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  1. well in that case I think we all have a 0.00001% chance of doing something so meaningful we are in textbooks, still not comforting.
  2. budgets are extremely tight, what can ya do? either they raise tuition or they cut programs, either way people complain.
  3. your doing the same right now, but in years. i'm walking around knowing that at any point in time I could die. it happens to people all the time. the question is when are you gonig to become news. the sick things is that 99.99999% of the world won't give a damn that your dead. in a few generations you will be lost and it will be as if you never exisited in the first place. try swallowing that bit.
  4. Ok so, I took the ring from her (unknowing) and started to wear it. (Hey if she can't appreciate it, I will). So now she found out and is raging that I stole it from her. Things are even worse. btw, it doesn't stain my finger
  5. So I am not an evil boyfriend? She just can't handle silver? Does that mean her other rings aren't silver? I read somewhere the ring could be sealed?
  6. Is there anyway a jeweler can seal the ring? Does that make sense?
  7. Well I really f'ed things up this time with my gf. I bought a ring over the internet. It looked great, no problems, recieved just fine. However my gf wore it to bed and the next day she had a dark band underneath her ring. Like it stained her finger. She is so pissed and is accusing me of buying her a cheap ring. Not to mention I got a double wammy because I bought it over the internet and that screams "no effort". Anyway, the ring was advertised as Sterling Silver. I read that some staining might occur because of the small copper content. However she has a few other rings I have given her and they are all fine, but I'm not sure what they are made of. So these are my questions. 1. Did I just buy a cheap ring? 2. If not, did the online store rip me off? 3. If no and no, is it just common to get stains?
  8. I like Mac/Windows/Linux, they all have their uses.
  9. Important point is that it's generated by a viewfinder. So someone walking by wouldn't see that effect.
  10. I am either very anti-social or very social. Some weekends I just want to be by myself. Other times I just go out a meet people.
  11. here is a nice article on the subject: http://www.physicspost.com/articles.php?articleId=60
  12. dethfire


    damn banks, too bad bank mainframes aren't written in VB. j/k
  13. dethfire


    Why are CS students still learning Fortran???
  14. Debt is a part of life as a college student
  15. What is everyone reading right now? I just got started on a few I got for x-mas. Here they are: Idiot's Guide to Calculus 100 Simple Secrets of Sucessful People Influence: Science and Practice The way things are: The changing perspective on human existance You can negociate anything
  16. THe only problem I think I'll have with calc is that I haven't taken a math course in two years!
  17. I agree with grazzhoppa, I use amazon to buy stuff all the time, I love them! Online buying is risky, and I definately would not buy a $300 product online. Never never never pay more for shipping, it's the biggest scam, they all come the same time no matter what.
  18. "the real eve" Which I do believe was a discovery special.
  19. eve was from africa, presumably dark skinned, thus we are all african americans
  20. dream theater, symphony x, abandoned pools, tom petty, candlebox
  21. If I'm currently at college aren't I safe from any draft for the rest of the semester?
  22. I don't eat particulary well, nor do I exercise. However I am 6 feet tall and only 135. And i'm 19. Two years into college. What keeps me so skinny. Isn't my metabilism supposed to slow down? I certainly am not complaining, just curious.
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