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  1. I think the oddest thing on my desk is a 24oz mt. dew bottle (empty, thank God) with 4 fake roses in it, two black, one yellow, and one orange (black and gold being the High-School Colors, and Black and Orange being a college's colors from around here that I was at for a year).... Hanging from the flowers (where they come out from the bottle) is a silver christmas ornimant (the plain balls) with my name painted on it, which my ex-girlfriend gave to me... Otherwise: -various connectors to my laptop -a "pop circle" (used at work on the pop machine to identify which button dispences which flavor pop) being used as a coaster -A picture of me and my 4 closest friends -a small American Flag -A desklamp -my Nintendo DS (pluged into the wall) -Various CDs -My 20 Questions game ball (those little electric ones...) -My TI-89 Calculator -various pencils, pens, and even crayons -My Return of the King Extened DVD set -And lastly, my Burger King hat, with DT expert, speed team, blue ribbon, Three Year, Original Whopper, and 110% pins, and buttons from years of being there... Which, now that I think about it is kinda weird too, but not as weird as a mt. Dew bottle with fake flowers in it...
  2. I don't get it... I mean, I see nothing even close to a patern... is it too complex or too simple? Or can someone give me a hint (maybe in PM?)
  3. And, when someone is banned, usually, the banning posts are deleted or hidden so you can't see them... Which is why a lot of times it looks like the Mods/Admins are unfair/too strict, when they really are just doing a good job.
  4. the concept of ego and id (and superego), is mainly used in pop psychology. If you pick up a book on psychology that isn't a textbook, Freud and Jung are going to be the classical thing that they will deal with. Why? Because Freud is fun! The battle of the id and the superego, with the ego moderating! The oral, anal, genital... stages of development. People find this interesting, and that's why it's in pop psychology. It's more interesting to learn about than Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs or Erikson's stages of development... And you don't have to have ANY background in psychology to understand Freud. Freud is lehman's terms. However, they are still used in psychoanalysis... some... but it's mainly in pop psychology...
  5. Hey thanks! It hadn't occured to me to look at .edu. Because some of those aren't internet sources (because they have articles on them, and for some reason, a written article she doesn't count as an internet source, even if it's wrtitten for the internet....)
  6. I need to find a few non-internet sources (good ones) on what evolution is. Shorter articles (10 pages or less) are prefered, but I was just wondering if any of you can point me in the right direction (or if you know one off the top of your head). I have many that are defending it, but not many that explain it. I don't exactly have access to a Biology Text, but I need sources and I though maybe I could find one or two that explain the evolution process and possible abiogenisis. I need this for a position paper in my comp class... Thanks in advance!
  7. v=dt, so t=v/d. If you let x be what you take along the road, then you can figure what you don't take along the road... (as you have a right triangle, 18 miles, 40-x miles and the distance you shave left to travel)... so your distance is [imath]x+\sqrt{(40-x)^2+18^2}[/imath]. And your velocity is [imath]70x+35\sqrt{(40-x)^2+18^2}[/imath]. so [math]t=\frac{70x+35\sqrt{(40-x)^2+18^2}}{x+\sqrt{(40-x)^2+18^2}}[/math] Now... optimize! EDIT: YOu get the distance by adding the distance traveled on the road, and the hypotenuse of the triangle created by taking the distance traveled on the road from 40 (which should be the distance to point A) and 18 (the distance from Point A to the fallen plane), and the velocity is just the speed multiplied by the distance traveled at each speed...
  8. BobbyJoeCool


    Also, Doctors like to overprotect their patients. Because if you're recouping from back surgery, and you crash into something... they're gonna be afraid of a lawsuit (even if they didn't have anything to do with it.) Also, if they gave you pain killers or something to take because of pain you may experience for a while, you shouldn't drive while on those kinds of prescriptions, as the side effects are usually bizzare. Like, a pill for sneezing now-a-days has side effects: Dry-mouth, constipation, etc... And, HI! Welcome back!
  9. Yea, I too was the only one with a TI-89... and I loved that it did Limits and Derivatives and Intrigals... but it didn't have a nth root key... and it actually took me a couple days to figure out to raise to the 1/n power for then nth root...
  10. No. It's saying that a black hole is really a point in space and time, and a point has no dimentions. 0 dimentions, not infinite.
  11. if there is a singularity at the center of a black hole, then it has no dimentions. Because a black hole IS the singularity... However, if you mean, what dimentions does it affect? This is purly conjecture, but I'd say 4 (if you look at the "graph" of spacetime for a black hole... it's basically a giant hole in a plane, that goes down to a single point (the singularlity). Now a black hole doesn't really affect time since time is realative, but as you fall into it, your time would move slower than that of on outside observer (not under the influence of the black hole). To claim that it affects other dimentions would be pointless, because there is no proof that they even exist, and there is no way to observe them.
  12. To clarify, not ALL old people are bad drivers... it's a stereotype that is mostly justified, because the ones who have deminished sight, reaction time, etc. can't keep control of the car as well. So, a lot of them compensate by going slower. It's the ones that don't that you have to watch out for...
  13. There's actually a condition where they have to disconnect the two sides of the brian... and it's really interesting because people who have had this operation have weird perceptions and abilities... such as heart you probably see that as the word "heart." But someone with this "disablility" would see the words he and art, because you see he with the left eye, and right brain, and art with the right eye and left brain... Another interesting thing about these people is that if you give them two sheets of paper, they can draw a triangle with one hand and a circle with the other... at the same time...
  14. Yes, I know... but it's the best way to illustrate what I was trying to show (that I can think of...)
  15. Ok, yes... but that's only the using of the hands... You're right handed because you use the left side of your brain... the "logic" side of your brain... now "equimanual" people use less of their left side (the logic side) and more of the other side (commonly associated with creativity). The problem is that creativity can get in the way of logic when used too much... And, the ability of using both hands is not a significant advantage (unless you're a sports player... you get paid more... grr.) EDIT: LOL YT... equimanual... nice
  16. How so? What advantage does an ambidextorous person have over a right handed person? Because a right-handed person uses the left side of their brain, and the left side of the brain is more logical... it might make sence that that person would have an advantage over one who uses less logic...
  17. so... wouldn't that mean there is a correlation in being left handed and being "more creative" (as the right side of the brain has more creative potential and the left logic...)? Or is it just the motor part of your brain that shows "dominance" in one hemisphere?
  18. I'd guess A) you can do it with all .50, all 1, or all 2... and then any combination of those... so you're probably not going to end up with a number that ends in 0...
  19. Association... putting one thing with another... such as puting actual blocks with ones pictured in a book. Although it's not the best word because association is putting two different thigns together (such as a word and object.. table, and an actual table...).
  20. [math]\cos{\tfrac{\pi}{12}}=\cos{(\tfrac{\pi}{3}-\tfrac{\pi}{4})}[/math] [math]\cos{\tfrac{-\pi}{12}}=\cos{(\tfrac{\pi}{4}-\tfrac{\pi}{3})}[/math] Take the double angle form on either of them. [math]\cos{\tfrac{\pi}{3}-\tfrac{\pi}{4}}=\cos{\tfrac{\pi}{3}} \cdot \cos{\tfrac{\pi}{4}}+\sin{\tfrac{\pi}{3}} \cdot \sin{\tfrac{\pi}{3}}[/math] [math]\cos{\tfrac{\pi}{4}-\tfrac{\pi}{3}}=\cos{\tfrac{\pi}{4}} \cdot \cos{\tfrac{\pi}{3}}+\sin{\tfrac{\pi}{3}} \cdot \sin{\tfrac{\pi}{4}}[/math] You'll note that either way, you end up with the same (because it doesn't matter the order in which you multiply, a*b=b*a) general case... (where a-b=c) [math]\cos{c}=\cos(a-b)[/math] [math]\cos{-c}=\cos(b-a)[/math] [math]\cos(a-b)=\cos{a} \cdot \cos{b} + \sin{a} \cdot \sin{b}[/math] [math]\cos(b-a)=\cos{b} \cdot \cos{a} + \sin{b} \cdot \sin{a}[/math]
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