover, ripped off, some of them were there, but when the Rover returned to them they weren't there anymore, they even claim that the sandstorms on Mars filmed by the Rover were created by electrical lightning or something, even thought lightning has never been seen on mars. Why are the Solar panels of the Rover working if NASA says it's so out cold on Mars, minimum temp of the Solar Panels is -40 so if it was colder, they wouldn't work. The conclusive question of all these questions is; Why is NASA acting so vaguely to the general public or people that want to have answers about things they see on pictures. Is NASA putting spy recon sat. over Mars, and why ? Isn't that a Millitary term. So, on to the next subject I want to adress. Can one person with little knowledge of Astrology find out more about the pretty mysterious Cydonian Area on Mars ? Maybe not, but nonetheless i try. What bothers me about the Cydonian Area that there are too many suspicious looking structures in one small area, Someone has already calculated the chances of these to be 20 billion to billion to 1 or something, and he says that's almost a fact it isn't natural. Well, after I printed out a couple of original Remote Sensing pictures of the Cydonian City Area, taking by NASA I started to wonder how you could get something out of these pictures that shows a link somehow, to somekind of Intelligence that has made these structurs by using highly advanced technology and planning. How you do that one wonders, well a pencil and a math triangle helped me out. CHECK THE ATTACHMENT PICTURES NOW plz, First of all I found a Tetrahedron of 51.1515 degrees or something in the middle of the Area. I found this " Tethrahedron " kind like symbol after I drew tens of other circles and straight lines all from points that had to me, somekind of meaning in the area. There are actually alot of ... For instance, the Face, the center of the Face, the piramids in the city, the other city below the main one, the crossing point of 2 straight lines starting from the face's center and mouths, towards the city, cause of the sun that shines throught the mouth(s) and I thinks it created a kind of shadow that maybe had a meaning somesort of symbolism, I mean if there's Intelligent life on somekind of planet, I know for 100% they have knowledge of shadows and know what it is, and probably find it intruig just like humans .. simple thoughts are the hardest to comprehend right, anyway i'm going way too far, lets stick to what I found out, Some of the lines are a couple millimeters off, and some of the circles aren't correctly drawed, but that those were my own mistakes cause OF this is a quick draw I made, but if you look closely there is so much symmetry in the formations of circles and lines, they cross at alot of points exacly at centers of " structures ", or just pass directly in front, not touching it, but more a like a very detailed border. Check it out, study it and tell me what you think, it's weird that the degree of the triangle is +- 51.15, matches the, 3 circles EXACLY, that I drew way before i found the piramid in the center, blue pen .. If you start at the center of the face, and add 5.15 cm to it, straight to the city area's left piramid. ( marked yellow dot ), The three marked circles are the +5.15 mark everytime .. I found this out by myself people, yesterday I drew this, today I added the computerized marks. So is there any link to Intelligent live on Mars, does my drawing unlock more strangeness to people and more proof of life, or ETs ? or is it just my combined imagination and fantasy and stokedness to find aliens ?? I am no big guy in mathematics, My original language is Dutch, and I'm not the best in English writing so hopefully people can read this without to much problems, if not, my excuses. the weirdness of this draw is that I don't feel like i finished it yet, maybe I will take a look later .. probably to extend some lines and find more .. If you think my story is bullshit, that's ok, I have my doubts too, but I enjoyed writing this nonetheless .. It's just that I want to know what's on Mars, the beautiful reddish planet ..... Link of the picture I used: http://www.aadm.com/cydonia/35A72ray.gif MD
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