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  1. dudels the problem is browers don't follow the standards perfectly. each handles html and javascript differently.
  2. Sure once it's learned properly. But try teaching C++ to someone who has used Pascal or BASIC for 10 ten years. It's a complete mind set change. A completely different way of solving problems.
  3. I think we need to define what type of presentation your talking about. I'm refering to the general every day presentation. Not some large production cinema event, or some corporate demonstartion or stock holders meeting. My father is a high end manager for GE Medical System and has never seen a presentation done in anything bur PP. Sometimes when they do a short movie or animation they use director. BUT for a regular communication presenation they use PP. Show me one fotune 500 company that uses 10 different technologies for a regular presentation. They don't know why? Because they are too busy working on the actually speech, which you should be doing. The eye candy is less important. I gaurentee that if I work 25% on my eye candy and 75% on the speech that I will hold a more successful presentation in I worked the opposite way. What is this supposed to mean? You don't have programming control in a compressed movie using 3d max and premiere. You usually bring your own machine (laptop) for presentations. What else do you need? Again, work on the speech, not the eye candy. More people are going to be paying attention to special effects than what you say. Yeah right, try findinf Konqueror on a clients machine. Opera does have a cool slide show feature, but PP is still more powerful and easy. Ya sure, i've only been web designing for 8 years. HTML is a bad language. It is clumsy and extremely loose. Any language based on tags is inefficent. Sure it's cross-platform, but it's barely cross browser. Good luck formating your presentation for EVERY browser the client may have, including versions. While you are muddling through all that, I am done with my PP hours ahead of you.
  4. I say again, learn Java or C++ if your a beginner. If your unix/linux based or wanting to create device drivers then learn C. dudels, i agree OOP is difficult, even if you understand the theory it's hard to program using OOP to the fulliest efficency.
  5. Your going to make a presentation with 3d max? How do you control an avi or mpeg? It's gonna be an enormous file size. That will seriously take hours with all the tech you described. I'm sorry but PP is about as hard as MS paint. You choose a theme, plug in text/graphics and choose transistions. I don't want to run a presentation from IE. Do you? HTML is a horrible markup language anyway.
  6. now my girl and I are basicly opposites. she is hardcore into art and i'm hardcore into science. this difference over time leads to different mind sets and how we think. we seldom have debates and when we do one of us usually gets ticked off. she gets ticked at me for being to analitical and I get ticked because she seems to beleive in thing she can't explain or provide evidence for. for example she beleives in fate and that only one person in the world is right for you. i couldn't agree less and was shocked by this ridiculous idea. also i told her about some women who are high risk for breast cancer can get geneticly tested. she said that was wrong and that we had no business knowing the information. again i went furious. i just couldn't understand her mind set. she said I needed to trust my emotions and just believe some things, and that i'm too much about science and evidence. i explained to her that the brain decieves and you can't rely on your senses (pilots know what i'm saying). but she didn't change her view. i can't understand her, it's like she wants me to be ignorant or something. someone help before i go crazy!
  7. You can't go full screen with a browser. Just used PP.
  8. btw, IE can display powerpoints internaly.
  9. kai also has a pp plugin, gives you a few more transitions and is a sole exe
  10. I get about 6 hours a night. 4am-10am. For the most part I've gotten used to it.
  11. do you know about the salary? I doubt I'll go through with a PHD, maybe an Masters some day.
  12. well sure, those are for non-majors and are usually 100 level frosh courses.
  13. Don't I have to do research for the school? Also i'm in MIS
  14. i usually blend college and university as one unless your talking a community college. I don't know of any high education physics programs that don't use calc.
  15. I really really like to teach and help people use technology. What career options do I have? What would you suggest? However I heard tech training careers aren't respected and aren't paid much. Also your not always on the leading edge of technology?
  16. They are different shells for Linux OSs? Or atleast they effect the interface of the OS.
  17. I like Gnome better than KDE. Just personal preference. KDE looks look much like windows.
  18. fafalone have you tried VS.NET? It's absolutely phenominal. It truely is rapid application development. Plus it's been out for a year and still no patches, MS did a great job for once.
  19. lol, and you're prolly about to tell me any JAVA IDE is superior to Visual Studio. I don't like MS, but I gotta say VS.NET is the best IDE ever!
  20. hostsearch.com is a place I use all the time to find quality hosts. p.s. is syntax talking? didn't think so.
  21. lord help us! atleast make it in vb.net!
  22. fafalone and blike sitting in a tree kis.... j/k!!
  23. What can I say, I'm a complicated man I never said math was easy, just easier than chemistry from my standpoint.
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