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  1. What mass of chromium metal can be produced in 1.00 h by the electrolysis of K2Cr2O7 solution using a current of 15.0 A? I know the answer is 4.85 g but how do you get that?
  2. Do they necessary have to have quantitaitve values or can they sometimes be qualitative?? -Thanks
  3. if an octagon is convex is it a regular polygon?
  4. i accidentally erased my memory and deleted all my orginal programs, those that came with it. is there a way to get them back without having to download them agian?
  5. How do you find the explicit formula of a degree higher then 4 using a matrix on the TI-83 calculator?
  6. Asian


    root(48) breaks down into 4rooot(3) and then u rationalize the denominator by multiplying root(3), so then a three falls out and u multiply the four by the three and u get 12 as the final denominator. u then multiply the numeratior by root 3, and u get 4+ root(18) ubut then u can then rationalize the numberator to 4+3 root(2)
  7. Asian


    What is: 4+root(6)/ root(48)? I got 4+3 root(2)/12 is that rite?
  8. Can someone please explain to me how to do this problem. The molarity and molality of potassium chloride solution are 1.000 mol/L and 0.9750 mol/kg. what is the solutions density? I got an answer of 1.101 g/ml. will someone show me how to do it and verify to see if my answers right?
  9. but if aird did enter into a sealed off eudiotmetr, then it would negativley affect the amount of h2 there would be.
  10. i recently performed an experiment, with hcl and mg as i placed both into a eudiomter. how would air entering affect the way the reaction would occur?
  11. Asian

    HCl and Metal

    so if you are looking for wether or not hcl is reactive with a metal, a change in color of the metal would not be something to look for?
  12. Asian

    HCl and Metal

    Why when HCl reacts with a metal the metal changes colors.
  13. Can someone expain to me how to interpret a solubility curve, how you know what temperture a solution is soluble, and how you know if a solution is super saturated based on the soulubility curve.
  14. it would actually simplify to i^2n * i^3. but i mean as in simplify i, -1,-i , or 1
  15. How would u simplify i^2n+3?????
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