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  1. I have nothing in common with him either. I got him, too.
  2. Rape has more to do with the rapist's anger issues than the victim's sex. So, yes, men can get raped for the same reasons(not the reasons you quoted).
  3. There is no "S&M stuff" going on in rape. Rape is about on man's control/power issues with society. Rape is about anger and aggression. In rape, there is NO consent. Rape has nothing to do with eroticism or pleasure for either the rapist or victim. S&M is consensual behavior. What you are referring to is "play rape." It has nothing to do real rape.
  4. Psychology of personality forums... http://www.similarminds.com http://www.intpcentral.com
  5. What classic movie are you? http://similarminds.com/movie.html
  6. What famous leader are you? http://similarminds.com/leader.html
  7. http://www.intuitivecentral.com/index.php http://www.intpcentral.com/forums/index.php http://www.socionics.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php
  8. 1) can i know which vitamin are u taking ?? B12 2) what is the amount of vitamin (s) u took ? Two tablets, twice a week for 6 weeks (12 tabs) This could be anywhere from 2000 micrograms to __? I think it was probably 4000 micrograms a week for six weeks. Later I read that 2000 is about the highest they recommend per week. 3) what is the purpose for u to take vitamins ( any prevention ??) B12 deficiency (also had anemia, but no one told me) 4) Are u taking it everyday or per week ?? I haven't had any in two years. 5)Wat are the symptoms u got for the allergy ? I am NOW allergic to most food and drink. Symptoms are: allergic reactions (chest pains, itchy throat, runny nose, vomiting/nausea, puss pouring out of ears, sensitivity to odor x 1000, sensitivity to bacteria, etc.).
  9. I thought I was asking a bunch of scientists. I included all the information. I explained the symptoms. Sorry I forgot to state that the vitamin is B12, as I mentioned at the very bottom of the post. It was the strongest dosage possible that comes in tablet form. I can't go back in time (two years). Otherwise I would not have taken them. As I said, I had a B12 deficiency and continued to take vitamins once I was discharged from the hospital. Doctors have not helped. I have tried to find info in med journals to no avail. I'm not a doctor. If you know where the articles are, I'd be happy to know. You have to be a subscribing member with most journals--have an MD. Most doctors either don't know or deny that there is any info out there. If I write too much, you might not read it.
  10. Does anyone know anything about vitamins? A long time ago I had a deficiency and was given vitamins (don't know what strength). When I got discharged, I bought a bottle (greatest strength) and took them about once a week/every other week so this would not happen again. Then someone mistakenly told me that the reason I was so sensitive was because I needed more vitamins. So I increased the amount per week for about six weeks the way the person advised. When I stopped, my body had an even worse reaction. I became allergic to most food and drink. I have to eat certain organic protein every few hours to keep from having allergic reactions (chest pains, itchy throat, runny nose, vomiting/nausea, puss pouring out of ears, sensitivity to odor x 1000, sensitivity to bacteria, etc.). This has been going on for more than a year. (I know you cannot "overdose" on B12 because it is not toxic, but I am still having terrible reactions.)
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