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  1. Not sure how I got to the solutions that I orignally stated. Thanks for wolfson, I'm not sure what the correct solution is but I'll find out in a few week thanks again everyone.
  2. Heres another problem that I am working on, any help is appreciated: Once upon a time, Paul invented a board game. The king was so happy with the game that he offered Paul his weight in gold. Paul said he did not want the gold. Instead Paul asked for rice. Paul said to the king: "Please put 1 grain of rice on the first square of my board game, 2 grains of rice on the 2nd square, 4 grains of rice on the 3rd square, 8 grains on the 4th square, and so on until the 36th square is filled." "Just give me the rice on the 36th square" said Paul. Compare the value of the quantity of rice on the 36th square with the value of Paul's weight in gold. You will need to know that: -Paul weighs 75 kilograms -1 kilogram = 1,000 grams -1 gram of gold is worth $12 -4 grains of rice weigh 1 gram -1 kilogram of rice costs $1 Which quantity was worth more, Paul's weight in gold or the amount of rice on the 36th square? Compare the values, showing how much greater one value is than the other. --------- What I got so far, from a few days of thinking and working. 36th square = 34,359,738,368 divide by 4 = $858,993,459 Paul's Weight in gold = $900,000 I'm not sure that the solution that I came to is correct. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Sorry of my late reply. wolfson got the correct answer.
  4. The following is what I have: left side(100x) : 13,600 right side(150x) : 20,400 Total: 34,000 Misc. 65,000 - 34,000 = 31, 000 is that right? (according to VendingMenace's equtation up there) So the middle pearl's value is 31,000 ? Did I make any errors in my math? Squintz, I think there is a little error with your 150x column, you forgot to add on top of 2100 an additional 150 but just added an additional 50 2150 2100 Corrected: 2100, 2250, then 2400 Another question I have, since it doesn't give the start numbers on either side. For all you know it started at 200 (100x) and 300(150x) rather then themselves....Would lead to different middle value. This is a tricky problem I guess. Anyone here have a solution to this? An equtation perhaps? Cause I think most likly it requires an equtation since there are variables.
  5. Okay, I know I got close to this but then I am not sure. Any help is appreciated: Here is the problem: There is a string of pearls, which has 33 pearls on it. The largest and most expensive one is in the middle. The string of pearl is worth $65,000. Starting from one end, each pearl is worth $100 more than the one before, up to the middle. Starting from the other end, each pearl is worth $150 more than the one before, up to the middle. What is the value of the middle pearl?
  6. Mozilla is like Netscape with the email client, news, etc. but Firebird is a lightweight version like IE, features, shortcuts, except not made by MS or has that much security problems. Thats why I stated "powered by Gecko".
  7. http://www.usatoday.com/tech/columnist/cckev009.htm Thats a funny story....LOL
  8. What do you think of it? Personally I think parts need to be fixed. For instance in the case where the college kid who found out that using the shift key with a protected cd, riaa, and other areas. Are putting barriers to growth with technology and all these patents like the recent MS patent for that IM protocol/something....when a user is typing a IM message it appears on the other pc.....
  9. I'm right now using Firebird.....(powered by Gecko) I have tired myie2, avant, have opeara 7.0, mozilla, ie, and all these browsers crash after a while.....But Firebird seens to be more stable and better then the rest.
  10. smacker124


    Cpanel is a hosting control panel.... Maybe Google use's Cpanel.
  11. From homework: Below are the background info I need. (Right now I can't locate my background notes from class.) Carbohydrates: Types and their structures & function, monomers, polymers. Bonding between monomers: hydration synthesis, condensation, hydrolysis. What is an enzyme, What are they, what do they do, and how do they work? What is a substrate? Digestion, what, where, how, under what conditions Factors that affect enzyme action. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Okay, basically over the past, oh well to state the truth over the last few years. In my sleep when I'm actually dreaming I know I see these little short things/images of like something that involves me. After I wake up I can barly remember the details of the dream/vision. Okay a few weeks or months later the event that I saw in my sleep/dreams occurs and like that I remember I saw it in my dreams a while back. What do you call this? What does this mean? Does this relate to the sub mind? This good or bad for my health? This occurs for me like every month, recently its up as in so far I think about over 4+ visions came true.... *I wish I could see an event where the lottery numbers are displayed...
  13. Need some help with this assignment. Basically what I need to know out of the following list of substances which one (judged by quantity required) can buffer the water (with pH of 7) (the liquid with acid already added, which of the following substances will make pH level go back to neutral?): Baking Soda Tums Salt Pure Sugar Ammonia Cream Corn Starch Calcium Carbonate Chalk Basically in short english, which one of the substances listed above can make a liquid (water) with acid already in it return the pH level back to 7, with the least amount of the substance required? What is acid? A base, a buffer, neutralization reaction. I think I already understand, acid is a liquid with a pH lower then 7, a base is a liquid with pH level of above 7, a buffer is something that will reverse the effects of one chemical, and neutralization reaction is like adding a compound/substance to make the liquid return back to neutral, right? Can someone also provide me links to sites that contain info about the following questions? What is acid rain: where does it come from, how is it created, what damage can it do to a habitat or an ecosystem?
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