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  1. I was wondering how much older we'd need to get for the stagnation of 'our' society to occur/be assured? I just needed the help of all the poster's here to focus my question (because I'm not the sharpest tool in the box, hence the simple start).
  2. This is an interesting article. https://www.itv.com/news/2022-06-07/emily-bridges-had-physical-threats-after-pms-trans-participation-comments?fbclid=IwAR3Tw8hkw90KofdWb9kZJPRydNwrfErnQEl0GtMVKn_pMT1bOyXnAice6F8
  3. Indeed, they could live for a thousand year's and still be dead chuffed with their new fangled technology.
  4. Exactly, that's why we need more guns to prevent death by guns...
  5. The drone's would do what they're programmed to do, trudge slowly to the next village, like our Voyagers that, in 50+ year's have only just left the very small village; and the next village is fucking miles away... In the meantime the Lax that sent them are dead.
  6. It was something explored by Isaac Asimov in his foundation series. As we get older we tend to get more conservative in our outlook, I think it's clear that an aging demographic has an effect on our society, and that's just a 50 year average age increase. Isaac was suggesting that an increased average age (300 year's in his world) would slow down the progress of society to the point of stagnation.
  7. Then we differ in our definition of need...
  8. Why do they need a transmiter, a tv or a vacuum cleaner (Is a better question)?
  9. Surely that could only benefit communication, which is notoriously difficult to understand (imagine trying to decode a radio message from a Chinese speaker, when you don't speak Chinese.); and there's no reason to believe actual travel is possible. So how, even if the hypothesis is correct, does it answer the OP? Why include them? What makes you think the initial conditions match the present?
  10. I can't believe I have to explain further, what would you deduce from >< % x? What number does a knot in a string mean to an ancient South American?
  11. What if their symbol + actually meant - etc... how common could the languge be? I can communicate, basically, with a Chinese person (from 10 thousand years ago) because we both get hungry and sate it in the same way, so my symbol for eating, hand to mouth, me chewing and then rubbing my tummy and making a satisfied face, is the same as his symbol for eating when hungry. The results from a probe that 'we' won't receive???
  12. What's the point of science, if you assume you know the answers?
  13. What about my posts makes you think that I think 'it' exists? When I said god is a teacher, more acurately would read, god is a teaching aid. Of course you have to trust/believe your human teacher, until such time as you understand the lesson he/she is teaching and why; then you'll be qualified to judge his/her method's. Just a final FYI learning is never childish.
  14. Why would you believe that? We think we know how a dog thinks, it's a fellow mammal after all, but what would you say when it asks "smell that, nudge nudge wink wink"?
  15. To them (and us) they wouldn't know the difference, it would be like trying to have a conversation with an ant; not because they/us are better, but because such a conversation would be impossible to comprehend, for both...
  16. When I started to play strike force, back in the day, I was playing on a mates account; so, effectively, a noob playing as a pro, but killing the player's that assumed my blindly running around like a headless chicken, was some sort of tactic. When I bought the game and needed a name of my own, my mate suggested dimreepr, and since it seems to be unique on the tinterweb; I use it for everything...
  17. If you want to know what's outside the box, you have to know what's inside it; a good teacher knows that not all his student's are capable of thinking beyond their teachings, so they make sure that all are content with what they've learned; make up your own mind reminds me of the trope, fighting cancer is heroic; like we have a choice.
  18. It's not that simple, God is a teacher and teacher's have to be trusted, if one wants to learn their lesson's. A good teacher tells believable lies, so that even the slowest among us can catch up; it's very imaginative and way more than a figment...
  19. Congratulations, there's nothing like the sweet smell of curiosity, enjoy it while it lasts; because no matter what measures you employ, you can't protect yourself from the future... Happy learning 🤞 🖖
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