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  1. Horror. Im particularly into Stephen King books at the moment.
  2. Gotta be comedy, followed very closely by horror. I mean horror that is actually scary, not just blood and guts.
  3. Actually it only takes 8 minutes for light from our nearest star to reach us . He didnt specify that he was viewing with the naked eye so i assumed he just meant all stars, some of which could have been extinguished long ago.
  4. They wouldn't be at that same point because it would take billions of years for the light to reach us and things move a lot in billions of years.
  5. Yea, as i said earlier there is the equation: X=X0 * e^(-t/CR) and C=Q/V.... Baring in mind V=IR and Q=It
  6. No, the current is only dependant on V=IR. A capacitor charged to 1.5V will produce a certain current regardless of its 'size'. The higher the number of farods, the longer it will take for its voltage and current to fall.
  7. With capicitors, it isnt physical size that matters. What you're saying though is true,capacitance is the amount of charge required to increase the p.d. across the terminals. So yea, "bigger" = longer. No, if you charge it with 1.5V, it will discharge from 1.5V. I could give you a huge analogy to explain like my physics teacher did but it would take too long on a forum though. The current around the circuit decreases exponentially as the capacitor discharges.
  8. It all depends upon the resistance of the circuit, the lower the resistance the faster they discharge. If you charge both the large and small capacitor with 1.5V DC then they will both have a p.d. of 1.5V across the terminals, the current upon discharge depends on the capcitance and resistance of the curcuit. You maybe interested to know that the rate of decrease in V and Q are exponential functions. X=X0 * e^(-t/CR)
  9. There's something ive always been confused about. In a DC circuit, the electrons flow from the negative terminal to the positive terminal. Does the current follow this same direction or does it go the other way?
  10. Im looking at doing a MPhys at Kent. The name of the course is Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics (F592). Has anyone here done anything similar?
  11. Im looking at going to University in September next year in the UK after my A-Levels. I have no idea how Universities work when it comes to classes, lectures and setting work. Is it like A-Level where you attend a series of classes, do work and study in class for exams, is it like Primary School where you are in specific classes and taught one to twenty or is it something completely different? Any info would be great, Thanks
  12. Are you talking along the lines of the grandfather paradox?
  13. Id like to know how so many people were killed and left stranded by a storm they knew would hit a week in advance? I mean why couldnt they have evacuated? Either by driving, walking, cycling, using public transport or even by an organised evacuation. I dont see how the richest country on Earth can let something like this happen, but as jdurg said, i guess stupid ignorant people will always be stupid and ignorant.
  14. Are you just gonna spam these forums with that drivel?
  15. I dont know how you managed to label me a creationist from that, i assure you i am not one. Although you're right, mass doesn't change the objects momentum does. I dunno why i said mass, must be tired *yawns*.
  16. You're welcome, i hope that's cleared things up for you
  17. Gravity exists everywhere within this Universe, zero G implies no curvature of space-time in the region.
  18. When you say "in space", i take it you mean without a force acting against the pushing force? If that's the case then it will only use the energy required to accelerate it to a constant velocity. If you however speed it up fast enough (near c) in this Universe, it begins to get more massive because of the energy it contains from the original push and becomes harder and harder to accelerate further. That's why reaching c with a rest mass of >0 is impossible because an infinite amount of energy would be required.
  19. You mean why does an object travel at a constant speed without having to use up infinite energy?
  20. What numbers are you putting into it? E and m are definite numbers and cannot be infinite unless the other is. The equation just states that energy and mass are related with the square of c as a factor.
  21. The second beam will still be travelling at c. The sum of the velocities at these speeds is not v1 + v2 because of time dilation and length contraction.
  22. This shortest path is know as a Geodesic.
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