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  1. please see the attachment to understand what i mean.. as u can see the graph suddently begins to exp. grow but in the begining just increases gradually (not exactly linearly though).... I hope that makes sense.....
  2. Hello! I was wondering if someone can give me a functions that increases gradually in the beginning, and then picks up an exponential rate after some time. It would be much similar to an exponential function such as x^2, but it would increase gradually for a certain time in the beginning. Thanks!
  3. Hello! I was wondering if someone can help with how Trace(AB) can be equal to Trace(BA)? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I derived this equation U=Eqr from V=U/q, and E=kq/r^2. But q is not given in the problem, where do I go from here? edit: I used the equation [math]U={1/2}{\varepsilon_{0}} \int E^{2}dV[/math] and E.F. equation given in the question to solve for U. After simplifying, I needed to compute the integral [math]\int_0^1 x^{2} dV[/math]. At first, I tried to have [math]dV[/math] in terms of [math]x[/math], but the answer was incorrect. Then I took the integral with respect to [math]x[/math] ignoring [math]dV[/math]. but I got the correct answer. Can anyone explain why I was able to compute the integral of [math]x^{2}[/math] without respect to [math]x[/math]... Thanks Can anyone answer my question, please. thanks
  5. Hello, everyone, Following is the question that I am not really able to do. I would be grateful if someone can guide me through the solution. Thanks The electric-field strength as a function of position x in a certain region is given by [math]E = E_0 \left( {x/x_0 } \right)[/math], where [math]E0 = 26 {\rm kV/m}[/math] and [math]x_{0} = 5.2 {\rm m}[/math]. Find the total energy stored in a cube [math]1.0 {\rm m}[/math] on a side located between [math]x = 0[/math] and [math]x = 1.0\;{\rm{ m}}[/math]. Note: The field strength is independent of y and z.
  6. Hello, My teacher went over the proof to find the general [math]A^{-1}[/math] for 2x2 matrices. He told us that finding the general [math]A^{-1}[/math] for 3x3 matrices might take about 5 pages at least, but there's also another method that can do it in a few steps. I was wondering if anyone can provide me a link to the web page where both methods are shown step-by-step, or at least just guide me through finding the general rule if it's really lengthy to show here. Thanks
  7. NeonBlack, it would be great if you can show an example thanks
  8. Hello, I was just curious why cramer's rule does not work for infinite solutions. My teacher said that in the class today, but he did not go into details... Can anyone please exaplin that to me... Thanks
  9. Hi, I am currently a freshman at college pursuing EE major. I am interested in researching, and I want to research in an area that would benefit humanity at large. By benefiting humanity, I mean the research has some practical applications to medicine, or the research would technologically advance day-to-day life. I am interested in specific research areas. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Hi, How does a researcher spend his typical day? Meaning, if you are working in a scientist's lab, what would be your typical activities. If you are working on math research, what would be your research activities? any insightful answers would be greatly appreciated!
  11. hi, I had a project due a day before yesterday but I did not hand it is as I was not able to complete it. I thought I would do it yesterday but I could not do it. Now, I was going to do it today but still could not do it. The problem here is that I am not feeling like doing anything at all. All I am wanting to do is just go to sleep, and that's it. I am loading myself up with my tons of late homeworks/projects and it's really stressing me off. Any suggestions on what I can do to change what I want to do.? thx!
  12. alan2here - This is not what I was actually talking about. They were downloadable (as mpeg file) video lectures not hosted on Google video or Youtube etc, and they were about "introductory college physics" not quantum theory. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I saw a thread on SFN a couple of months ago that had links to complete video lectures on College-level Physics, but I am unable to find it now. I searched the entire forum but I did not get anything significant. Does anybody have any idea about it? Any help would be greatly appreciate, thanks!
  14. hi, While solving a calculus problem today related to "cross sections" I derived a formula to calculate the area of an equilateral triangle. So I was just curious whether the formula I came up with is already in use or it's....? The formula: [math]A(s)=\frac{s}{2}\sqrt{s^2 - \frac{s^2}{4}}[/math] What do you guys think?
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