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  1. I have always thought that dark matter was matter that did not give off any black body radiation, as we know conventional mass above absolute zero gives off photons so it is not dark. Perhaps dark matter is either frozen in time or is at absolute zero?
  2. The Feb 2007 publication? I have yet to pick it up but I enjoyed Mr. Gate's article on robotics from the Jan issue.
  3. If you are using dialysis tubing a little research into what can permeate through it might help. I don't want to give too much away but look at an 02 molecule;)
  4. psynapse


    For all of you who love getting into debates and I know lots of you do. I found a site that works hand in hand with this one. I found that topics like Farsight's Time explained and such sparked some debates and I saw some great debaters. I don't mean to sound like a spammer or to detract value from this awesome source for knowledge I just thought if you wanted to get into a heated debate without having to wait days for a reply you guys could check out http://www.duelcup.com It is a new site and relatively small so you guys with superior linguistic skills please don't take advantage. (but that is half the fun) If this is spam or misconduct please delete as seen fit.
  5. Have you tried stacking it up in different combinations to see if the ones will connect into a shape?
  6. I am unsure where to place this. But here I go anyway with a question. How does the radioisotope thermoelectric generator use temperature difference to produce electricity? I read up on wikipedia but became more confused, things like phonons?? I can't visualize how the electrons would move. I was thinking about thermodynamic equalibrium ad the hot electrons flowing to the colder ones or even an electron density difference but I know I am missing something. Any help appreciated.
  7. Thanks. I find the idea a little strange. Everything is always emitting light. Isn't that weird? WRT the colour I was thinking about whether something had a colour in a room void of light, I was forgetting that to produce colour you need enough energy to excite an electron to a higher orbital. Does the EM radiation come from the heat energy something posses? Does this radiation cool the object ever so slightly as it leaves because it has to aquire the energy from somewhere?
  8. This just boggles the mind really. I remember studying the brain breifly as part of a bio class. I remember all the neuro-transmitters and most of the central nervous sytem, but what has me is that you are constanly making memories as well as processing things at the same time even while you sleep the process never stops. I was wondering about physical changes in neurons, I was wondering how exactly a memory is stored and I thought it must be more complex than the flow of ions and certain chemicals. What about drugs and flashbacks. When a person experiences a flashback, because at the time the memory was produced while the brain was dosed with a large amount of an external factor in the case of war or injury, I heard it was adrenaline that caused these memories to be constructed in such a way that it is incredibly vivid. So when you remember the memory, because of how well the memory is constructed the memory becomes more real than the reality you are in and voila, a flashback. The strange thing is how they are triggered. Randomly form some external stimuli, be it smell or sound. Weird stuff interesting topic so far. I find it a bit strange the brain trying to understand itself and see how it does what it does.
  9. So while we are talking about light, could someone please clearify black body radiation for me. Am I wrong to assume it is electromagnetic radiation? As I see it if you heat up iron hot enough you see it glow red because the EM is now a little more intense and has a higher freequency therefore we see it glow red as opposed to it just being invisible I.R. If this is true when is something too cold to be a black body radiation emitter? And if nothing is too cold then is everything a source of light? Would this conclusion also mean that colour would have to exist because nothing could be in absolute darkness void of any kind of light if everything emits it? Thanks for clarifying the E field B field question. I do see how I was getting mixed up there.
  10. I think they grab large immune cells such as phagocytes and such. These can be sperated rther easily in a centrifuge and I think they would use some of the other components of blood. In order to get a karyotype done on a fetus they grab the ambiotic fluid around the fetus and they cenrtifuge that. This is an early process for genetic screening.
  11. I have always wondered about c. I remember reading about a photon being an oscillating b field and oscilating e field both producing one another and I think why is this the maximum speed? How does it display the qualities of constantcy, if all there i to a photon is this oscllating fields and how it arrives in packets called quanta or photons. How do the osclilating fields localize? Could they be explained as some kind of ripple? I mean you need a source to get the fields created and osciating in the first place. Also Isn't black body radiation also just weak light. I mean if I.R goggles can pick them up. Does this mean then anything above absolute zero would be a black body radiation emitter? When is something too "cold" to not emit black body radiation?
  12. Now I know it would take an infinite amount of energy and an infinite amount of time to accelerate to c but would it be possible with a solar sail that goes unimpeded and never loses sight if its star? Or would the light intensity be innsuffiecient after a point, because the way I understand it, the light from the star will always reach it (as long as it is not blocked or bent away), then the sail will always be accelerating because there would not be much of a retarding force other than gravity.
  13. If you know anything about evolution you would know that it is all by chance and changes. There are many great examples of fast changes, the most famous probably being the old English industrial moth. This moth was silvery, to land on birch trees and such, but as the industrial revolution in England turned everything sooty the hawks could pick out these silvery moths very quickly. This bottleneck effect , predation, put a stress on the species and killed many off as a result we have a founder effect where a very select few begin breeding again, only these ones were black and not silvery. The moths don't know they need to change their colour. It's the fact that the dark ones were harder to see so they could breed. thats all.
  14. psynapse


    virtual particle pairs? One containing negative energy and the other positive energy. If one somehow bumped into another virtual pair and they collide in empty space then... Hmm perhaps we need two of the same to interact. The two positive energy particles with one being opposite to the other might have started off the universe. Do I need empty space first for vacuum fluctuations? Probably.
  15. This topic about if everythign stopped moving would there still be time had me and my roomate argueing. I believe that if everything in the universe stopped, right down to the atoms making up our consciousness (whatever that is) then there would be no way of marking such an event. For all we knoe this could have happened or happens all the time, the point is we don't experience it because time is nothing more than a concept. Albeit It is strange to try and visualize formula without time in them trajectories and such. My roomate was very convinced that time would pass regardless of motion stopping we just wouldn't know about it. We couldn't get to each other and just agreed to disagree. Perhaps time was invented due to the fact that Info cannot travel faster than light and because of this if something happened at the moment you wake up Like the sun exploding, even though it happened now you won't know about it for another 8 min. Is that to say it happened 8 min in your future because you had just woke up? Or did it happen at that moment and you are just oblivious to it and have to be oblivious because if someone was to call you you would still be waiting that 8 min. I don't know it all seems a bit strange, something is definatly out of place in all this.
  16. I believe we are almost forcing our selfs to evolve. For instance over population will cause humans to at top level to perform better. We also have "smart" drugs like the one used to help memory development in the cure for Alzheimer's. Also as our society is gearing towards a more mental survival of the fittest, I believe we just shift the mode of evolution and the future human will have a photographic memory or another feature which will help said individual to perform better in school and life in general.
  17. That sounds absolutely painstaking ^^. I think dogs are more trainable because if they weren't then wouldn't we have drug sniffing cats.
  18. That's a strange equation you gave there. I know the numbers work out in normal situations using weight and F applied but what if you approach the top of a ferris wheel spinning fast? what forces keep you on your seat. there is no applied and your weight is going to seem different as you near the top and you begin to feel wieghtlessness. I go with Friction force and Normal Force. friction force always being an oppiisition force and the normal force would be the force exerted up on an object keeping it from `breaking`through the ground or seat or whatever.
  19. Thanks guys I found a few useful things like ?command and such. Crisis averted.
  20. Aights so this is the problem. I need to know everything there is to know about maple 9.5. Please enlighten me. If you need somewhere to start how do I graph a function. step by step please. Any help appreciated.
  21. optical activity.. Does this refer to chiral molecules. If so you might want to try and produce a racimic mixture in the latter reaction.
  22. So what is an oscillating reaction? What do you observe?
  23. If the cells didn't connect the way you propose then how do they function after repititious behavoir? The same only faster? That seems a little counter intuitive. This probably has something to do with sleep and dreaming.
  24. i remember hearing about a bullet proof vest application. The vest only hardens up on impact, so a soldier has more range of motion.
  25. I was thinking that it is possible. Here's the scenario, when I was learning my times tables, you would have to think of a tactic to figure it out. Eg 3X3= three groups of three, then count 'em up and you are left with 9. But after a little while you just memorize 3X3=9. So I suppose that memorizing them knocks out any thought process as to how you arrive at an answer.
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