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  1. How fickle is your love? My doggy, how fickle is that love?You lick my face, with less than grace, but how fickle is that love?You do what I ask, with such a gasp, cupboard love I ask, How fickle?How can I ask, when all you ask, is just to make me happy, how fickle is that love?I tell you off and you don’t scoff, how fickle is that love?I do what I do and so do you, my lovely little doggy, not so fickle, love...

    1. Mike Smith Cosmos

      Mike Smith Cosmos

      What a great poem


    2. Moontanman


      Great poem, maybe I should have recited it to my bassets last night when I was cutting toe nails, one of them still won't let me pet him, gonna take afew dasy for that doggies love to show again I think...

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