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  1. Dude don't give up I believe in you.
  2. It doesn't sound like the math is wrong sounds like you are the one who is confused. Most of waht you said makes perfect sense and thats a straight up fact. You haven't really said anything porfound, you've just said.
  3. Thanks for the well explained reply. I was thinking along the lines of wave sounds, and the transfer of energy. What do you think of the idea that light is an energy vibrating in the fifth dimension?
  4. Iono. Try looking for the actual balanced equation.
  5. I am sorry if this seems obvious because it just came to mind. AFAIK an object that reverses direction has to stop momentarilly. Eg. a pendulum. How does a photon maintain a constant velocity when reflecting off a surface, lets say perfectly bouncing back along the same path it traveled towards the mirror? Does it stop and then speed up again? This sounds ridiculous, I know.
  6. psynapse

    Rate the game

    IGN 9.5/10 smash bros for the N64 or Deadrising for the 360
  7. Life is too important to take seriously.
  8. The worst vice is advise. sorry I could't really help myself, but I do think this is a good thread. hmm.. lemme think. Don't clean out your fridge the day after garbage day as the contents will sit in your garbage can rotting for a week. That was the best I could do, maybe I will post some better advice later to try and redeem myself.
  9. That's very interesting. Have they isolated just the resveratrol and, do they plan on making it available to the public or do you have to drink red wine to attain it?
  10. I remeber hearing that a nap should be less than an hour long. If you exceed an hour you fall into a deep sleep and you wake up groggy. I think it's called "power napping" I am not sure. Why fight the natural course of sleep? It would be cool to discover some ground breaking way to sleep less though, think of how much more man kind could do with using a full day and night. twice as much productivity.
  11. This sounds like the stuff I was watching. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/01/0114_050114_solarplastic.html
  12. I was hearing about these new microscopic bubbles that when sandwiched between two metal plates and stimulated with IR they release their electrons producing an electric current. This maybe the power source for appliances in the future. They say that these will require only the sun as a power source and when sophisticated enough they will be able to beam an IR beam to another appliance in the shade. This sounds very suspect so I was wondering if this is possible. Where would these nano bubbles replenish thier electrons? I will look for a link to some credible actual information.
  13. Where is your proof that a gene is responsible for left handedness? I have always thought it was which ever hand you use to reach for something first without putting any thought into which hand you should use. What about ambidextrous people? incomplete dominance of the allele perhaps? I remember hearing a stat and I know this is very suspect as I cannot cite any sources but 40 percent of the populatoin is left handed and roughly 60 percent are right handed. I know it doesn't take into account people that use both hands but I assume they are a very small population. Maybe, due to typing and the way technology is going we might give up writing with a pen and learn on a keyboard, in which case the entire population could be ambidextrous after a few generations, due to those people that are ambidextrous learning how to type faster and NS will take its course.
  14. I remember these projectors and boards called "smart boards" I beleive it's real. I would post a link but I feel lazy just google smart boards.
  15. That's a cool idea. Unfortunatle I don't think this creature will not get suffiecient energy as the energy it would have to expend to climb to a height to dive bomb in the first place. Maybe off a cliff, no? Also the heat will probably be negligiable because you have constant wind chill factor as well. It is a cool idea for some sort of alien life form on another planet with a different landscape perhaps. It's an abstract idea and I think you should keep working on it evolving and changing it. Who knows you might get an actual feasable organism that, on paper, would thrive on earth.
  16. An interesting read... A few questions, are you saying "tiops" are 1-dimensional, and we can "learn" to control them? It is rather abstract but I would have said "tiops" are a 4-dimensional extension of our minds. Well I guess only one quetion really. I have to say I liked the read. lol. Keep 'em comin.
  17. So before the BB there was no gravity because there was no matter to induce it? Gravity then only "appeared" when the first little bit of energy "condensed" into a particle. If this is true then if we could turn all the mass of the universe into energy would there be no gravity?
  18. I really like that elastic band analogy. Thanks. I suppose it isn't all that counter intuitive when put that way. So form my understanding this is to explain why we never "see" free singular quarks?
  19. synesthesia?(sp?) With the happy and relaxed feeling being associated with a pleasant smell. Maybe you are at high risk of having a stroke. People report smelling burnt toast and having deja vu. It could be attributed to an elevatied heart rate and a small clot in the brain limiting blood flow? I am stretching here I know but I am at a loss to try and explain it by an other means.
  20. How is it that the force between quarks increases as their distance increases? This is very counter intuitive. If this is the case then there must be some way of harnessing this power practically. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quark_confinement I am left bewildered upon reading this, with many questions. What force is the quark confinement force related to? Strong nuclear force? I thought that even this was an inverse square relationship? Any insight?
  21. I don't know why I didn't think of how silly that really sounds when I read it. Thanks for the informative replies. (as usual:-p )
  22. I have always been fascinated with drugs of all kind. I have always thought of the human race starting to intervene with nature and start using our intellect to evolve ourselves using drugs and other measures to achieve "super-natural" results. for instance steriods and memory inhancing drugs used to treat alzhiemers. just fascinating. thanks.
  23. Mrs tilly likes grass and green but hates plants.
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