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  1. Thank you for your help, it made perfect sense to me, but I have another question based on your answers. As you stated, if you have two objects that, lets say weigh the same weight e.g, 2oz, but one is twice as much volume than the other. One is in a sense going to want to 'float' more than the other due to the upward force from the displacement of the water, this would be the one with twice as much volume,bearing this in mind, if you were to pull both objects through the water at the same rate, which one is going to be harder to pull? Would it be easier to pull the object that has twice as much volume,as there is more upward force on it?, Or would it be harder to pull through the water as there is more resistance? Or would they just be equal? I Really appreciate your help on this and your fast reply. Thank you.
  2. Hi, Im trying to answer a question that I have no idea about. Its quite urgent and I was wondering if anybody could help me out, the question I am trying to solve is... If two objects ( the same weight, but different mass) fall in water, which is most likely to sink in fastest. The one with the higher mass or the one with the least mass??? I would really appreciate it if you could post something back with an answer or help!!!! Thanks =] Aimee
  3. Hi, My name is Aimee and I have a question about volume.... basically how do you work it out? If you have two differnet objects then how would you work out the difference (in %) of volume between the two??? Thanks Aimee
  4. hi again, i am doing another biology test on monday . the test is about ecosystems,adaption, endandered species,evolution... etc... and there are some questions about whales... does anybody have any tips??
  5. Ok will do thank you
  6. ConfusedKid


    Hi everyone Im @ skool, doing triple award science ( 3 science GCSE's) and I need help on some biology stuff. What I need to know is about diffusion. I need to know... How concentration gradient is matained in the a) lungs b) small intestine c) placenta and d) leaf. Please help as soon as possible... Thanks Aimee
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