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  1. In singapore, we are doing A-levels too. we need A-level physics and maths to do engineering. anyway, A levels are really tough. i'm dying..
  2. gene


    well i just had to post this because i have been away for a long time and forgotten about this site. so, on my birthday that just passed not long ago, i recieved a birthday message from Science Forums and so was inspired to visit it again. Hi all...
  3. so for level 3, you have to press the monitor's "on" button is it?
  4. i can't get pass level 3.... "gototheothersite" on the url, what does it means? And i can't seem to get what it means about the blinking phrase.
  5. i don't really see boxhead's scientific/logical perspective but just some rhetoric blabberings..
  6. yup, looks much better. not that dull... I was wondering, whether the posts is summarised by "lifting" from the original article or summarise on your own? Because the short posts make it more attractive to read. Unlike those long.. long... sagas... =D
  7. "My understanding is that we all dream when we sleep." -- that is not true. The book also talked about people who do not dream. Can't remember. Something such that people do not dream, they are the ones who are very tired. Actually the part about dreaming in the hours of 5 am to 6am in the morning, i assumed that it was an experiment to make a generalisation. I don't think it is a fact.
  8. ya, i sent it to my friends too. They ALL scared out of their wits. Whining to me how terrifying it was. =P
  9. No one can really understand what is consciousness yet. What i feel that consciousness is that, we are able to feel pain and emotions. From that, i know that i'm conscious. However, i think your question about "How do i know that i am me? How do you know you are you?" is quite a food for thought. so, i think it depends on your logic and creativity to answer these questions. everyone is bound to have different answers. but, i'm curious about your view, how you think you actually evolve and exist.
  10. Erm. Actually i'm currently reading a book about hyperspace by Michio Kaku. I'm not really a physics person. And i intended to read it for leisure. But apparently there are some terms which i could not really understand despite how mr kaku explained.
  11. actually i think that a design would really brighten up the blog. Your blog can prove to be very useful. Actually i know that blogspot.com has several attractive template design that is quite appealing. You can also place SCIENCE pictures at your blog too. Cheers, gene
  12. Erm. my question is not about string theory but somewhat related though. What exactly is the fourth dimension that is mention? i don't really understand what it means by curved space and time.
  13. i read an article that says we dream in the hours of 5am to 6am in the morning. But, i have no idea for the reason? anyone got anything to say about that?
  14. can you help me? I don't understand what is this about? there is no riddle is there? and the music is making me freak out.
  15. gene

    The Situation

    Is there a reson why there are closing the departmentS? maybe there is insufficient intake of chemistry studentS? and allowing the department to continue would greatly result in the waste of resources of the school? Maybe the university wants to specialise? That are the possibilities. But if that is the case, it would be a big waste. Because chemistry has always been relevant and important in the past, present and will be in the future. Taking it away, is like depriving an opportunity to develop new talents. what a waste. JUst my thoughts, gene
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