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  1. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=31447826 How come the man doesn't take the impact of the car hitting the crates? I know there has to be some law in physics that states why this is. Does anyone know why this happens? Any formulas? I'm curious. I don't take physics yet.
  2. Prayer doesn't work. There were two deaths in my family two years ago when I was a freshman in high school within an eight month period. You know how Christian the people were that died? I bet they were praying while they were dying. No offense to anyone, but prayer just doesn't work. It's all science all the way.
  3. As all of you know, the rate at which technology advances is increasing. There is no possible way that one can just study all of the engineering aspects of the new technologies in school; Or can they? I'm not in college yet, but I'd like to know how CS, CE, and EE majors learn how to work with all of this new technology? How do you know what hasn't been invented if you don't know about the new technology being presented to the world everyday? Do the instructors teach you how to adapt to new types of mechanisms involved in engineering the new technology we see today, rather than teaching you one thing and expecting you to get ideas off of that one philosophy? Both? Sorry if I'm not clear in what I'm trying to ask. If you don't understand something, just please post what you don't understand about my post and I will be happy to try to clarify it for you. Thanks in advanced!
  4. Probably some Flash algo that does something like the following: 1)Plays a certain animation and audio when the mouse moves in a certain direction on the screen or clicks. Sort of like: if (mouse cursor movement == right) { play this audio and animation ) or if ( mouse is clicked) { play this animation and audio } 2)The animation conditions in the code are only called and the animation is only played along with the cursor (sort of like it's attached to the cursor) as long as the mouse is within a certain radius on the page. 3)The cursor is hidden, but the coordinates are monitored by the script. Heh, maybe? Neat little toy. Nice find.
  5. Not cold weather. I can do it in warm weather too. No, I do not smoke, nor have I ever tried a cigarette in my life.
  6. What about light? Light has a speed and the way we percieve an image has a speed. Couldn't it just be the way our eyes are built?
  7. Hey, I'm new here and I didn't really know where to ask this question. I figured that since we breathe out CO2, then this might be a question for the chemistry catagory. So anyway, I'm wondering why steam comes out of my mouth when I sqeeze the gas inside of my mouth. It could be oxygen that I'm sqeezing, but it could also be the CO2 that I'm squeezing too. For all of you who are wondering, to make the steam come out of your mouth, fill your mouth with some type of air, then puff your cheeks out as if you are playing the trumpit. Then softly and slowly open your lips. Some type of steam-looking gas will come out. Why is that? Thanks in advanced, guys.
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