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  1. Does not EVERYTHING rely on causality? Does not everything have a cause, which also has an effect? (Assuming we don't take into account the possible origins/endgins of the universe.)
  2. Yeah... New years... I resolve to be: Less of an ass. Get REAL friends. Get 3.0 or higher for the better insurance rates (kinda didn't do well last year.) Stop waisting money Grow one year older and at LEAST one year more mature. etc...
  3. Everyone who gets in my way on the road better be prepared to buy new tires... my rifle will make you need new ones... >-)
  4. *really fast voice*Disclamer: The ps3's actual cancer curing abilities are appromiatly equal with the cancer curing powers of that piece of tape sitting on the floor next to you. Side effects may include carpel tunnel syndrome and seizures. Edit Disclaminer: Sony does not assume responsibility for side effects.
  5. Have to say, I have a wii... and I love it. I love it more than my friends x-box 360... and I hear PS3 is a big dissapointment. The people at my local GameStop say the following: Wii: Revolutionary controler means you actually feel like you're in the game. Down side? You have to actually work to beat a game... it's not button mashing anymore, it's how fast and how accuratly you can point and aim at the screen and swing the remote around. This is a plus for some, and a minus for others... PS3: Sony has a tendancy to suck on it's systems right out of the gate. It happened with PS1 and PS2 that they had to make a "newer" version because the old one had too many problems. As somewhat of proof of this, Sony released a patch for the PS3 the day after it released, which you could download IF you had a High Speed connection, or send it to Sony and get it back in 6-8 weeks. This shows that they knew things were wrong and went ahead with the launch anyway. Either that or they have a REALLY good support department. 360: Microsoft releases everything right away. Plus side, that means that most of the best games that will ever be on the 360 are out right now. down side, there isn't much room for growth. Summing up: 360 wins out of the box, because they have the best... right now. Wii wins in the middle game, because xbox will be "coming down" and Playstation will still be developing. In the homestrech for the NEXT next gen systems... Playstation will take the cake... Long story short, get a 360, or if money is an issue a Wii is almost as good (and will be good longer). EDIT: adding the the PS3 comments... Sony has already announced that they are making a "revamped" system coming out about a year after the original release... They did this before the PS3 launched... and... well, they knew things were going to go wrong, so instead of fixing them and releasing a great system later, they released a crappy one sooner.
  6. Our dress code was fairly simple. 1) No rips in your pants in the knees or anywhere else 2) No middrift showing (so, no lowcut pants with a really short shirt 3) No wallet chains 4)Skirts must come at least 3/4 of the way down to the knees (exception for cheerleaders in uniform for game day etc.) 5) Tank Tops must have a sholder width of 1/2 inch or more. 6) (added recently) No showing thongs or g-strings. 7) No drugs, alchohol, tobacco, sexual imagry, or swearing allowed displayed anywhere on your clothes. Basically, the banned anything too promiscuous or tattered. They made you look half respectable while not allowing you to draw too much attention to yourself. You're given a LOT of freedom, but kept you within reason. Hey, I'm complementing my school?!?!?!?! Well... they did gradumuate me... lol.
  7. I used to have a myspace... I decided to delete my account for the reason that it served no purpose but to waste my time. I wasn't communicating with ANYONE over MySpace (I call people, they call me...), There was no practical use for it. The kicker, it was not entertaining anymore.
  8. Monday-Thursday: High 70 - Low 50 Friday: Near Blizzard Conditions with high of 30 low of 15. Saturday: Wind Chill of 5, with high of 40 low of 10. I love Iowa!
  9. Currently I'm reading Angles and Demons by Mark Brown. Is about the Illuminati comming back and attempting to destroy Vatican City and with it the Catholic Church. I really like the books of his series... Digital Fortress was very good. As was DaVinci Code. The other one I haven't read yet. What can anyone tell me about Deception Point?
  10. Ok... how do you get from [math]v_b = v_r \frac{r}{x}[/math] to [math] v_b = \frac{1}{cos\theta}v_r [/math] ?
  11. So... SLIGHTLY off the OT... I read the final count in the senate is 49-49 (meaning 2 third party/independant)... so... when this happens, which party gets the majority? (AKA, which party gets the majority leader and which the minority leader...) Ditto with the house (although it didn't happen)
  12. Where's my sonic screwdriver? No... those are jelly babies! WAIT... IT'S A MIRROR!!!! you shot youself and died! he he...
  13. You should know Azure... The Daleks are flies... whenever you kill one, two more appear...
  14. I picked the one I need more of... Seratonin.. I'm easily depressed for long periods of time and very moody
  15. It was farly bad here... but it wasn't cold enough to stick to anything... it was like 34, so as soon as it hit something, it melted and created some large runnoffs. But otherwise, it was a LOT of LARGE flakes, and winds up to 30-50 mph for a couple hours...
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