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  1. I was wondering where the ladies in the forum where hiding
  2. Hopefully they've gone down in price. I got my 83+ for $90 a few years back.
  3. Organic Chemistry is quite a bit more interesting though, yeah actually everything boils down to math, here is sort of a scale Cosmology/Astronomy --> Geology --> Biology --> Chemistry --> Physics --> Mathematics
  4. Sounds like a ball! But seriously, I've delt with my fair share of crackpots. My moderators have extensive training on how to deal with them, unfortunately woohoo, i'm sub atomic
  5. Who is Zarkov? A Crackpot? Actually the scarey thing is I can't remember how I got here, and I've only been here 30min!! I think it was google or some search engine.
  6. Hey Everyone, This message only applies if this site doesn't intend to have an article section, if so, support this site! Otherwise, I was wondering if anyone was interested in becoming an author for my article/news website located in my signature. If so please email me at: ghb@uwm.edu At the end of your writing you could even provide a link back to scienceforums.net, I don't mind. Glad to be here!
  7. Is the graphing calc a requirement for Calc?
  8. Let me just add that getting loyal active users is the most difficult task a webmaster of a community will ever deal with. I think you've done an admirable job thus far.
  9. I think chemistry, especially inorganic chemistry to be one of the toughest sciences, even more so than mathematics or biology. In chemistry you have to remember an incredible amount of information. Whereas with math, you only need to learn a few principles for any one problem. What are your views?
  10. I have to take calc soon. I am not good in math at all. The farthest I've been is Algebra II and some Trig. I'm nervous!
  11. Hey! Congrats on 3 months! I see alot of promise with this site.
  12. that must be a scam... check out: readyhosting.com and modwest.com
  13. Unless your working on a kernel or drivers, C++ of course. I need OOP!
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