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  1. 20 just another forum admin
  2. I use the free zone alarm and it works fine for my personal computer, what more do ya need?
  3. for important lectures I do, I have a cheap little $20 recorder, works well though.
  4. The strategy guide helps alot. I'm sure you can pick it up for a few bucks. Anyway, the last two levels are the best! The first is mars, which is tought because they psi attack you like crazy and the second is the alien homebase. You gotta beat it!!
  5. X-COM UFO Defense is quite possibly the best computer game ever. Sure it's ten years old, but I was addicted to it for months. I have XCOM Apocolypse too which was good. And the Second one which was under water, good too.
  6. GO BADGERS!!! (Wisconsin )
  7. dethfire

    grr school

    lecture - eat - work - lecture - lab - eat - homework - internet - sleep - repeat university life is universal
  8. it's not really the pizza what helps, just the tomato sauce. So you may beat cancer, but die of a heart attack.
  9. Because your prolly reading desktop firewall reviews. Think dell or microsoft use zonealarm on their servers? I doubt it. If you want true security desktop firewalls are not the way to go.
  10. pc software based firewalls are very poor. your best bet it to setup a middleman computer as a proxy server and firewall or buy a router with a built in firewall
  11. Dude I was a huge Mac hater. Then I got a job this summer as a web designer and worked exclusively on OSX Jaguar. I must say I have grown to like it alot. It took me awhile to learn everything and get comfortable, but I really think it's slick. If Macs had better game and hardware support I'd definately switch.
  12. Faf c'mon, an alpha by MS. The thing is worthless. I doubt it will even install properly.
  13. Sure the PC can be more difficult to setup, but it has the best selection of games and technology.
  14. Learn C++ is your going to be a unix guy or game programming. Learn VB if you want to be a MS guy and program for businesses.
  15. Some unix boxes I know have run for years without a crash or reboot.
  16. dethfire


    To be honest I don't feel affected by this huge SARS scare. China had some problems, I think the US will be generally safer if it reaches here in mass volumes.
  17. I would definiately beat this kid up. I'm 20 and can barely do simple calculus and stats.
  18. I'm happy if I get to 100!!
  19. Watching Stephen Hawkings PBS specials when I was nine or ten. Also Carl Sagan has some tv specials too that were great. NOVA was also a cool program.
  20. I sleep around 6-7 hours a nite. I agree sleeping is a waste of time and it sucks that it takes half hour life basicly. Oh well. I always feel tired anyway so whats the use?
  21. i want to see you in a textbook in 50 years then
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