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  1. I know they cant but hyperthetically... Even if i was travelling at 0.99c would i see the beam emerge at c as well as the person at rest?
  2. Would it have something to do with: v u -------> A -------> B C w -----------------> [math] w = (u + v)/(1 + uv/c^2) [/math]
  3. Yea that makes sense but that doesnt give the answer i was looking for. Lets change it so im travelling at c... Would i see the beam of light travel from my lights at c yet the person on the ground sees nothing being emitted?
  4. I've always wondered about this question but i've never had it clarified fully: Hyperthetically; If I'm in a car travelling at 99% of c, what do I, the driver, observe when i turn the headlights on? Also, what would someone on the ground who appears at rest observe?
  5. i agree with john5746, i think ku is comparing this to how nations deal with such problems. I dont think problems like this should be fought via the 'children' but should be discussed and resolved by the 'adults'.
  6. danny8522003

    Video games

    I agree, and i dont think video game designers should be blamed for their violent creations when it is obviously down to other factors. I guess it's easier to pass the blame...
  7. Lets not start all this again. Im talking about relativistic mass not 'real' mass.
  8. Do you mean that since we have Longitudinal waves in the form of sound waves and Transverse waves in the form of EM, there might be some other 'type' of wave that we cant detect?
  9. If you think of energy as having mass, then a wave which is energy must have mass. For this reason light can behave as both a wave and a particle. Electrons, which have a much larger mass than photons, can also exhibit wave behaviour. This leads me to think that the Universe is made of 'stuff' that can behave just as easily as a particle or a wave.
  10. I would say perception of time is irrelevant to relativity. No matter how long it takes you brain to "unravel" a second, it will still be a second according to a clock.
  11. I held a digital thermometer up to a 40w reflector lamp once and it went above 150 degrees C before i got bored lol.
  12. Yea it does. Although this means that the painiting i sent back can never be seen by my past self, otherwise a paradox will be formed.
  13. I havent drawn any conclusions, i do not think that the painting will just disappear. I believe it is a paradox and because of that i have absolutely no idea the real outcome, im just speculating, as you suggested, on what i know. I dont think there is a right or wrong answer on whether the painting disappears because we just dont understand what happens with time travel, all we can do is try to steer clear of such paradoxes.
  14. Yes i expect there would. What's stopping space debris from smashing into it and causing major damage? Although, if the outward pressure of the wind balanced out the inward force of gravity then i guess it could be thinner; but again it would be too easily damaged.
  15. Hope this helps: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/C/commit_charge.html
  16. Could you please explain how so? I did a search but i dont fancy trailing through 163 threads
  17. Wikipedia suggests a 3m thickness.
  18. Because moving through space doesnt involve the object having to exist at the beginning AND end point at the same time. Something cant come from nothing, it has to come from somewhere in the Universe be it this time or another time.
  19. This is where it falls down. I cannot have 2 of the same painting at the same time. That is where Conservation of Energy comes in because the energy/mass for the second painting cannot come from nowhere. If i keep repeating what your saying over and over and over again, i get an infinite number of paintings that are the same painting. Needless to say that isnt possible.
  20. I guess you could ask both your friend and the girl to help you. Then you can take your mum to the hospital, speak to your friend and chat up the girl all at the same time.
  21. Hehe that's a sweet ride and will cure your fear of lifts for sure
  22. Id guess he means you have a load of worker ants working their arses off for the "Queen" (I dunno whether it's Queen for ants as well but you know what i mean ...). Im guessing this is related to an office environment where everyone works their arse of for the boss.
  23. Im no expert on the subject but if i had to give an educated guess id say that the time an organism perceives is due to the speed of which the inputs are processed by it's brain. For instance, if things are processed VERY fast like a fly it would make sense for it's conscious "clock" to slow down so it can make more decisions based on the information it is receiving. Whereas a slower animal may process things very slowly and would therefore have a fast conscious "clock" and would have less time to make decisions because of long processing times. I hope this makes sense because it found it difficult to get across what i mean, im sure it is decipherable though.
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