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  1. Starcraft 2 won't be consoled, RTS games with the complexity of starcraft and warcraft would do extremely bad on a console.
  2. Rakdos

    A webpage

  3. KMZ files are ran by some handheld GPS devices and google earth I'm not quite sure of why you would want to run KMZ files in a browser.
  4. Picard is the only Star Trek capt. worth a damn.
  5. This is one of the reasons I like my older vehicle, all the linkages are are physical, I have a throttle cable and a physical brake connection, none of this drive-by-wire stuff.
  6. Only way I could see this work is if you convert the times to decimal so the 8:30 would become 8.5, then you can just use the normal math functions built into excel for it, but that won't work well if you get off at strange times like 8:27.
  7. if you're trying to copy a file >4GB to the fat 32 HDD it'll throw the same error as a full HDD.
  8. <mooeypoo> I think i solved the mystery of why the pinky is the smallest toe <mooeypoo> the ancient ancestors of humans just.. stubbed it in the trees all the time
  9. * mooeypoo is going to go blow ... zombies after much bickering on IRC
  10. Rakdos


    It's what I wanted Atlantis to be like a [hide]parital SGC cut off from all other human contact having to fend for themsleves.[/hide]
  11. wireless signals traveling though the air trigger current in the speaker wire
  12. [14:48] * mib_ple7kc (62e0f156@cloak-542B0A72.mibbit.com) has joined #sfn [14:48] <mib_ple7kc> hello? [14:48] * mib_ple7kc (62e0f156@cloak-542B0A72.mibbit.com) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client) less than a minute
  13. just because he said i shouldn't [22:44] <+ydoaPs> I think buttacup might have stolen my pants [22:44] <+ydoaPs> i have no clue what happened to my clothes [22:44] <+Raxo> you ate them [22:44] <+ydoaPs> no, you're the fatass....i'm just husky [22:45] <+ydoaPs> i swear to god, if this ends up on the quote thread, i'm gonna airsoft you n the balls <+ydoaPs> i'ma go j*** off to tubgirl and 2 girls 1 cup
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