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    i have only just begun to understand science and am very interested in physics dealing with particles and i have thought up amyn theories on the most theoredical topics.
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  1. the brain to me is very simple first ill tell yuo main difference between computers and us we can learn and we also have sense that work all the time all a computer has is a disk drive while we have eyes to pick up light, ears to feel vibrations of sound, noses to pick up chemicals in the air to interpret its state to us, taste to tell wether what we consume is safe, feeling to give us information on temperature, if anything touches us, and even for reproduction. computers only take in information by what we give it, and only thinks if we want it to think, it remembers all that it has learned unlike humans where memory strength depends on stimulation. we can know we are we by have electromagnetic impulses in our brain, which is created by our senses as a computer uses an outlet for power without our sense or without energy from food we can not exist as a consciousness.
  2. ok i dont understand it couldnt take infinte energy because then we wouldnt have any ergy left in the universe because light travel at c and it then must use up infinite energy thus we should run out which we havent so its impossible. But it doesnt matter its very easy photon is mass or else we could see because the light particles interact with the particles of our retina and actual our etire body, but if it had no mass then we couldnt see which we do so it does have a mass
  3. lol a photon is not mass less it has a mass although being very small
  4. i mean take into account in the case of telepathy to understand that our brain use brain waves( lower frequency then radio rays) to communicate with cells inside yuor brain these waves could go outside yuor head as yuo think and other people can pick it up thats what i mean by applying scientific knowledge.
  5. lol first of all when i mean to say that it "appears" to go faster i mean that it would seem to but only because of the extra speed of the person or the light source adn second yes anything can go faster then the speed of light its just that the speed is so great that its hard to make soemthing go that fast
  6. lol blike i understand i tend to write sloppy but hey
  7. I believe that deja vu is very simple, our brain interprets things not as wholes but as certain emphasized events of observations, like in a song you may only remember parts yuo really like or when yuo see somthing yuo may only remember colours or locations not it all in a perfect scene. So whne we remember things with only few simple things our brain if it see the same set of things it would think you have deja vu not because its the exactly the same situation but close dependent on those very emphasized points that in a similar situation could be remphasized to give the appearence of deja vu.
  8. like we percieve things like our earth has a limit to how much matter its made of it would then make sense to assume that so does the universe
  9. thats exactly what im saying, the difference in speed would make it appear that the light is going faster by 500 mph if you were on the train i think, yes and if the person not moving would emit the light then it would appear to be going slower.
  10. so your saying that even if i was traveling faster then the speed of light wihle measruing it will still measure as the speed of light, that makes no sense. your wrong with that if i measure the speed of light while moving if i was mvonig say 30 miles an hours there would be a differemce yet not a large one compared to how fast light is.
  11. ok you understnad that lots of stars in the universe are very close together especially in galaxies if all these stars were black holes then the black holes would stuck all them selfs up around them which should destroy our stars which doesnt happen. also antoher thing a black hole isnt a "hole" its an object the sucks things in even light into a very dense spot, not a hole to another location that in itself is imossilbe for it to be a hole, also if the blackholes on one layer take light and energy form that side in the place with lots of blackholes there probobly would not be enough energy for all the stars out there.
  12. so as the planes fly the one that is more oppsite to the station on earth, and that should prove that time could be altered be difference in speed i never trust experiments because thy can be somehow false where hypothes give you a very good estimate.
  13. Actually infinity only seems impossible because of all the limits that seems to occur in our world, it is still possilbe that infinity is possible without getting evidence but once you apply evidence around you, you find that this universe does end, but then whats out side, other universes? maybe millions, then whats outside that because that cant be infinte then how many of these places that hold millions of universes are there. and so and you will never come to logical conslusion.
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