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  1. What mass of chromium metal can be produced in 1.00 h by the electrolysis of K2Cr2O7 solution using a current of 15.0 A? I know the answer is 4.85 g but how do you get that?
  2. Do they necessary have to have quantitaitve values or can they sometimes be qualitative?? -Thanks
  3. if an octagon is convex is it a regular polygon?
  4. i accidentally erased my memory and deleted all my orginal programs, those that came with it. is there a way to get them back without having to download them agian?
  5. How do you find the explicit formula of a degree higher then 4 using a matrix on the TI-83 calculator?
  6. Asian


    root(48) breaks down into 4rooot(3) and then u rationalize the denominator by multiplying root(3), so then a three falls out and u multiply the four by the three and u get 12 as the final denominator. u then multiply the numeratior by root 3, and u get 4+ root(18) ubut then u can then rationalize the numberator to 4+3 root(2)
  7. Asian


    What is: 4+root(6)/ root(48)? I got 4+3 root(2)/12 is that rite?
  8. Can someone please explain to me how to do this problem. The molarity and molality of potassium chloride solution are 1.000 mol/L and 0.9750 mol/kg. what is the solutions density? I got an answer of 1.101 g/ml. will someone show me how to do it and verify to see if my answers right?
  9. but if aird did enter into a sealed off eudiotmetr, then it would negativley affect the amount of h2 there would be.
  10. i recently performed an experiment, with hcl and mg as i placed both into a eudiomter. how would air entering affect the way the reaction would occur?
  11. Asian

    HCl and Metal

    so if you are looking for wether or not hcl is reactive with a metal, a change in color of the metal would not be something to look for?
  12. Asian

    HCl and Metal

    Why when HCl reacts with a metal the metal changes colors.
  13. Can someone expain to me how to interpret a solubility curve, how you know what temperture a solution is soluble, and how you know if a solution is super saturated based on the soulubility curve.
  14. it would actually simplify to i^2n * i^3. but i mean as in simplify i, -1,-i , or 1
  15. How would u simplify i^2n+3?????
  16. Asian

    Koch Curves

    If the stage of a koch curve is at 0 and it has a length of 1, and a curve at a stage of 1 having a length of 1/3what would be the lengths of the curve at stages 2,3,and 4?
  17. Asian

    Absolute Zero

    What would happen to the volume and pressure of the gas if it reached absolute zero?
  18. A temperture change of 1 K is equivalent to a change of how many degrees celcuis?
  19. Asian

    Square Root

    have u ever heard of difference of perfect ssquares?
  20. Asian

    Square Root

    Can someone explain to me why x^2=49, the value for x is plus or minus 7
  21. k thanks, that was the right answer when we checked in class
  22. A gas has a density of 2.857 g/l at STP. The pressure is dropped by 20.0 kpa in order to change its density to 2.000 g/l, what must be the new temperature to achieve this lower density. Any suggestions on how to start this problem is needed.
  23. How do you do word problems involving "work" in them. Please, any help is appreciated.
  24. I have a test tomorrow, and i have a question. Which intermolecualr forces are stronger liquids or gasses, and why. -thanks for any helps
  25. Asian

    States of Matter

    so is it because in a solid, the nonpolar bonds are less dense compared to a liquid as the particles vibrate in place
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