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  1. Hahahaha Seriously though. If i fly were to measure the speed of light using an instrument it would indeed be constant and equal to c. It's not the light that changes speed, nor time; it's simply the conscience of the fly putting everything in a perspective that best suits the purpose. The speed of light can therefore not be judged by anything with a subjective view of the world but by equipment that can give cold hard factual data.
  2. percentage weight for volume - %w/v This means the percent by weight of solute in the total volume of solution. Normally used where the solute is a solid. For example, a 10% w/v sodium fluoride solution would be prepared by dissolving 10 grams of sodium fluoride in 100ml of water.
  3. That would make sense yea. Where does the energy from the magnetism come from? I.e. the energy is converted to kinetic energy to attract an object but where does it come from?
  4. In what context do you mean?
  5. Ah i remember now - that sounds about right. That's not a lot of mass considering the size of the explosions :\
  6. Maybe when it was written it was sort of an example of what relativity was proposing so it could be understood? I think it was just giving an example of how different people perceive the passage of time, what do you think?
  7. I did it in my AS Physics class and we calculated the mass of the photons being liberated using m=hf/c^2.
  8. I understand what you mean but im not sure different perceptions, even if of time, should interfer with the physics that govern the Universe.
  9. So how would you calculate the mass lost by the sun as it radiates photons?
  10. I couldn't figure out whether that was in agreement or disagreement? It would appear slower to the fly, but according to the Universe a second is still the amount of time that would have elapsed.
  11. Ok thanks. If the sun just radiated only photons, would the mass liberated from the sun be calculated using hf=mc^2? I.e. number of photons*relativistic mass of a photon*time
  12. If the mass of a photon is 0 and p=mv, wouldnt it have 0 momentum? Or is the m used in this forumla its relativistic mass according to E=hf and E=mc^2?
  13. If we found that Gravitons existed, could their anti-particles impose anti-gravity? In addition, if we could create negative mass from negative energy (Casimir Effect) could this be used to produce anti-gravity?
  14. In nuclear weapons, only a very very tiny amount of the actual material used in the bomb is converted to energy. Im not sure of the exact figure but i think it was only a few grams.
  15. danny8522003


    Then LCD is better...
  16. Has anyone found a respecable answer to the clock/clockmaker problem?
  17. Could your brain started overheating, causing adverse effects, because of excess microwave radiation, say from a phone mast?
  18. I wonder sometimes if humans will evolve, taking natural selection into account: Have any of you English people (i dunno if this is true elsewhere) noticed how a large number of braindead scum that live off the state have like 7 kids, whereas intelligent, career minded couples have 1-2? Now im not saying all people that live off the state are scum and all that blah blah blah... Scary thought though, will we all eventually be overrun by chain smoking, lager guzzling, lazy idiots?
  19. No i dont think i would, I'm only 17 and I'm already sick to death of this shithole world and most of the people in it.
  20. Im pretty sure you can't get probabilities of probability because they would be completely usless. The odds of 2-1 describe the likelihood as well as they can, they are obviously not certain. We could play 2.7 trillion games at 2-1 odds and lose every single time. It's highly improbable but not impossible. Lets say the fact that we lose the first one has no effect on the next game. For each individual game the odds will still be 2-1 independant of whether you won or lost the last one. If this isnt the case then if we talk about probabilities of probability then what's stopping us talking about the probabilities of the probabilities of probability and so on until your brain melts into a gooey pink gunge...
  21. What sort of things could you do with this Magnetite?
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