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  1. You have to realize that there are two kinds of people in the world-leaders and followers. Evidently you are the leader type. Charles
  2. Physics but more so mathematics. Mathematics is the key to all knowledge. Become proficient in math and the world is at your door. Charles
  3. We have not even discovered this universe but there are implications there could be more.
  4. I suggest you read multiple authors as one (aka, Asimov) may be a little biased in his perspectives.
  5. ctc7752


    Perhaps if you really knew what you were asking, you would not want it to come back.
  6. You need to realize in a world populated by billions, the chance that you are the only one experiencing these feelings is nil, therefore, realize your mistake and go on.
  7. A person's intelligence is measured by what he or she thinks of themself.For example, an idiot may consider himself intelligent because he cannot perceive himself in any other way.
  8. Bettina is form of the name Elizabeth, meaning chosen by God.
  9. Though apes and monkeys are genetically similar to humans, there is no absolute evidence we evolved from these creatures. It is more probable we all developed from the same root stock that had been developing since the earth freed itself from the sun.
  10. The concept of falling while asleep is only your mind's way of preparing you for your future. Sometime in your life whatever you see in your dreams is possible but only as a simile of real life.
  11. When you use the term Biblical Proportions, understand that what is happening today cannot even begin to compare to the trials and tribulations of Bible times. For example, did you know that the world completely flipped over (Noah's Flood, Exodus) twice in the last four million years? The earth's rotation ceased during this process. Can you imagine what that was like?
  12. ctc7752

    Define Sound

    Sound is merely the vibration of molecules to a pitch that we can perceive.
  13. I believe that people appear to you for a reason. Perhaps you have a question that perplexes you or you are troubled or an opportunity is presenting itself. These are not random causes but intentional designs.
  14. Natural selection and survival of the fittest is all around you. In human societies as well as animal societies, there is a pecking order. Look for books by Robert Ardrey.
  15. The only requirement for a nation is its ability to support its population. All wars in history are the result of one country's inability to do this.
  16. ctc7752

    My Paper

    Write your paper on the idea that Black Holes are tremendous gravitational fields from which there is no escape. The gamma ray bursts you see on the horizon are the only signature that proves that whole galaxies are being absorbed at the center of the universe.
  17. Take commerce. It is all around you and easy to access. Use the theme that business is like a river. Keep the product flowing and the money will be there. Stop up the river and you gain nothing. Remember, you cannot lose money by reducing product.
  18. ctc7752

    Beam me up.

    What do you think particle accelerators are for if not for eventual use as time travel? It has happened.
  19. How about nuclear? Simple, yet effective.
  20. There are a few of us with this ability. You are seeing the light reflect off the molecules of the air. Amazing, is it not?
  21. Deja Vu is nothing more than recognizing the stimuli presented to our brain.
  22. Don't give up and don't give in. Believe in yourself. Open your eyes and see things as they really are. Excellerate your efforts. Love yourself first and foremost.
  23. The intelligence of the Europeans goes back to the influx of genetic characters in the First Millenium. In the world today this is not so concentrated.
  24. The only way to measure intelligence is by how you react to the third dimension.
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