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  1. Episode #11 from the HBO Rome series has the best battle/death scene ever! when they enter the Arena and the carnage begins!
  2. Ty for the info, I managed to stop the discussion before it took an ugly turn and I dont think "brainwashed" people are easily woken up so I will leave the issue alone and take comfort in knowing I am most likey right. Just wish I was better in mathematics like alot of you are lol.
  3. First off I am not the greatest math student but I have been having an argument with a person I know who is convinced the earth is 6000 years old lol. He doesnt believe carbon dating to be true but then I brough up Pangea and he agreed that alot of geological evidence shows Pangea was fact. Well the math problem is how would I calculate the time it would take for continental drift to bring the plates to where they are today? I would need to know the following: speed of continental drift, approx position of Pangea landmass and the current place of landmass. I am 100% sure it accounts for well over 1 billion years or more but I dont know how to figure it out properly so any help is appreciated.
  4. The only reason u believe in god is because your parents told u to, I would assume that u are the type of person only believes in what you find comfort in believing. The honest truth is god is a creation of primitive man made to help us cope with a world we cant comrehend. We came from the primordial-soup all science fact points to this, the evolution of chemistry into complex living molecules seems reasonable to me and even Stephen Hawkings thinks god is not needed for the universe to exist and I agree. It amazes me how humans out themselves on a level of importance greater than primordial soup or any other life form, we all live and we all die and how can u assume u are of divine creation when a amiba is not?
  5. A machine that size would be a to big to be efficient even if it could work which I doubt, I do not want to be slung like a stone into space rather more of a controled method of travel will be what we most likely invent. That sounds more like what wylie cyote would order from acme lol .
  6. Yea I had a awsome Christams to, not for gifts I just got to see family and friends and eat awsome food. I hope the new year is good to good for everyone!
  7. Yea u are right but I am asking is our relentless news coverage making things seem far worse then 10 or 20 years ago, also is the rate of natural disasters on a rise and how would we know that for sure and finaly do we know when and how ice ages are started and if we are at risk in our lifetime to get another one. If our caveman ancestors survived I think we will do okay so I am not worried about much because in most cases of a global disaster some people will survive and adapt.
  8. Yea I live in Canada its not legal but the police will rarely arrest someone for only personal use or possesion of canabis and some doctors do prescribe it but the proper research to make a safe means of delivery other than inhaling smoke then immediate production of medicines to help with numerous symptoms and THC and the other chemicals in the drugs compound do not have severe side-effects like other drugs being used now like morphine and codine.
  9. I hope by 2029 we are able to do what the movie armagdeon was able to fake or have a even more efficient way of changing the path of a object in a collision course with our planet, making a way to deflect rather than destroy will be the best solution.
  10. I see a very ugly cruel world where children are killed and old men get rich off slave labour and one third of the world is in conflict and seeing people harm others, I to have been depressed and felt nothing was worth anything and that it didnt matter if I was here or that noone would care and I almost killed myself with drugs, crime and just being unable to get clean. The most important thing u can do is learn to love yourself, it sounds cheesy but trust me its true if u form a a negetive self-opinion others will see u as u see yourself. I am upset that u are a fellow countrymen who feels this way we have many things in our great north land which can help u get back to a normal life I dont expect a cure to make u happy forever, u will feel sad and angry an all the other things us humans feel from time to time but suicide should never enter your mind, I dont want u to die and I have never met u but I know we all have the right to live and plz just try to think positive. Also bein poor is not fun I know from having to eat canned food for the better part of 15 years and not knowing hot water ran indors til I was on my own that having little was not fun in anyway but we live in a place of opprotunity and a little hard work goes a long way. Man u live in Montreal to bro plz go to the bars a few times I seen so many attractive women in your city it made me cry, sittin alone will only make things worse trust me on that one I know. I offer a ear to listen and advice from someone who has felt the same way. my email- slickinfinity@hotmail.com remember we all in this world together!
  11. I got my new vid card ati xt8000, new powersander n spray painter for work (awsome) and a awsome dinner with family I hadnt seen in a while all in all good, but when I heard over 20,000 people died the day after Christams in that sunami in S.E asia I lost a bit of joy.
  12. I am a gamer and I dislike doom it seems uncomplicated n a bit of a kids shooter if u want a real fps go try army ops or rainbow 6. But as for the movie I dont think it will do well its very hard for a game based movie to retain integrity just look at street fighter and mortal combat the only exception is resident evil and I think they were sucessful because they kept most of the original story. The matrix did very well because it built off the movie and I see this the best way for a game to do well if the movie does well FIRST allowing a conection with the game.
  13. I was mad but now I love it I go to bulldog games now and they are cheaper, way more hockey fights n way more hits. Let the brats argue til they get no $$ and we wont pay em to be spoiled brats then see em all run back n play for peanuts like they used to, lol oh yea they also played goalie with no HELMETS!!
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