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  1. http://www.yamasa.org/japan/english/destinations/hokkaido/sapporo_tokeidai.html http://www.welcome.city.sapporo.jp/cgi-bin/odb-get.exe?WIT_template=spETOUR_PCOLLECT http://www.global.city.sapporo.jp/ http://www.inos-place.com/english/sapporo-info.htm
  2. Hi, I am school now and I need to post some notes so I can get them when I am at home...we can't use email...it is locked out! So ya.... Cork, IRE: 51n54, 8w28, Ireland Calcutta, India 22 34 N 88 24 E 10:30 p.m. 1. Kyoto, JAPAN: 35n0, 135e45, Japan San Diego, CA (US): 32n43, 117w09, California Tegucigalpa, HON: 14n06, 87w13, Honduras (blike: yes, but i'm going to lock it. have you tried PMing it to yourself?)
  3. Well, One thing that I can think of for why a person's eyes would blink after death, for a few minutes, is that in humans the electrical signals arn't dependent on a complete circuit to function. That is how neurons are involved...they are still able to fire after death, well untill there power source fails. I know very little about the brain so I may be wrong...but it could be that there are different types of neurons...ones that fire and ones that are dependant on other ones before they fire. So the high priority ones (the ones that can fire) would fire without input but have a higher possibiblity or "reason" to fire with and additional input. I dont know if that makes sense... I am quite visual so I can see all of this happening but I dont know if I can describe it or if any of it is relevant. I am just shouting somthing out there! sorry for the typos....
  4. Hi, I think that this is somewhat off topic...but is there any way that WinXP Pro and Mandrake 8.2 can do a dual boot with XP as the boot loader? I did not like the LiLo bootloader...and I have noooo clue what I am doing with GRUB. Which is better. Additionally can WinXP do a dual linux boot while it is running NTFS cause I had no luck with it when I tried with Win2k...then I had to write my disk to all zeros and it took like 9hrs (100GB disk) in order to install Windows again...cause it is stupid. Yah I am not very good with Linux but I greatly dislike M$. The ironic thing is my mom's boyfriend works for Gates. ummmmm...please direct me in the correct direction. I am lost:confused:
  5. That is basically what hitler tried to do. but he had a much more insane idea about it...plus his idea involved the killing of others that his new "super race" would replace..............Yah just thought you should know. Also, that may work for a while but you would have to have much more control over the process then just letting the elites breed on their own...eventually there would be a strange mutation and somthing bad would happen like: reduced intellegence or possibly that they would all become sensative to viruses or somthing like that. I just finnished the science part of the WASL and so my brain is shot...I cant find another word other than sensative!! well I am going to go! Yah~ :banana:
  6. I think it would be possible. It would be very hard. I dont know if the added material might do somthing to the orbit or change somthing other than spin. Also if you increase the spin wouln't it start to move farther out from earth. But hey, I'll leave the true answer to a scientist --------------------- Be happy and I won't come over there:p
  7. For all of us who have no clue what the IB program is could you tell us (me), never heard of it...
  8. If my nickname is to comlicated you can call me Triv or T/\B or Blue I like the smilies Thanks :cool2: :bravo: :flame: :worship: :adminowns
  9. Hey thanks I will try those. I'm already on my way( woke up at 10:26 today) SO...... Sleeeeepy
  10. THe pic is from cowboy beebop right?
  11. Sorry radical I did not understand what you ment by nick (I thought you ment your name) but you ment your avitar. I dont know a whole lot about anime (dont have lots of access to it) and I dont know japanese the pic looks familiar but I dont know what one it is could be the starship: nadesico one but the guy in the pic doesnt have the right clothes. I dont really know alot of anime only the ones that have been in america and ones I heard about from the exchange student we had for a few weeks
  12. Like I said, Im horrible at spelling on the go. LOL
  13. Thank you, I will look in to those, and I will find some nice online zines
  14. speaking of bed, I should sleep now. lol G'night ----------------------------- I will sleep as if the world wont wake
  15. HOw could a teen ajust his sleeping patterns from late night (like now) to daytime hrs even if he was a night person? My mom is mad cause I get up at 1:00PM, but you can't blame me I stayed up till 3 AM, Right? how can I ajust my sleep quickly?
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