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  1. ****, that is scary and horrible. I would rather be dead...
  2. Wow! Interesting. I wonder how far their brains can recreate other people's sensations? Would they, for example, feel the sensation of touching a surface with complex patterns if they saw someone else do it... I'd like to know more...I'm gonna do a few searches.
  3. I know it's more than merely neurological. I would just like to know where it comes from. Ostensibly, it's an instinct in most people. I'd like to know if there is something in common neurologically between people who don't want them.
  4. Is it a circuit in the brain? Is it the effect of a high estrogen level? Could you do a brain scan on a group of women who had children or wanted them in the future, then one of women who had chosen not to have children, and pinpoint something that the first group had and the second one didn't?
  5. My BMI is 18.9. I recommend eating frequent small meals instead of less frequent large ones. Oh, and ingest a LOT of caffeine. :D
  6. You can learn exercises to elongate your spine. Try the Alexander technique.
  7. visceral

    Autism Test

    Suspected Aspergian girl here. 39. About as revelatory as telling me I have black hair.
  8. In a more removed and mechanistic context, it is, but when I said empathy, I meant the intuitive ability most people have to detect others' emotions without having to be told what someone is feeling. ASD people lack the ability to detect others' emotions, but they don't tend to lack critical thinking. It's more that they cannot instinctively sense how someone is feeling, by unconsciously noticing nuances of facial expression, tone of voice, etc.
  9. I'm one of those. I am a raging danger junkie.
  10. Agreed. I actually have a lot of the effects of ADD/ADHD, but I know I don't actually have either of those, I'm just still not yet mature. Modern life is way too narrow-minded. Anyone outside a certain norm seems to get diagnosed with a disorder.
  11. I know the idea that a high systemic/low empathic mind is a male one while the high empathic/low systemic end of the continuum is female domain, is a huge oversimplification, I just called it that so people would get the idea... Is there such a disorder? Could there be such a thing as 'system blindness', where though someone would be extremely empathic and do very well at sensing people's emotions, they would have low to no ability to use reductive or systemic thinking? Is this even a legitimate concept? Are "systemic" and "empathic" really opposites? One theory is that the condition exists, but it isn't a problem because it's not maladaptive: Taken from Simon Baron Cohen's The Essential Difference
  12. Why do the zones of the cortex have to differentiate? I assumed they can't produce hormones properly unless they don't, but I seem to remember they're not differentiated at birth...?
  13. Either very underweight or what Sam said, wasting disease.
  14. That makes my ****ing blood boil. So he had a lot of money with him? How does that make him a criminal? He could have just taken it out of the ****ing bank...
  15. Don't they have massive amounts of wiring in one area which results in them having certain abilities, and not enough in other areas? Something like that...
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