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  1. Drugs... Coffee works, Exercise helps then I am too tired to give a damn how horrible the work looks.
  2. Nvm re-read, not drift velocity :0
  3. I want to see real data for myself. Does anyone know of any links to refutable climate data that has been collected, because all I can find is the stuff you usually in SciAm and the Discovery Channel.
  4. psynapse


    I haven't seen any of you there, Or have I... anyway it is rather addicting and the site needs more people to debate. I would love to debate some of you guys please just give it a one time whirl and at least post here what you think. The good, bad and the ugly.
  5. I would say go with it. I remember actually making this stuff in grade 8. i doubt they are harmful.
  6. cowering and sniveling uncontrollably as I witnessed the rebels tearing through the all knowing machine. Probing it for malicious information I knew what I had to do...
  7. I awoke some hours later only to realize to my horror that I had been "volunteered" to undergo a series of biomechanical upgrades so that I can be...
  8. Or an explosion of some kind. Or synthesis of tasty marshmallows. How about electrolysis using silver nitrate creating a bunch of silver metal would be cool.
  9. psynapse


    You will also want to consider counter current exchange as I think this has more to do with diffusion gradients, and maintaining them.
  10. If you are talking a mass of air then you might be looking for convection as the sun heats up the ground and the column of air above this ground it turns into a lower pressure system and cold air will rush in causing wind. the cold front comes in like a wedge forcing the hot air up.
  11. Well hot air is less dense. This is because the molecules have more kinetic energy and zoom around faster and colliding with their container more causing greater pressure and in the case of a balloon it expands. the colder air around the balloon which is more dense is pulled down due to gravity with a stronger force and displaces the hot air balloon up. Likewise if you were in a car and the driver swerves sharply you will lean to one side of the car, but a helium balloon will move to the opposite side you feel the force. The balloon feels the force but the more dense air around it will be pulled more and push the balloon to the other side.
  12. I am sure that I have heard of detectors able to show you the bond geometry and bond lengths of a any chemical substance purified to within reason. I recall X-Rays being used, they bombard your sample and the detector is able to analyze how the X-Rays interact with the substance.
  13. psynapse

    Square Root

    (n - 1) * (n + 1) = (n * n) + 1 Should read (n - 1) * (n + 1) = (n * n) - 1 Like your proof shows.
  14. All this sounds like chaos theory, that tiny imperfections will slowly mount up until you get different results. Your machine might heat up a little and the metal might expand, for example. There is always going to be that element of "randomness" due to our inability to replicate perfection as it exists in ones mind.
  15. Do you flip it starting with the same side up and with the same upward velocity and the same angular velocity as well as catching it in the same place then yes you will get the same results. Reminds me of chaos theory.
  16. Justify by plugging in numbers? say n=2?
  17. sorry for the double post but for position and velocity and such you should proabably plot a x/t graph (position vs time) from that you can get velocity.
  18. Fg and Fn equal and opposite, Ff and Fa also equal and opposite. I will leave the rest up to you.
  19. psynapse

    Square Root

    Nvm. It should be minus 1. good spot ^^
  20. so I imagine the sodium and thiosulphate dissociate. as well as the HCl. you will probably have some salt (NaCl) and protonated thiosulphate. so H2S203 I am unsure, perhaps more in the explanation of how the lab went. if it was just about varying concentrations, temperatures and catalysts and measuring differences in reaction rates then it looks like you might very well have a zero order HCl It's not impossible.
  21. psynapse

    Square Root

    Just in case the above isn't enough, remember a negative multiplied with a negative is a positive so there is no real way to know which set of numbers you get with roots.
  22. Well where it gets more complicated with insulating spherical shells and conducting spheres and such you can always take a Gaussian surface to calculate the charge or electric field using electric flux.
  23. Heat up the palladium and then let it's gaps fill with hydrogen then take that metal and cool it to extremely cold temperatures the hydrogen fuses together and you can detect the particles that are associated in fusion.
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