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  1. I recall doing a lab much like that in General Science (and I think Photography, when we learned about the idea of how the human eye sees things, and that if the eyes sees more than 24? frames per second, your brain will fill in the rest, but in actuality, you're really seeing a LOT of pictures being displayed and changed REALLY fast)... We went to the darkroom (our school has a photo lab) and set up the LED strobe lights on either side of the water faucet... Turned them both on, turned the overhead light off and presto... water droplets instead of a running stream. However, that someone made a little fountain like that that reuses it's own water and is all set up for you... that is cool!
  2. Imagine if you will what Spermicide would do to the inside of a uethra... It felt like I was peeing Lava for a week...
  3. I agree with GutZ... I like cats most. Expecially small house cats. My friend hates them because all they do is eat and sleep and "constantly stare at you, as if watching and judging you, just waiting for you to fail."
  4. No... we actually got the gopher with the hose before it got that far...because it wasn't running straight at all... but gezz... they can move...
  5. Schindler's List... although, I haven't actually watched the movie...
  6. Yea, I remember all you three... 5614 - I don't have all three degree's, I haven't really decided on one, but it's probably Major in Physics, and Minor is Maths and/or Chem... Yes, I'm crazy like that... And now I'm working third shift full time, and will be going to school too so free time will be getting to become a precious commodity.
  7. Calculus Intro to Psychology Composition I Gonna cost a LOT of money!
  8. I would have thought that it was undefined... 0/0=undef because you can't divide by zero... because I had always thought of x^(-1) as x/x/x... and x^(-2) as x/x/x/x and x^0 as x/x Or is that just a shortcut to getting the answer or where did I pick this up?
  9. Hey people... I haven't posted in a while, and actually, I haven't been here much. Been busy with school and whatnot. Anyone remember me? Eh, anyway. Mesa Back!
  10. "What does this do?" "Could be worse." "I'm not gonna die..." "IT'S HEADED FOR THE GAS TANKS!!! GET THE HOSE!!!" (Funny story... This actually happened to me...) "Loosen the knot and let me go."
  11. This doesn't work for me... women usually make me feel worse... God I'm lonely...
  12. I have some songs that put me in a good mood (I listen and sing along at the top of my lungs, sometimes I even bust a dance! (It looks pretty bad, but it's fun))... otherwise, a good long walk sometimes helps (and if you feel up for it, jog or run instead!). Excersise actually can remove depression/anger. Otherwise, with me personally (although I don't know anyone this is true for), Strawberry Ice Cream does the trick! Some people it's chocolate... Basically, do something you like, and enjoy it!
  13. nothing would change... What if love really was an infectious disease?
  14. then I'd be God. What if The greeks were right with Zeus and the rest of the Gods?
  15. also... it is true that for every number that is not equal, there is a number between it and ANY other number... If .9999999999...?1, then .99999999......+x<1. so... after careful thought, realizing that you have an infinite number of nines... if you add ANY number, (unless you have an infinite number of zeros with a one after it... which is not possible), you get a number greater than one... for instance... you add .000000001 and you get 1.00000000099999999999999999....... and so on... Therefore .99999....=1, because there is no number between .99999... and 1.
  16. There'd be no restriction of motion, therefor, everything would travel at the speed of light... wouldn't that be knarly bro? What if California broke off and formed their own country with President Arnold?
  17. there would be a "pants rights movmenet" by some neo-yuppies, and somehow, wearing pants would become illegal... Some might say this would be a good thing! What if the planet was actually shaped like a doughnut (sp?)?
  18. Then Keanu (sp?) Reeves (Neo,Constantine) would be normal. What if the world was actually a gigantice spaceship, and it actually is self powered... self heated (aka, doesn't need the sun to keep the surface temperature around 0-100°F).. and was capable of inter-galactic travel?
  19. I'd laugh. Because I'm part Irish! What if the X-Files were true?
  20. Ditto Ecoli... I know what I've learned about in High School (and part of my Government Class in college is Economics). But if someone wants to start talking about economics, I'll throw in my cent or so, and learn something about it!
  21. The internet itself I wouldn't say is alive... the internet is created by people, controled by people, influenced by people... the internet exists because of people... it has no intellegence of it's own... no instincts, no feelings... it's just like a massive computer where a lot of information is stored...
  22. Well, yes and no. The ego is the center of personality... your id is your desires and wants, and the superego is your sence of right and wrong. Your ego decides which one to listen to in any given situation... but the superego doesn't impact the id in the slightest... the superego AND the id impact the ego, which eventually makes a decision (which, if possible, satifies both id and superego at the same time). I wouldn't say "cultural programming." Ethic and moral standards can be cultutal, but it's really more of a personal thing... Like what's right to one person is different from what's right to another... your superego is what is right to YOU... it's something else that would keep you from say, raping and/or killing someone if you didn't think it was wrong (like say revenge...) but your id is also what YOU want... YOUR desires... some people have an id that wants almost nothing (selfless) and others a superego that society would deem to be "bad." At any rate, out of my psychology textbook... Id: A reservoir of unconscious psychic energy that strives to satisfy basic sexual and aggressive drives. The id operates on the "pleasure principle," demanding immediate satisfaction. Ego: The largely conscious "executive" part of personality that mediates among the demands of the id, superego, and reality. Operates on the "reality principle," satisfying the id in ways that will that will realistically bring pleasure rather than pain. Superego: Represents internalized ideals and provides standards for judgment (the conscience) and for future aspirations. does that clear things up for you? EDIT: Id, Ego and Superego are Frued... what Jung says is his, and not really Id, Ego and Superego (as what he explains is different parts of each of those...)
  23. no. The id is the "little kid" or little devil that wants intsant gratification, and doesn't care about ramifications. The superego is the ethical or moral part of you (that knows that almost everything the id wants is wrong), and the ego trys to keep both "happy." Wiki! Ego, Superego and Id.
  24. "Death is just another road, one we all must take." ~Gandalf, Return of the King. coquina you're absolutly right. Everyone should make the most of every day. Life is short... Enjoy it while you can.
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