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  1. Thanks for the reply J.C MacSwell. Gravitationally what's the difference between relativistic mass and rest mass?
  2. It was observed that the velocities of stars did not decrease as you move away from a galaxies center and that the luminous mass did not create enough gravity. Originally this effect was written off as the galaxy absorbs light and planets and asteroids which do not create light would account for the missing mass. It turns out they do not and the missing mass problem became known as dark matter. The theory that some matter only interacts gravitationally and has helped form and shape galaxies. I have a few questions: Does an object which spins gain mass due to kinetic energy? Can relativistic mass cause gravity? I was thinking of this problem and wondered about relativistic mass of the galaxy due to rotational and translational kinetic energy of the components of the system. Some kind of emergent property of interplay between mass, kinetic energy and gravity. As you move quicker you gain more mass which increases gravity and then you go quicker... etc.
  3. Carvone is correct you need to look up elution gradients for resolution of the peaks. Trial and error.
  4. Ok I will take a shot: Step 1. Ask a science forum how to revenge against someone. Step 2. Copy best answer and end up Facebook embarrassing them...
  5. A person with albinism will not have an affected fight or flight response. The reason is tyrosinase converts tyrosine to melanin a pigment compound. Tyrosine Hydroxylase a different enzyme is responsible for converting tyrosine into L-Dopa and subsequently the catecholamines.
  6. Not to mention genetic factors, especially in the case of stomach ulcers. I remember hearing that the majority of the population carry helicobacter pylori in their stomachs and are asymptomatic. Genetics/environment/stress, pretty much involved with every ailment.
  7. This doesn't sit well with me for a few reasons. Firstly, where do you draw the line between a legitimate disorder of cognition and one's tendency to act in a certain way? Will Ad(h)d pass this test? Secondly, is there such a thing as a mental disorder? A quick search for definition seems to have cognition and impaired ability to cope in society as the main points for what constitutes a disorder of the mind. A solipsistic point of view would lead me to say "no". However medications which do significantly alleviate some "mental disorders" leads me to "yes", which is ultimately anecdotal evidence as we do not have a comprehensive biochemical theory for the mind yet. If medication causes an increased overall quality of life for the individual does it matter whether or not the prescription is ethical/moral? This seems to me at least that it is moral as long as the long term affects are manageable and clearly outlined to the patient. Which brings me to thirdly, the long term affects of amphetamine administration is: brain shrinkage, invagination of 5-HT receptors, increased blood pressure and the development of AD(H)D among other things. Basically amphetamine dependence, seems to me big pharma!? big pharma 101 -Convince people they have a disease which is undesirable. (alopecia, acne, depression, AD(H)D. etc.) -Convince these people that there is a solution to their issue. -Convince people that the solution is reasonably priced.
  8. Troponin levels elevated? If not you can rule out HF.
  9. Graph it? Plot it roughly if need be, the relationship should become apparent.
  10. Disease-modifying antirhematic drugs (DMARDs) is a class of drugs which are unrelated except that they have been found to treat rheumatoid arthritis. These drugs are by and large discovered by chance. Essentially what happens; a patient with rheumatoid arthritis is prescribed a drug for an unrelated condition to thier arthritis and notices alleviated RA symptoms. The doctor may conclude that the drug does treat RA. The mechanism for the drug may be well established for what it is specialized for, but will also begin to protect bone and cartiledge in patients with RA with unknown mechanisms. The symptoms are not merely masked but RA will actually begin to reverse, hence, "disease modifying." If you want to know more about this class of drugs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMARDS
  11. Making ethanol a gel to consume? BAD idea, I once did this with jello, lets just say it was super nasty and drinking it is much easier....
  12. psynapse


    Sorry Kaeroll, I have no idea... I am not really interested in the cognitive performance of sleep deprived individuals after being dosed with amphetamine, although there are many people who are, and the papers to prove it. I am more interested in the medium term psychological/physiological affects. It seems little research has been done in this area. When I do find a decent article it is usually comparing "Hardened" street users who have used who knows what over the years, and who obviously have poor descision making skills if they use street amphetamine in the first place compared to control subjects who don't use amphetamine. The results are always "Using Amphetamine for a prolongued period of time or at extremely high doses sustained for days on end does damage..." or along those lines to paraphrase. I am more interested in the use of amphetamine as a study aid; responsibly. Anyone here have any experience, with a collegue perhaps? I don't want to have to become a smoker for a nicotine high, and caffeine does not have the old kick it used to. Also I don't really find either of those drugs appealing.
  13. Wouldn't the adrenal gland produce more adrenal medulla (modifies neuronal cells) if you were to get it removed?? To answer your question, the adrenal medulla is only part of the adrenal gland, although it is the principle site for conversion of tyrosine into epi, norepi and dopamine, its not the only site, I am sure. How long does it take for reserves of catacholamines to become depleted? Or maybe you would keel over I don't know... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrenal_medulla http://users.rcn.com/jkimball.ma.ultranet/BiologyPages/A/Adrenals.html
  14. psynapse


    Thanks Dr. DNA I thought it was something of the like. Behavorial differences. I am not an MD or an expert in ADHD, but how does one go about diagnosing? I imagine a push from the teachers... Is ADHD an umbrella term? I am curious as to the use of cognitive enhanceing drugs in the academic setting. I am surprised at the lack of response, is this sort of subject taboo?
  15. psynapse


    Here is one which is 48Hrs administration of stimulant followed by another 12 hours http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2742729 This one is 64 hours of continuous cognitive work http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/121643063/abstract?CRETRY=1&SRETRY=0 I have to run but there are many. Google scholar.
  16. psynapse


    Yes, my questions still stand. I have seen some pretty cool research articles involving sleep deprivation 86Hrs! and cognitive/motor tests under various stimulants while being sleep deprived. who the hell could stay awake that long for the placebo... methylphenidate competes with cocaine at various targets in the brain shown by radio isotope labelling of C13 and PET scans. But methylphenidate lasts longer... Sweet. One other question. Why does ADHD seem more prevalent in boys than in girls? Is it these naughty boys are pressured into taking drugs as to not upset the classroom? I refuse to let this thread die, unless noone else seems interested then I will take my questions elsewhere.
  17. psynapse


    Well this hasn't been a very helpful thread at all... I was hoping to see long-term psychological, physiological effects. Many students take amphetamine either the enantiomer; Dexedrine/ Dextroamphetamine or Adderall (racemic mixture), to enhance academic performance. I have been parroosing the webb looking for information regarding various drugs as study aids and this particular one piqued my interest. What are the short term, med term, long term effects both psychologically and physiologically from moderate use of DexAmphet. (3 times a week at say 15mg a pop) Are there advantages/disadvantages for this drug opposed to methylphenidate (Ritalin)? I have seen much anecdotal evidence, and a quick search for research articles tend to carry studies on children suffering ADHD. Not much in the literature regarding adult use in an academic setting. O and injecting euphoria into a dick... mmhmm..
  18. Sup mall ****er.... Found this thread you left ages ago.... I am sure it be mcscoobert... This is Zomgie if you havn't guessed... anyway Good thread on Dex, I am doing some pharma research on it at the mo and found this on google.... what are the odds

  19. Sorry to interject but my little bro is the luckiest person I have ever met in my lifetime. Its not that he lucked out once incredibly but often comes out on top in all kinds of situations where chance is involved. Gambling, monster drops, work. In real life, not a game he once traded a straw hat for two gold coins, combined they had over an ounce of pure gold in them. We were once discussing things that keep coming up in our dreams and one of his was finding treasure I thought that was strange as I never find riches in my dreams. Maybe I am destined to be poor. I certainly don't like to admit to believing in superstitions cause I think its bad luck.
  20. I have heard of ancient Chinese emperors who would take small amounts of various toxins and gradually build up a tolerance to them.
  21. Henderson-Hasselbach and Wikipedia Useful for pH and buffer questions. Sorry if this is the obvious but if it isn't there you go.
  22. GTA IV was fine but a little one dimensional as far as online gameplay went, find the heart yet? Gears of War is probably the best as far as online gameplay goes COD 4 isn't bad but is nub because when you think about it you choose your spawn weapon and you respawn very quickly. Halo is full of kids and boring after a month, GoW delivers excelent online capabilities with GoW 2 being released in Nov of '08. Unreal Tournament which is still TbA on the 3/6 looks amazing as I have played for the PS3. Straight amazing. Mass Effect blew chunks... boring. Quake 4 is also worth mentioning. Check out n+ at the marketplace. I would be interested in hearing about other good arcade games.
  23. An exception to Darwinian Evolution, could be altruism found in many simple organisms such as the slime mold; where certain amoeboid cells become the germ cells and other equally good cells become the stalk cells and raise the germ cells up off the ground so that the wind may pick up the spores better. AFAIK these sorts of behavior are contradictory to Darwinian evolution because the stalk cells are giving up their chance at propagating their genes so that others may. I am sure there are many more examples but this particular one comes to mind.
  24. There are only two fundamental rules you need to know: 1. Electric effects -- resonance and induction. 2. Steric effects -- Also thermo and kinetic conditions. Everything else falls into these two categories. Remember electro neg values and "NOF" is "enough" for hydrogen bonds... yeah weak I know. When you take these simple rules and principles of O-Chem into account your mechanisms should make more sense. Try not to simply memorize but to understand although as previously mentioned there are some weird reactions out there. As a sider don't forget methyl and proton migrations to stabilize carbions. They always do if they can if that makes sense. These are just some points to keep in the back of your mind while doing em.
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