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    Flying, shooting, walking, playing guitar and UK Military Field tactics
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    I like to theorise about things which have not been proved and are still theories (not in the “oh my god there is an alien conspiracy way” think bigger and less crazy ;)) or of things which are possibly using hardware which governments wish to either
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  1. I know this type of theorisation is probably still quite far up the general science agenda but for a couple of hours now I have been looking for different theories on Anti-gravity technology and to be quite honest with only basic secondary school science under my belt, all of these different theories didn't seem to make sense to me because there seemed to be holes in the different theories (well from what I could tell). So being me I started to work out my own theory; now I know that the earth has a gravitation force, but I was wondering whether it has an electronic field some sort of polaric frequency/energy (the though occurred to me when I made the connection that all planets have different amounts of gravity and that with more mass comes more energy like magnets), if this is correct then this is how I believe atoms gain their weight because the are at a certain polaric frequency different to that of the Earth’s. So carrying on, what if the earths polaric frequency was determined, in theory could a device be invented which changes the polarity of an object causing it to in essence hover against the earths gravity pull when it is put nearer to the polaric frequency of the planet, like a pair of magnets? I know that this may seem very far fetched, hence why I am asking more experienced scientists for their opinions.
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