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  1. By package, i'm thinking something like a giant balloon, that would float to the surface when full, and sink back down when empty. let gravity fill the balloon, and flotation carry it to the surface.
  2. As fresh water is boyant in salt water, could it be "packaged" and float to the surface for collection? Would it require a great amount of energy to maintain the vacume, given the fairly slow flow rate of the membrane? cheers
  3. Hi. Would it be possible to desalinate water using the weight ot the ocean as power? If there was a stucture deep in the ocean covered with a semi-permiable membrane, and a pipe and pump to take the fresh water to the surface, and reduce the presure inside the structure. The weight of the water providing the power. I think they use around 800 p.s.i pressure in some comercialy available desalination units. Thats about the pressure is at a depth of around 562 meters. Any ideas. cheers
  4. if you change the direction of identicle mangnets you get opposites!
  5. If 2 identicle particles are travelling in the opposite direction just after the big bang, will they be opposites of each other? eg. particle/antiparticle
  6. Was the big bang fusion, fission of something completly different? Another question When energy is expended, is it a net loss to the universe? The universe must have started as a set amount of energy. Is this number getting smaller?
  7. When a star goes a supa nova, is that fission?
  8. Are lighter elements able to form a critical mass, given enough force?
  9. Sorry about the vauge language. Yea i mean the air intake. The problems i can see would be fuel/air mixture and heat. The mixture should be easy enough, (either mixture screw or bigger carby jets) but i dont know about heat. Will it burn very hot like an oxy torch?
  10. can anyone tell me what would happen if i ran pure oxygen into the air cleaner (or carby) of my motor bike?
  11. Is this correct? the amount of energy contained in 1kg of matter 1*(300000000*300000000)=90000000000000000joules.
  12. Thanks. The next question is, how do we express m (mass) is it just in grams?
  13. ok, But what is the number? how do we express velocity?
  14. In the famous equation, how is c the velocity of light expressed? How do you express velocity, without a refrence to distance or time?
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