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  1. There is no number option only trendline options line colour line style shadow
  2. Hello, I need help increasing the number of sig figs that excel gives for the equation of a trendline. At the moment it is only giving me one:mad:. I don't want to have to resort to using the slope equation because this has worked for me in the past but I feel it is time to fix this problem once and for all.
  3. Sorry if there have been numerous matrix type threads, I find the thought matters and if there is an answer it matters also, Why stop at the matrix there have been many movies and books dealing with this problem in philosophy? Well to get the ball rolling how about, I believe I am here because... If I were a brain in a vat (BIV) then everything I actually know about brains and vats is false, they are just signals to the brain (my brain?). One step further, If I want to type, do I send a signal to the Vat from my brain and the vat responds accordingly by relaying sensations of feeling the keyboard keys and sounds of clicking ( a two way system), Or a more reasonable scenario, I never wanted to type, I never want anything If the simulation is good enough to fool my senses why not fool my thoughts (one way system). If the later is the case and we are passively experiencing a simulation we have no free will or consciousness. So why not?
  4. The classical skeptic hypothesis: You know nothing, I don't claim to know you know nothing only that knowledge itself is unattainable. To have knowledge you must be 100 percent certain of a justified True belief. I believe I am sitting typing a thread about brains in vats but I cannot be 100 percent certain because there is a small chance (Very small) that I am mistaken therefor I do not know I am sitting here typing. You can say, "Here there skeptic that is an unrealistic definition of knowledge, of course you can't be 100 percent certain." Then how can you say I know my name is X, but I am not certain... So tell me why do you think you are reading this and not a brain in a vat led to believe in a reality that doesn't exist. I have been thinking about this lately and I think I have a reasonable answer, I will post it in a day or two. (It's nothing fancy so don't get your hopes up.)
  5. Sorry if this sounds really stupid but here it goes anyway, Something to do with xbox 360 compatibility? those all seem xbox related. If only mine wasn't broken can't get the poor thing off my brain. I am dreaming of gears and COD4 I miss soo much.
  6. I am sorry if this isn't quite correct but I seem to recall that glycerol actually exists in a form called hemiacetal which is to say that a lone pair on the oxygen in the OH farthest from the double bonded Oxygen attacks the double bond of that oxygen forming a tetrahydropurane (cyclohexane with one carbon replaced with an oxygen), now this is stable because all the OH groups are equitorial, not sure if this is the case with sucrose, but perhaps a little insight as to why sugar dissolves in water.
  7. temperature affects pH so what are the formation constants for each and check if the pK's are near that of different pH's. Thats where I would start.
  8. Light itself is chiral with a B vector and an E vector, here.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_rotation
  9. End point when the (moles of HI=moles of I minus) where I am talking about the indicator (I). The indicator has the property such that the conjugate acid is one colour and the conjugate base for the indicator is another. the blending of the two is what you are looking for so the endpoint of a titration is just that. The pH could be anything. yes a strong acid and weak base and visa versa form a buffer but that isn't your endpoint.
  10. Ok I have a limited understanding of hybridization, but here I go anyway. Hybridization occurs when two Orbitals merge together to form two Hybridized orbitals, in benzene it's the C's S and P orbitals that merge to form two sp2 orbitals, A hybrid is called sp because it retains the sphereical characteristics of the s orbital as well as the elongated characteristics of the p orbital. remember orbitals in always equals orbitals out. two do not form into one and so on. In pi systems there are "edge to edge" interactions and "end to end" interactions because p orbitals are in the x,y,z axis. why the C atom bothers with hybridization is because the energy levels of the LUMO and HOMO are lower after hybridization. Hope this helps
  11. Gave a sharp answer in hopes of the realization that carboxilic acid name plus alcohol name equals name for ester.
  12. methyl pentanoate, is one of them off the top of my head. I remember this lab, don't be lazy
  13. I think the parent hydrocarbon is actually the chain so something like. 1-pyrryl hept-6-ene? I think this is due to the fact that the ring only contains 4 carbons. I have very little confidence in my answer so best see what others have to say. After consulting with someone much smarter than I, the name is N-(6-heptenyl) pyrrole.
  14. psynapse


    Thanks I am glad I am finally out of the dark.
  15. psynapse


    Thanks, I figured they would make it hard. With all things computer where there is a will there is a way.
  16. psynapse


    How do you download clips from youtube? Thanks in advance.
  17. You are probably right Velo, but it would be fun while it lasted Animatrix style war between humans and machines in science city would be just what the doctor ordered. Humans united for one common goal; survival. Toilets would just simply clean themselves. How you might ask? Answer: magic or some automated cleaning system.
  18. Thanks I will look it up.
  19. That is pretty cool. Although the article does say another team of scientists could not detect the water. Is it's year only 3.5 days? The article says it passes in front of its star every 3.5 days. That is fast.
  20. In cold weather perhaps? This is simply the water vapor condensing, because the air that leaves your mouth is warm and when it comes into contact with cold air the water vapor will condense.
  21. Poor guy looked really nervous in the end.
  22. OK, Ok not hash and barren, I am just trying to point out the extent to which I would be devoted, Of course we can always put nice things there too. I was thinking of a more Utilitarian approach where everything done should cause net benefit to the society. Would we share with the rest of the world?
  23. Unsure. Perhaps. It owuld have to be self sustaining though. So it would need more than campus security etc.. I was reading the animal rights and vivisection debates and realized that one of the punishments for breaking the law should be death after scientific experimentation has been carried out. That would certainly keep people form breaking the law or tighten the law up because you could always use more test subjects:-) .
  24. Imagine what a community that was solely devoted to the progress of science, like the Vatican but for science. No laws other than the ones that people in Science City (vote?) on. What kind of laws should be implemented? A Spartan survival of the fittest, or should it be moral and take ethics into account. Would it turn into an evil sadistic world? Would Science City build an army, should they? How about people that would not join this city, are they a threat? Comments? I am all for a Science City that was harsh barren and cold, deviod of all human touch. As long as we had the arts I wouldn't mind, Enough human touch for me. Keep the soft sciences as well, they aren't too bad. I am unsure how the politics would go, probably try to go with what's best for the citizens. Unsure what that would actually entale. Mandatory Mating of course. How about the environment? I think we should be incredible conscientious about the environment, in Science city.
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