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  1. As for the second way, if you're looking for the distance from the starting point that's easy... it's the point where the trains meet, which since they're going the same speed will be half way and hence 50 miles...
  2. distance=speed*time. figure out how long it will take for the trains to collide (they have to go a total of 100 miles, and have a combined speed of 100 mph... so they'll meet in 1 hour...) t=1 hour the speed of the fly is constant (because speed is the absolute value of velocity). First it moves at 90 MPH towards train one, and when it gets there, it's moving at the same speed back at train two, and back and forth with constant speed of 90 MPH... s=90 miles/hour d=s*t d=90 miles/hour * 1 hour d= 90 miles
  3. without putting too much thought into it... look at it this way... the fly is moving at a constant speed. And if you mean distance traveled as in if I go a mile north and then a mile south did I travel 2 miles, or did I travel 0 (because I'm where I started...) If the former, it a matter of finding at what time the trains collide, and then you have the speed of the fly, and you just calculate the distance traveled at a constant speed at time t (when the trains collide). If it's the latter, I'd really have to think about it more.
  4. I saw a proof on [math]\lim_{x\to0}\frac{\sin{x}}{x}=1[/math] having something to so with sin(x)<x<tan(x) and then it uses the squeese theorm to say that sin(x)/x as x->0 =1...
  5. here's the thing about hypnosis. It works better with people are more suggestionable. While under hypnosis, you won't volate any of your morals or ethics, but it's like being put into a state where you are even more suggestionable than usual. It's not some magical thing where your subconcious comes out and your concious disapears. It all really depends on how much you trust the hypnotist. If you trust them (say they are a profetional), it'll work for you. However, hypnosis is not a reliable way to do anything. If a hypnotist askes you suggestive questions about your memory, (s)he can actually plant memories in your brain that never really happened, but you'll think it did (because that's just how suggestionable you are, and being hypnotised heightens that suggestability). Hypnosis has a big hype, but it's not that big of a thing...
  6. lol. well, even geckos can still turn their heads away...
  7. obviously there are layers, but it's more of getting more descriptive. I could see a animal (let's say a bald eagle) moving as call it alive. Furthermore, I could say, "it's flying, so it's a bird." Furthermore, I could say, "It has a white head and a brown body so it's a bald eagle." A swamp oak tree is still a tree... it's just that you describe it a little differently because it's a specific kind of tree. It's like saying tabby cat, or spotted cat. Orange cat, or black cat.. all of them are still cats, it's just you desribe them differently.
  8. not really... the MAGNETIC pole is always moving, but the true south pole is not. If you were to follow your compass straight south until it said you were going north, you would not be at the south pole, but 11.3° around the globe from it. Wikipedia, Magnetic Field The geographic south and north poles are stationary.
  9. And after two steps, you'll be heading pretty close to north again...
  10. you're eyes do have a defence though... in america we call them eyelids. But... still... YATTA! (translated) ALL RIGHT! wtf?
  11. you have a problem though... [math](\ln x)^{\sin x} \neq \sin x \cdot \ln x[/math] [math]\ln (x^{\sin x})=\sin x \cdot \ln x[/math] it's not the same thing... the rule is [math]\log _b (x^n) = n \log _b x[/math] [math](\log _b x)^n \neq n \log _b x[/math]
  12. in responce to what Kyrisch said... I must repeat myself... w...t...f...
  13. Limits are as a function gets closer and closer to a certain number, the value of the function gets closer and closer to... Most of the time, it's just the value of the function at that point... but with both equations 2n+2n and 5n, as n approches infinity, both equations also aproach infinity. (as each function will get infinatly larger the larger the value on n, so when n finally reaches infinity, both funtions will equil infinity...) so... [math]\lim_{n \to \infty}2n+2n=\infty[/math] [math]\lim_{n \to \infty}5n=\infty[/math] [math]\lim_{n \to \infty}2n+2n=\lim_{n \to \infty}5n[/math] But then again, this is also true as n goes to 0 (since both functions equal 0 at n=0)
  14. I was 3-4, I had a dream that my Mom died on an operating table. That's my earliest memory. Right, memory of a dream. I was afraid of doctors and the ER for years...
  15. My crew (slightly different situation) has found out that by talking to me (or one of the other supervisors) that dispite the slave-driver nature that we typically show on the floor (where stuff gets done), that when confronted in the office, or if taken aside to discuss a problem, the management works REALLY hard to try to accomidate whatever special needs that particular crew memeber needs. From needing a day off to go to a funeral, to needing a vacation because of stress or something (work related or not). Talk to your boss (it goes over better if you do this on your time and not the companies). Usually, they will try to help you find a way to make it so your job isn't so stressful and isn't driving you to the point of breaking. Otherwise, Glider is right. As the supervisor of many people, and it felt like I was losing control, the best thing I did for myself was take it back. I was never really losing control, I just had a couple of insuborninates, and when I figured that out, and felt like I had control back, it wasn't so hard anymore. Also, delegation is a key. However, it really does depend on your situation.
  16. SA should be a minimum (given your equation). because you're trying for the smallest possible SA. So you can proceed to find the min point(s) of your equation.
  17. do you mean angular momentum created by the rotation of the sun? (eg: the planets align in a plane because the sun is rotating). And... out of plane=collision... collision with what? other objects in orbit? objects that won't come into orbit (passerby comets and whatnot)
  18. first year (of 5) at college. Physics Major, Chem Minor, and Math Minor... and I still have almost enough electives to get another minor (if I did, I'd probably do Biology, but instead I'll take more Physics classes and some other things I'm interested in)... Eventually, I want to go onto Grad School and get a PhD... and I'd like to specialize in Astrophysics or Quantum Mechanics...
  19. It shouldn't... I was both copying and doing it myself...it really should be [math]sin(x) \left( \lim_{h \to 0} -sin(h) \right) \cdot \left( \lim_{h \to 0} \frac{sin(h)}{h} \right) \cdot \left( \lim_{h \to 0} \frac{1}{cos(h)+1} \right) + cos(x) \lim_{h \to 0} \frac{sin(h)}{h}[/math]
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