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  1. This experiment was done with nonliving chemicals and created some of the building blocks of life, amino acids.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miller_experiment
  2. I was thinking along the lines of there being so much energy in a confined space that it might have a tiny significant mass. I was wondering if this was possible with light as it is influenced by gravity (or travels a straight path in a warped space) if it could have it's own gravitational effects. I realize this doesn't seem to make sense but I am talking a lot of light.
  3. ^ that's a good point I don't know how you would do that tbh. I guess I wasn't thinking.
  4. AFAIK we don't know what it's composed of. I was wondering if the light that encircles a black hole could be immense enough to carry with it enough energy to be a significant form of mass. Very bright intense light.
  5. Well I suppose when you put it that way... The Holiday Inn has me sold. LOL. I do see your point and I see where you are going. There must be a method to measure both at the same time kinda deal using methods yet to be discovered by man, I see.
  6. well the uncertainty principal has to do with a law of physics not man's inability to be accurate, If a particle is moving around with a velocity and we want to pin point its position we would need to detect the particle, If say it's an electron and we fire a photon at it to try and "find it" when that photon hits it we know for a fact we had it's position right only now that photon has given the electron more energy and it went whizzing off in a direction it wouldn't have if we had left it alone. Not only that but now it's velocity is completely unknown to us. One thing is certain but the more accurate we measure the one variable the more uncertain the other becomes. That's the principal in a nutshell.
  7. When you talk about electron tunneling in QM fashion you would talk about it's wave function probability that a part of it can exist outside the barrier or all of it when it tunnels. To talk about borrowing energy you would then be drawing an analogy to explain it in a non QM way. I think that the electron being in a region of "low" energy has little to do with being able to borrow the energy, but it's probability of tunneling through the barrier might be lowered.
  8. Thanks I thought so too. My experiment shows both as viable results. I might have a mixture of them seeing as my lab partner left me to my own devices and it was a real rush job... O well. thanks.
  9. What about something like gravity, why does it behave the way it does. Explain that.
  10. No I mean the environment the cell is in. For example if the cell is in an area of a high concentration of ambiotic fluid inside the womb it will most likely form into skin cells.
  11. Which one of these is an alkyl bromide... http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/search/ProductDetail/ALDRICH/250023 Or http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/search/ProductDetail/ALDRICH/124095 Or maybe neither any help would be much appreciated.
  12. this aether you talk about are you referring to quantum foam? Or some "new" discovery of yours.
  13. the ECM (extracellular matrix) and cell signaling, also have you heard of the Smith & Krikorian experiment where they found that differentiated carrot cells will revert back into carrot stem cells. Proving that all cells once they have been differentiated still contain all the genes of the organism. Anyway It has to do with environmental factors surrounding the cell. Different environment calls for different genes to be expressed in order to carry out the job at hand. The cell become specialized in doing it's job.
  14. I didn't mean to say everyone doing something repetitively is mentally ill. I wouldn't call breathing a mental health problem would you?
  15. What about a mentally ill person. Doing something repetitively without thinking about what they are doing.
  16. psynapse


    How about a Plain honey and peanut butter on toasted whole wheat, I haven't had this since I was a kid but it is a sweet sticky mess, that I used to enjoy.
  17. This reminds me of a rather off topic beer, with hydrogen in it o when you burped you could sing with a really high voice. I heard this was popular in karyoke in Japan but I remain skeptical. back on topic, what would the formaldehyde accomplish? Longer lasting? there is formaldehyde in cigarettes (tiny amount) so I suppose people can ingest a very small amount and not notice any immediate effects.
  18. Well most medical research is funded by drug companies so if you asked me I would say all of it is biased. I wouldn't go as far as to say corrupt because I would like to believe the medical community wants what's best for mankind.
  19. here we are... http://www.scienceforums.net/showthread.php?t=23277&highlight=hydrogen+absorbing
  20. So do the deuterium atoms inside the palladium atomic lattice work react? Where is the actual fusion? The plastic detects the byproduct, a heluim nucleus correct? This alpha particle comes from the palladium? I saw a post by someone who asked whether or not it was possible to have fusion happening inside a metal that absorbs hydrogen. I'll grab it cause I think it's interesting this person hit the nail on the head, a while ago.
  21. Can you elaborate on that answer? How does a wave "self propagate"?
  22. How do the electromagnetic waves travel? Doesn't a wave need a medium, if not then it isn't a wave then, or is it?
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