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  1. neo_maya


    http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/967.html Well... I don't know if you science-guys like it or not...... but just thought some of you might......
  2. Guys, How do you solve this one? z^3 + Az^2 + Bz + C = 0 ; So far I have reached this solution ( resources from web of course ) w = (-f +- sqrt ( 27f^2 + 4e^3 )/ 27 ) / 2 * Substitution : z = y - b/3; y = x + s/x; s = -e/3; w = x^3; e = (c - b^2)/3 f = d + (2b^3/27) - (bc)/3;
  3. Hmm........This dimension stuff is always kinda confusing. Here is one question - someone once told me that the fourth dimension is arbitrary (not necessarily time). I mean u can pick anything u want ( don't have a clue what that anything could be ) and assign it 4th dimension. Is it true?
  4. Ohh........ I doesn't knew thet there waaasss thiscrimination against the foreign people in this site....... I mean go ahead and try using something other than ENGLISH..................then we will see.....
  5. This one I think : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cubic_equation
  6. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/MoebiusStrip.html http://astronomy.swin.edu.au/~pbourke/surfaces/mobius/ http://www.chessvariants.com/shape.dir/x_moeb.html Wow, sorry if this post doesn't seem relevant to u but some one said something about a Moebius Strip. Shame never heard of it before . I mean we all must have made this like a billion times before. Try making a Moebius Strip and cut it along the middle line. It's interesting. Try the links. Absolutely no idea about the math though. Don't quite see how a sphere can have infinite number of surfaces. And the concept of having zero surfaces is somewhat confusing too. I mean I see a sphere with two surfaces only.
  7. neo_maya

    Harry Potter

    Hey, It's the general discussion forum - so I am pretty much sure it wouldn't hurt anyone if I drop a few words about Harry. Has anyone ever been to the offcial Harry Potter site? I just did and sure it's one of the coolest. Do check out the trailer of the Prisoner of Azkaban. It's simply awesomoa............. Anyway, Just taking a break from science world - (goes back to it) and again greetings to everyone. Neo http://harrypotter.warnerbros.com/home.html
  8. Correct me if I am wrong. I am supposed to think of those 6 digits in any order and it's supposed to be the right one to win a lottery !! BizzZZZZare idea for a scientific experiment. 87% just kinda sounds like a fluke - I mean (not being sarcastic or anything) there's isn't any scientific reason for that - is there? I mean it is the rule of probability that if you perform an experiment a countless number of time (infinite if possible) - then the number of the occurance of each possible result will be the same. And the fact that those numbers came up in that TV show souds like that it just happened to be their lucky day that the result matched. (probabilty inside probability) Don't ya get it. It's the machines that are making us believe. COUNT ME IN
  9. Hi everyone, I kinda agree with sayo - there was no need for the other two sequels. The matrix alone was self-sufficient. It's true though that like everyone (........almost) else I was eager to watch the sequels. But they were indeed disappointing. Too much sfx and too much philosophy (especially in .......reloaded) made it somewhat almhskcfhliecr9qciwo4c. But the thing is that...... if .......... if there is a fourth one I would still go, despite knowing that it would be as dissappointing as the previous two. I think it's all my fault - I should have taken the blue pill (what can I say - then I would have missed trinity) . But on a second thought - IF I HAD TAKEN THE BLUE PILL THEN I THINK U ALL WOULD HAVE MISSED THE FIRST ONE - WHICH I THINK WAS LIKED BY ALL. I think there should be a poll about which pill should have been taken.
  10. That's so true. I mean we're infact reading the posts on a monitor - and it is quite tough for the reader to read the post if it forms a big paragraph. I mean, of course - do post in details - but it would be really great for people like me who have spectacles - if u can just divide the posts in several paras. Maybe u wouldn't believe me - but I'm 17 - and I already have glasses - with -4.5 D power.
  11. Dang..... have to find a new forum..... ..... Fooorrrr meeeeee?????!!!!. This is what u get in return of a good deeeeeed!!!! !!! People - follow the second link - this link can lead u to the path of freedom.......oops..sorry.....to the website of tickets for the movie......
  12. neo_maya


    Coming. [ Goog lord - should have come earlier - didn't know the members of SFN were so much hungry................ ]
  13. LOL Daisy. U actually see peeps.. in the chatroom. Lucky u. - Whenever I enter the chatroom - it looks to me like I am the only serviver of the sky-net attack on this lonely planet. PS : Why are u so depressed about ur ...? Cheer Up. Actually this is going to be great - like u said - U will be hanging aroung a lot more than the usual!! Dudde say something!! Only u can cheer her up. And people - CHEER FOR MATRIX REVOLUTION.
  14. Buckle up guys : It's "REVOLUTION" time. http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com/ http://www.fandango.com/movie_page.asp?mv=47558
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